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  1. Hi, I was wondering what it was like to be a travel nurse. I currently work in home health, but I am really interested in LEAVING. I am married with kids (pre-teens), but they are very willing to move with me. my husband is hoping we will find the right place to live by us traveling around & seeing new places. what do you guys think? is travel nursing to much to deal with if you have a family?
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    I know of a few that travel with thier families.... They take extended assignments to cover the school terms.
    The ones I know of have enjoyed every minute of it.
    I love it personally.
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    There is a "travel nursing" forum on this BB where you might get more information.
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    I did it in California and loved it. It is very hard though because you do not know the area and to move every couple months and drive the entire city is hard. I got lost ALOT. Were you thinking of doing traveling home health?

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    I am willing to do either home health or hospital travel nursing. I would prob. get lost a lot too!
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    I loved doing the traveling. I am married with kids but my kids are all teenagers or older so they stayed with hubby. Great money. I worked alot for the extra money. Few companies do traveling home health. StarMed does, Robison does a little, a few others. You need to be flexible where you go since few companies offer. Mostly California. I got my license which took altogether close to three months. Some of the hot places are San Fran, LA, San Diego, and Santa Barbara VNA. They use travelers alot. If you go to a hospital you may be able to tap into a day care setting if you need that. Be careful if you do home health. Traveling all over the city at night was not my bag nor did I feel that was safe. I only did on call for one agency and 3 to 5 per hour is the usual pay for on call plus visit pay if you do go out. One agency told me if visits were low I needed to work in the office and do audits since I had over 5 years of QI experience in home health. I also got 36 cents per mile with straight pay for all our suffered to work ie) visit time, documentation, office and drive time. Now that is NOT WHAT THEY OFFERED ME. I told them that is what I wanted and I got it every time. Don't sign any contract without getting what you want. The first time it is hard but after you do it a few times it gets easier. No recruiter will expect you to sign it right away. Don't let them pressure you and get it all in writing.

    Does this help?

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    See I have noticed more and more inquiries on travel nursing. I am hoping to do it when my dtr graduates from HS. Jeez, you could even take an assignment near an offspring in college for 13 wks. If they would allow it, that is! Or near a child that lives in a different part of the country.

    I noticed they pay housing and assignments can be a little as thirteen weeks. I think it would be a great way to see where you wanted to retire, or visit some allnurses that you have met here!
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    I posted this question on the travel nursing BB but did not receive any help. My kids are still young (11 & 13), but I have a great family that could keep them some of the time. I am hoping to make a lot of money & maybe pay off some debts with travel nursing. I'm really anxious about travel nursing & I guess a little scared of getting hosed on my first try. thank you guys for the advice! It is greatly appreciated.
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    I just finished a two year stint of travel nursing as an ob/med-surg nurse. I have a husband and three children. They did not travel with me. I think it would be somewhat difficult in cetain areas to obtain housing, and depending on the agency that you go with, they are only going to cover so much of the expense. I tried to stay within a few hours away so that I could work my three shifts then go home for the rest of the week, but in my geographic area, there isnt a lot of work. If you have a supportive family you can make just about anything work. Some assignments will only last you for three months, and they may not need you anymore, so be prepared to move a lot. Good luck. By the way, I just started up in home health!
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    Good Luck, kcrnsue! I really like HH. just ready for a change. Let us know how you like it..
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    Amy - try going over to Go to their Travel Nurses and Therapists forum. You'll find lots of info and people happy to answer your questions.