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Hey everyone! I'm a nurse wannabe, attending school next fall. I'm curious what you "real, live" nurses think of such programs on tv as ER, Real Life Trauma, Maternity Ward, etc. Are these... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    Even in the stuff I read....

    I read the "Left Behind" series and most of it was pretty good, until I got to the one book that describes the hero's facial laceration as being sewn up by a NURSE--a Native American, no less-- with a "running tent stitch" followed by a couple of staples. Oh, and the stitches came out first, of course!!

    I just WISH they'd consulted someone before they wrote that.
  2. by   christianRN
    I just completed ACLS, and a woman who has been a nurse for 9 YEARS was in my small group. They were reviewing asystole, and she said, "Wait. You don't shock for a flat line?," and they said, "no." She said, I kid you not, "BUT THEY DO ON TV!!!!!!!!"
  3. by   Flo1216
    I pretty much adore all of the medical shows, regardless of how accurate they are. However, one thing I noticed is that the docs on the shows seem to spend an awful lot of time with patients, just comforting them and sitting with them.And they are such good listeners. Remember when Carter missed his graduation from medical school because he decided to sit with a frightened child about to undego surgery? I think I know ONE doctor like that, out of how many? I still love the shows though. By the way, I thought " A Baby Story" was real.
  4. by   Flo1216
    P.S. And it IS possible for real nurses to be thin and attractive. It's not only in TV.
  5. by   Lausana
    I do watch scrubs, because it makes me laugh, but definately not the medical content

    I noticed a bunch of new "Doc" shows on this season, but I haven't seen any yet, MD's, one on CBS & another one on PAX. What's new I guess
  6. by   shabookitty
    I am big CBS daytime fan too Las Vegas and Kevin!
    I think Dr. Samuels is the only psych/obgyn Dr on CBS...Isn't it a hoot how the Doctors know the entire family...and greet them by name as they walk in AND already know patient's history? Oh yeah, ER usually EMPTY! when bringing in patient! haha! How about Guiding Light? Michelle Bauer becoming a Physician Assistant at the snap of finger...Gawd! Or better yet..."I am the patients 3rd cousin's sisters daughter...Doctor, you can tell me confidentially..." Meanwhile there are 4 ppl eavesdropping at the door! LOL!:roll
  7. by   Flo1216
    The MDS show was pretty good. And I think that they DO depict nurses in a good light on ER. So what if the technical things aren't 100% accurate? it's only TV. The soaps are funny though. Did you ever notice on Y&R that Olivia seems to be the only doctor in Genoa City?
  8. by   MICU RN
    I was working in a level one trauma center ER when TLC had a film crew in our ER for 12 weeks. The film crew was very nice and really didn't get in the way too much; however, after they did their job and the material was edited in New York and aired on TV. We the Nursing staff, for the most part, were very disappointed, they had managed to edit out most of the nurses in almost every scene. They had the patients surrounded by doctors with maybe a nurse in the background charting something. Instead how it really is, it made it look like the doctors carried out all the medical tteatments and did all the work. I was very disappointed, it was a distortion of reality. Yes, the doctors worked very hard in that ER, but the nurses worked just as hard or harder. Almost all the footage was MD driven to glorify doctors with an after thought concerning the nurses, who as anyone knows who has worked in a hospital , are the backbone of patient care. As long as the this contiues we will never get the recognition or compensation we deserve. And this was suppose to be reality TV, oh please!!!!!
  9. by   whipping girl in 07
    Originally posted by Kristi2377
    Some of the staff asked the crew why they didn't focus more on the nurses and were told it was because TLC did a poll and viewers said they weren't interested in what the nurses did, only the doctors. [/B]
    I think that's because the general public has no idea how much nurses actually do. They think that the ER is like it is on TV, 5 or 6 doctors and one nurse working on every trauma. Come on! In our ER, we never have more than 2 doctors working, so it's not like that's ever going to happen at our hospital. Or many others, for that matter.

    I saw (several months ago) some specials on Discovery Health Channel about nurses. They were an hour long and each one dealt with a particular specialty (OR, L&D, ICU, ER, psyche). They were very interesting. Has anyone else seen them?
  10. by   dawngloves
    Actually had a TLC crew in house last year and it was all I could do to yell "Get out of my face!" And they did edit out the nurses a lot!
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    I'm one of those rare people who loved Chicago Hope. Mandy Patinkin was outstanding - in fact, the whole cast when he was a regular on the show was outstanding. ER just didn't enthrall me as much as Chicago Hope.

    Maybe it was because you had Mandy Patinkin, Mark Harmon, Hector (Elizondo?), Adam Arkin.. just all those powerful actors with such magnificent writers did it..
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    Maybe it was because you had Mandy Patinkin, Mark Harmon, Hector (Elizondo?), Adam Arkin.. just all those powerful actors with such magnificent writers did it..
    I liked Chicago Hope too. But I only ever caught it in syndication, I think it was on Lifetime or something. Those were some yummy looking doctors. Adam Arkin. .....shudder

    But you know me..... I love my "ER"

  13. by   Stargazer
    I gave up on Chicago Hope after the 2nd time in the first season where they did open-heart surgery on a stuck elevator. And they only had one nurse character and she left after the first or second season.