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  1. by   Ben Thair RN
    Hospital provided scrubs cost hospitals money...that is why they will never be universally provided. Only the "controlled" environments will have that benefit (if you see it as a benefit)...like OR, burns, L&D, etc.
    Identification is a big, big problem. PA's that want to be mistaken for MD's, medical assistants and nurses aides that want to be mistaken for nurses. Without hospital and work place requirements for all staff to wear specific name and identification badges the only other option is to designate duty and position by type or color of dress. hhhmmm... who wears the lab coat? what color is it? how long is it? was that young man who just drew my blood a doctor?...he was wearing a white coat?
  2. by   live4today
    I don't mind wearing whites, and I don't mind wearing scrubs, prints, etc. Whatever the policy dictates, that's what I wear.
  3. by   lynniepooh
    At my facility, all nurses are forced to wear all white uniforms. They only did away with caps two years ago! I think the white uniforms are not nearly as cheerful or interesting to my (Alzheimers) patients. Managements' theory is that you are more easily recognized as a nurse by the pt. I find that the pt's call everyone in a uniform "nurse" anyway!
  4. by   elusive
    Being a nursing student I have to say I love my scrubs, I think theyre great. However I hate that (at my school at least) we have to wear teal-green scrubs, all the time, never changing, for four years. Along with that we have to wear these school patches on the LEFT (not the right - heaven forbid) shoulder. Ablsolutely no variations. They dont even like when we come in with the warm up sweaters. Okok so i understand why they want us all to look alike, and wear the samething, but half the time we match the other nurses, the csr's, the cleaning staff, the OT's, the PT's, and everyone else..so really you cant tell anyone apart any more. I wouldnt want a whole floor of nurses wearing all the same thing...hell it would be like high school all over again..but definately there needs to be a better way to tell all the different hospital staff apart, for everyones sake. And as for white...you wont see me voting yes for hats (yuck) or panyhose (double yuck). If I wont wear them at home why would I want to wear them to work.. and ugh all the stains...
  5. by   adrienurse
    No whites! If I want to show people my undies, I'll do it on my own time! I like colorful uniforms and so do my patients. I have never heard any complaints. I think it's the non-nursing staff that should wear something different. Our education and training gives us the privilage to look like a nurse.

    As for caps, just bloody ridiculas. What are men supposed to wear. I'm a degree nurse -- do I have to wear one anyway?
  6. by   adrienurse

    I used to work in a nursing home where I was permitted to wear street clothes. I always felt sloppy and underdressed. My clothes got stained and beat up very fast from having to wash them repeatedly. I switched to scrubs, because they are just so much more comfortable and durable. They're meant to be washed over and over.
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    We can wear non-jean street clothes, but I like my whites. Maybe I'm just weird . I wade around in a lot of blood and body fluids, but it all seems to come out in the wash.

    Actually think the caps are kinda cute, but have to agree totally impractical.
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i wear a white uniform to work regardless of having the option to or the option to wear scrubs.
  9. by   BBnurse34
    No on the whites.... makes my hiney look too big
  10. by   inSANE
    I worked with a nurse that wore white scrubs one day, lo' and behold her cute little thong was hit with those drunk and disorderly. My mother always said "If you are going to wear white pants, put on the white granny panties". She is never wrong. I have been splashed so many times with activated charcoal that my lovely white uniforms would make me look like a dalmation! Give me scrubs anyday!
  11. by   mystedream
    I have worked in jobs where you had to where all white, where you could where whatever color(design) uniform you wanted and jobs where the dresscode was inbetween. The white gets dirty too easy and some of the newer uniforms, in my opinion, are not all that professional. Most of the patients and residents I have taken care say that they enjoy they cheerful designs and colours, nut at the same time like a slight difference in the uniforms between the nurses and the nursing assistants. Straight white is just too boring, and not that uplifting for the patients.
    In my own personal opinion the flannel scrubs look like PJ's and BLACK, while most my street clothes are black it is not an appropriate colour to wear in this profession.
  12. by   JailRN
    Whites are great for the movies. Nut in real life they stink. My husband is a student nurse and has to wear white-the cleaner has a heck of a time keeping them looking decent.
    I, on the other hand wear black scrubs, they don't show the fingerprint ink, or anything else that I bruch against. My boss even ordered the black police flack jackets with MEDICAL on the back. Hey where else can you go to work wearing your pajamas??
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by jailrn

    ...i, on the other hand wear black scrubs, they don't show the fingerprint ink, or anything else that i bruch against...
    i have worked at three facility where nurses and nursing assistants were not allowed to wear black scrubs. it wasn't a problem with me, but a few others were not happy because they had purchased some. unprofessional, was the reason for not wearing them.