Update on Maryanne........

  1. She is in the hospital. Her White & Red Blood cells are extremly low, as well as her platelets. Her liver function test is very high, which indicates leukemia. They will be doing a Bone Marrow biopsy tomorrow morning. They will be medicating her with Morphine and Vicoden <spelling>. She is on strict precautions so anyone entering the room has to be gloved, masked, and gowned. She is at very high risk for a serious blood infection.They have her on IV fluids and IV antibiotic as a precaution.
    If it is leukemia (they are almost certain it is) she will need Chemotherapy and possibly radiation (depending on the type of leukemia). She very well may need blood transfusions too, but they are trying to wait on that for as long as they can. This has an 80% cure rate. I am worried sick, but confident that she can make a complete recovery. Keep the prayers up and Thank You....
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  3. by   P_RN
    God bless you and Maryanne. Please keep us posted.
  4. by   mcruss
    Continued prayers coming your way from my family !!

  5. by   annies

    You and Mayanne are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the next few days and months go well and Maryanne gets well quickly.

    Please take very good care of yourself. Maryanne needs a healthy and energetic mother now more than ever to see her through this. You are her example. Eat healthy (even though eating is the last thing on your mind), drink lots of water ( in spite of the lump in your throat), get some exercise (even if it means walking up and down the halls while she sleeps), accept help from your friends and family ( they love her, too and want to be there for both of you) and get enough sleep (a very hard thing to do when your child is ill).

    Spend every moment loving her and learning from her, just as she does with you.

    As we approach the new year,I wish you peace and joy and a healthy daughter,

  6. by   RNforLongTime
    Dear Sheryl,

    I will keep your daughter and your family in my prayers!

  7. by   hoolahan
    Oh {{{{{{{Sheryl}}}}}}, I don't know what to say, I am so sorry. I will keep you both in my prayers as well.
  8. by   Marianne518
    Sheryl...I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I am going to call my church this morning and will add Maryanne to our prayer chain. Please keep us posted on how her tests turn out.
  9. by   Jolie
    May God bless you all and guide the hands of those who care for your precious daughter. You are all in my prayers.
  10. by   BRONXBABY
    My family and I are praying for you and your daughter. Please make sure to take care of yourself as well as your little girl...Our thoughts are with you!

    God bless...
  11. by   rdhdnrs
    The Lord be with you.
  12. by   TracyB,RN
    Oh man I am really so very sorry and will pray for you both.
    Please be sure to take the time to care for yourself, too. I don't know anything about your family, but I am hoping that you have a strong support system. I will continue my prayers for you & Maryanne.
  13. by   nicola
    Be assured of my continued prayers, too! I don't know what to say except that I really wish I had a majic wand to make it all better for you! <<<<<hugs!>>>>
  14. by   Hooligan
    You're in my prayers as well. God Bless you Both!