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Stevielynn's thread about the nursing home with the signs on the food carts brings up (oops, no pun intended:D ) something that happened at work yesterday that turned even MY cast-iron stomach. I was... Read More

  1. by   NurseChick
    OMG green phlegm on the back of the neck......eeeWWWW!! I think I can handle pretty much, but snot and phlegm make my stomach roll, especially when they are coughing it up and then don't, or can't spit it out and they sit and gargle on it. Or when you go to take someone's gown off and get a surprize on your hand (shiver).
  2. by   Rosienurse
    I've got a couple.
    Surprisingly, in a newborn. We had a mother come in to deliver and she tested postitve for Meth. Well, we needed a specimen to test baby so we could notify CPS. With newborns, the best source is meconium (baby's 1st poop). So, here I am trying to scrape poop off this baby's diaper and mec is like bubble gum. It's sticky and stretches...Sooooo nasty.

    One other story. I have a friend who works in ER. She came down to OB to visit and was telling us about an elderly lady that was in ER. She had been taking fiber to help her go, but she had not been drinking enough water. So, she's down in ER filled to the brim with S**T and vomiting liquid S**T! Can you imagine what that musta looked/smelled/tasted like???:imbar :imbar :imbar
  3. by   MandyInMS
    For all the dieters out 2-3 pages of the EEEWWWW thread a/c and h/s.....hehehe
    I swear I was starving before reading some of these stories..but
  4. by   JUSTYSMOM
    My husband was recently in the ER for an extremely acute kidney stone attack (he had stones in both kidneys). He was writhing and moaning in pain. It was a bit much for a wife to take.

    Anyway, he was hanging in there until the nurse came over to put an iv in place. One thing about my husband is that he is VERY squeamish about needles and blood. She started to place the needle in his arm....and he told her he was getting nauseous.

    All of a sudden, he started to projectile vomit...(of course I RAN OUT OF THEIR as quickly as my feet could run) He barely missed the nurse, but it was all over himself, the floor, the bed.. To make matters worse, he is not quiet when he throws up. He makes the most awful gagging, retching noises! I could still hear him in the waiting room.

    When I came back in, the IV was in place, & he was cleaned up. But let me tell you, the nurse's there told me that their stomaches were ROLLING while he was puking. In fact, the patient advocate had to run out of the area for fear she was going to puke right there on the spot with him.

    I give you nurses such credit! Vomit to me is revolting..EWWWW!
  5. by   crazedredhead
    It's all sort of gross when you look at it from a distance. I mean, even if you come into the hospital feeling pretty good, anesthesia and surgery will generally take care of that...

    I find the whole situation of nursing today very sad. I say, EEEWWWW to the staffing levels that are found acceptable by the powers that be, to the need for continued sticks to fragile, confused elderly patients, and to rude co-workers and physicians.

    You know, I am really grateful for good nurses, and I consider myself one of them. But as my body ages, and my mind gets tired, I can't tolerate "gross" like I used to.

    Now, this is really bad, but I join anyone who pukes. I had a young ortho patient, and this guy was just determined to puke everything up. So, on op day, I got him antiemetics, TLC, etc...I was working evenings, so apparently the guy puked all night and all day. Well, I knew I couldn't take it, so when I made my initial rounds, I said, "John, I have to explain something to you. You are not allowed to vomit on my shift. If you feel queasy, I will get you something for it, BUT you really need to start taking something by mouth to settle your poor stomach." No more pukes. What a great patient, huh?
  6. by   nursejacki
    I work Endo, so yeah, GI bleeds are bad, but nothing compared to what one of my coworkers experienced in a Bronchoscopy!
    How about the doc taking a biopsy of the lung, a chunk, (and I mean chunk), of tissue that came with the forcep, it was solidified empyema with continual oozing of liquid empyema from the bx site! The bronch lasted over an hour with alternating bites and oozing. (A normal bronch usually only takes 5-20 minutes at the most!). I was on vacation and missed the whole thing. All the good stuff happens when I'm not there!
  7. by   Dixen81
    Or nothing like bending over to take off someone's slippers, the pt. coughs and you feel something hit the back of your neck, and wipe it off to find it's green phlegm.

    That is soooo sick, but somehow, I can't stop laughing! So sorry you had to endure that, but thanks for the laugh! I hope that never happens to you again!

  8. by   sassyr
    Some years ago, when I worked in the nursing home, I had a patient that her husband came everyday at lunch time and brought her a ham sandwich. Well, on this day like clock work he came but when he got to the nurses station, his daughter called and ask to speak with him. He went around to answer the phone and while he was talking , he let out a big cough and bllod went EVERYWHERE. The man passed away, but I had never saw anything like it!! I was marked for quite a while, if someone coughed, I was afraid to look at them!!
  9. by   tennurse267
    Rest assured...if it comes from a nurse and THEY think its gross...stay away if your easily upset
  10. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by nekhismom
    Maybe this isn't so gross to you all, but I remember my first med/surg clinical where I had to collect a stool specimen. Not so bad, right? Well, i prepared myself with a small bottle of air freshener and my nice denture cup (which this hospital used to collect specimens) and entered the bathroom. I swear, even my infant son's diarrhea never smelled that bad!! I change diapers all day every day, and NO SMELL I have ever smelled can compare to this! I nearly puked about a thousand times trying to collect a specimen of diarrhea using a tongue blade to scoop it into the denture cup. UGH!!!
    That HAD to be C-Diff. One of my all time gross-outs.
  11. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by peggysue
    Hmmmm...maybe I will lose weight once I start clinicals...
    I don't know about that. Apparently we're all "Large and in charge." :chuckle
  12. by   Nrs. LaLa-Land
    My first semester of nursing school...we had to go to the SNF about 7:00 am. On my way to my patients room I could smell a nasty BM halfway down the hall...LUCKY ME...when I got to my pt. room the smell got stronger. I walked in her room and she was covered in BM..She was given Colace at night and on at least 2 other laxative/Stool softener meds...She was 96 and forgetful...had to constantly reorient and remind her of call bell...
    She had cr*@p everywhere....under her long fingernails, on her face, in her hair, on her bedside table because she was trying to use tissues to clean herself up...but just made it worse. The brief she was wearing looked like she had gone to the bathroom at least 3 times over the night. ..Her sheets and bed were covered. I felt bad for her roommate as well as her....It took a lot for me not to gag while cleaning her up....but I did it with a smile...a fake one...but nevertheless...a smile.
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    C. THAT is a memorably odoriferous emanation. Then again, I think human excrement that has been "enhanced" with the use of bisacodyl suppositories is pretty nasty, too. When I was fresh out of nursing school I worked with an aide who totally refused to clean up after residents who'd had what she called "bisa poop" first I thought she was just lazy, but one night when I pulled rank on her to force her to help me with one, the resulting performance convinced me NOT to make her do that anymore. Between the awful aroma of the stool and seeing/hearing this girl pawing at her throat and making these horrid retching sounds, I thought my own dinner was going to bolt out the emergency exit. BLEEEEAAAH!