They Think I'm Working Christmas??

  1. Ok so where I work they apparently don't tell the staff what they're working Christmas because they don't want to hear the moaning...(?). Well that has annoyed me already, but I had calmed down because I'm already working Sunday from thats Christmas YES??

    Well I go into work last night and there is the schedule. I'm working Sat and Sun 12 hrs ending Monday am and they have me down for going back for 3-11pm???? WTH??

    Now I'm really worked up. Annoyed. Pissed name it.
    I ask the staffing coordinator and she says some nonsence about Sunday night not counting and she had to put me on Monday also..maybe I could switch with someone "LMAO".

    Now mind you, I've asked all my kids and their families to dinner on Monday. I figured I'd go home, put the turkey in and nap. I'd be fine yea? Well NOT IF I have to go back to work.

    I am not cancelling Christmas.

    I left a note under the staffing coordinators door stating that because I cannot come back on Monday without any real sleep AND they failed to let us know so we could schedule our LIVES I was not working monday. Thank you very much...

    As expected my phone just rang. DON.."Joanne give me a call so we can talk about the schedule." I didn't answer it!!!! I know I'll have to call back..eventually, but shes going to say "Work or be fired."

    Thats the way its done there.
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  3. by   gr8rnpjt

    This is unreasonable and excessive. 2 12's ending Monday morning, and going back Monday afternoon for 3-11? absolutely rediculous. You did the right thing, and when you call her back, ask her calmly, "when do you suggest I sleep?"
    I have so much respect for you girls still in the trenches. I could never put up with what you put up with.
    I hope they don't fire you because this schedule is JUST NOT FAIR!
  4. by   jodyangel
    I'm feeling like when I call she will say.."work or be done with us".

    Am I wrong to say it shows me the facility has no respect for its nurses to make them wait until 3 days before christmas to tell them their schedule??

    How was I suppose to make plans.

    Like I stated, I thought I was working because I will be there until christmas am. Somehow they think its not really christmas???
  5. by   meownsmile
    I have to agree with you. If they expect you to do 2 12's over the weekend why would they not find a way to get you off on christmas day. Do they really think you cant find another job someplace else that tries to accomodate their staff at least half way reasonably? Sounds like they are presuming because you dont have small kids at home that you dont care or wont be bothered by working so much over the holidays.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    wait until 3 days before christmas to tell them their schedule

    This is the issue to state on why you are unable to work. Then hang up the phone.
  7. by   jodyangel
    Ok. I'm calling now. I'll let you know what she says..
  8. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    dirty, sneaky and plain rotten. keep us posted...
  9. by   jodyangel
    She said, that they don't consider it christmas until 7am..go figure. She told me I should of inquired earlier. Could I come in from 7pm to 11pm. I told her I didn't think it was an issue because I have never worked anywhere where they didn't consider it christmas or any holiday until day shift.
    And that since my family is coming to dinner at 4pm, there is no way I'd be done to come in.
    In all fairness tho she did say she would see what she could do and that I should call back this afternoon to see what she worked out. She asked if I could move my dinner Up to earlier in the afternoon. But I said that its very hard to move ppls schedules when they have multiple homes to visit.
    And mind you, I will be going on basically no sleep that day.

    Come home at 8am or so..start turkey, cook, straighten, OH and watch sone open presents..maybe nap for an hour? Have dinner and rush back to work????
  10. by   cardiacRN2006
    I wouldn't work it. That's just plain silly.
  11. by   muffie
    are there no contract rules about having enough time off in between shifts ?
    are you unionized ?
    good luck
    keep us further posted
  12. by   bshaw96
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    I wouldn't work it. That's just plain silly.

    I agree. If you are working the entire weekend before Christmas and Christmas Eve all night, you deserve Christmas off. Don't let them guilt you into it. They're just trying to see what they can get away with. Most places consider Christmas Eve a holiday as well. If you work one, you're off the other. Sounds like they're really trying to stick it to you IMO.
  13. by   Tweety
    I hope it works out for you.

    3 days before Xmas is definately unreasonable to be posting the schedule. We just got our schedule 2 weeks prior to Xmas because the month begins on Dec. 24, and sure enough people working had already made plans and sparks flew. Sparks are always going to fly, 100% of the people aren't going to be happy, what's management afriad of?

    Xmas Day begins at 7AM where I work, not overnight up until then, so it's not an unheard of policy.
  14. by   santhony44
    I've worked a lot of holidays and have always, always, always had plenty of advance notice. As in, by the end of October!

    They could have let you know in advance and didn't. You made plans.

    Additionally, working a 12 hour shift and then doubling back for another shift is not a cool thing to do!!

    And yes, Christmas Eve is part of the holiday.

    I would just flat not do it and if they fired me, so be it. I wouldn't want to work for them anyway!!!