two full time jobs for a new grad

  1. Has anyone ever worked 2 fulltime jobs or is it possible? what are your experiences and how long did you last if ever you did work 2 full time jobs?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    A new grad is stressed enough without working two full-time jobs! I would advise against it at least for a year.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I would never recommend it, particularly for a new graduate. You will be plenty busy and stressed, just learning to be a nurse that first year. Trust me, don't do it.
  5. by   nurseabc123
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    I would never recommend it, particularly for a new graduate. You will be plenty busy and stressed, just learning to be a nurse that first year. Trust me, don't do it.
    What about part-time or per diem and full-time?
  6. by   CarVsTree
    I agree with all the other responses.

    I gotta ask... Why in the world would you want to work 2 FT jobs?
  7. by   Antikigirl
    I couldn't even keep one (and bless those that can! WOW!).

    I took that time to focus on two things in my newborn and my career..that was full time and a half as is...

    Good luck to you...
  8. by   shyinla2004
    Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it. Well, the reason I asked the question is because I was sponsored by one hospital but the thing is they dont have a new grad program. I am really interested in having a good foundation to start my career by getting proper training. The first hospital is only a 160 bed hospital with only an urgent care dept instead of an ER. Then the one I am thinking of working has a new grad program in ER. plus they have very good benefits, so it is very attractive. it is just too difficult to pass on an opportunity for training with excellent benefits. Its not actually the per hour that i am concerned but the training and the other benefits that go with the job. So I am soliciting opinions to get an idea of what experinced nurses have to say. Thanks for taking the time te respond....
  9. by   miko014
    I work with an RN who works a full time (36 hours per week) at our hospital and part time (24 horus I think) at another hospital down the road, and it's killing her. She is SO STRESSED all the time, I think it makes her less effective everywhere. DON'T DO IT!
  10. by   JMBM
    don't do it. If you are planning on one of the jobs being an ER job right out of school - DON'T DO IT. An ER is a fast-paced, high stress environment. Starting there is never easy. Starting there right out of school is even harder. Starting there right out of school plus carrying another full time job is .....well, insane.
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I honestly would spend my first year at ONE job, learning all I could as we all know the real learning that goes on nursing happens AFTER school. It was all I could do to learn the "ropes" as a new nurse. NO WAY would I recommend one spreading him/herself too thinly that first critical year out of school. Per diem or fulltime, not a good idea at all.
  12. by   NICU_Nurse
    I'd suggest that perhaps you work at your sponsor hospital- is that the one with the urgent care center? You'll get experience there that maybe won't be so intense (your first year is difficult and a learning experience no matter WHERE you work) and you'll have an opportunity to do a trauma course, get a certification, etc. without the demands of a big, busy ER. I'm sure that after your first year, that bigger hospital would be thrilled to have someone with a little experience come in, and I'd bet you could still get in on that internship, even if you weren't technically a new grad any more.
  13. by   shyinla2004
    Thanks guys for all your responses it seems that all your thoughts are unanimous. I guess i will need a break too and use my free time to study on areas that I need to brush-up on. Thanks for all your input..i truly appreciate it...
  14. by   SillyLilly
    NO NO NO!!!

    I agree with all other posts.