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HI, Nurse here from the UK been a member since 2001. I am back! looking for someone on similar situations as mine. Passed NCLEX 2008, IELTS and applied for visa screen, however, retrogression... Read More

  1. by   michaRN
    Thank you @Rocknurse. I am also an ICU trained nurse, it is exactly what you said being autonomous based on your patient judgement. We are good with that! Well, I guess I have to adjust to new environment and system. Hopefully, it will be an easy adjustment. Hope it never be too late for my age. Hahaha!
  2. by   michaRN
    Thank you but it depends where OGP place me. Yeah, that's one the location I want to be.
  3. by   michaRN
    Thank you so much! I will for sure. I keep on coming back here. I love reading the inspiring and motivational post. People seemed very supportive.
  4. by   Wizard 1
    Maintain your citizenship with the UK.

    Quote from michaRN
    Thanks for the input. I appreciate that! originally from the Philippines. Priority dates will be based on the country I had my nursing degree from, so it is going to be a long wait again. I hope not this time. I don't know yet which states I am going to but hopefully, a place that I would like and enjoy. I know for sure nursing where ever you go is tiring but fulfilling. There would be differences obviously, coming from free healthcare country would be a shock for to say the least pay medical insurance.
    I kept on thinking if I don't try I might regret it not going for it?
  5. by   mejsp
    Wow! I can't speak to nursing in the U.K. My mother was a WAC in WWII and was stationed at Burtonwood Air Force Base near Chester. I've always been fascinated with England. We visited in 2016, stayed in B&Bs and drove from Shere to Haltwhistle and back to Bourne End. One gentleman on the subway said, "We grumble about our healthcare, but we have it way better than you."

    Another English tidbit. About a decade ago I read an opinion from a London paper which declared all Americans really care about is money. I wrote back a scathing comment and shared stories of benevolence and heavy donors. Now, I'm not so sure. I fear our hearts have been replaced by cash registers, (Meg Ryan's comment to Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail.)

    I'm an idealist, one of those starry-eyed people who supported Bernie Sanders for president. Since the election we joke about moving to Canada. Speaking of Canada, we recently vacationed in Florida next door to a Canadian. He told us of his premium health care for pennies. He was very much an advocate of socialized medicine. He however had to fly back to Ontario for a day to provide proof of his residency. He considered it a small price to pay.

    My last job was in rural public health. My insurance was with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. One of my patients, a white lady like me in her fifties, applied for the Affordable Care Act. She paid about $100.00 per month. My premium for the same policy was $964.00. I'd say it helped her, but efforts remain underway to repeal it.

    I hope you will live in a safe environment around compassionate people. You've waited for this for a long time. I pray nursing in the U.S. exceeds your expectations.


  6. by   Neats
    As a prior military member and wife of military retired member we have lived in Europe for over 10 years (8 at one time) the other 2 years were on and off. I was in the medical field and worked in Germany at a German health clinic. I do speak German. I am also from Canada and grew up with social medicine, it is not what it is cracked up to be but then again nether is the United States system. We all have flaws.

    Wanting to come to the US for work seems reasonable and it appears you have walked through the steps to get the opportunity to work in the US legally. I am not sure of your back ground but I am assuming you will not have any issues with your nursing skills, the culture however will be another issue and you will need to be cognitive of those culture issues when dealing with patients in the US.

    Perception is everything here, patients take surveys and these "how was your stay" results can be big reimbursement money makers for the hospital where you work. Medically necessary health care is a little different than what you are use to...especially towards the end of life where in the US we spend on the average more on the person last several years of life than we do the persons last 20 years. There are more policies and procedures that will be different. It truly is an eye opener and I am not sure if the grass is greener on the other side so to speak.

    Welcome to the United States of America and I do hope you get your piece of "pie". You should most certainly stay in the allnurses forum to learn about the medical culture with focus on nursing, it will help you.
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  7. by   Leader25
    Welcome and good luck,a good fit does not always happen right away .You might find yourself moving on to try other places.All you can do is try and then there is always Canada.
  8. by   Fiona59
    Quote from Leader25
    Welcome and good luck,a good fit does not always happen right away .You might find yourself moving on to try other places.All you can do is try and then there is always Canada.
    And Canada lurves being used as a stepping stone/second choice
  9. by   michaRN
    Thank you Mary. I hope so too Indeed, anywhere whether its free healthcare we never be contented. Well, I guess there's always something good or bad happens in daily life. I have decided to try and reach for this dream It has been a long wait
  10. by   michaRN
    You got a point! Thank you so much! This is what a like at you get to communicate with matured understanding individuals.
  11. by   michaRN
    While still able and young might as well explore the world
  12. by   ICunursey
    michaRN,you are right to try.At the end of the day we regret the things we don't do rather than the things we do.Like the others have said, if it doesn't work out for you once you get to the US then you can always go back to the UK and cross working in the US of your Bucket List.I have found that ICU nurses are very flexible so I'm sure you'll do great.Good Luck
  13. by   michaRN
    Thank you for the encouraging message.