Today is my pinning!

  1. I haven't posted a lot here recently, school will do that to ya I just gotta heave a big sigh of relief and brag just a sec... I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! with LPN school Boards are next month, so I'm not worrying about that today. Today is my pinning and man has that been a long way in coming!

    My folks are here, they haven't been out since I moved here. My mom was a nurse when I was a kid, long retired now. I didn't tell her about the part where she gets to stand and recite the florence nightingale pledge with us, I know she'll cry. Getting here at this point in my life has been a very round about process and I think I've ended up where I need to be now.

    So now I gotta scoot, just had to stop and say a quick hi. I get to go get PINNED!!!
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    Yayyyyy!!! Congrats! I know how ya feel. Was definately one of the proudest moments of my life. Enjoy your pinning ceremony and how awesome that you get to share that with your mom. I'm sure she's so proud!:grad:
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    Ok I'm done now lol. My pinning is less than a month away!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
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    Awesome! Congrats! I was a LVN for years before getting my RN. The pinning ceromony is very exciting. I still have fond memories of mine (oh so long ago).
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    Thanks everyone! Oh hey! Looks like I need to change my user name too... I am now NM nurse for real !!! Or will be as soon as I get that pesky NCLEX out of the way.