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To me, it would seem that they could improve the quality of life for the Inpatient in so many ways. I think if they could put a man on the moon, surely they could.... * Invent a smaller K... Read More

  1. by   shanneff
    Elevators in which the patient, their bed, their IV pole, their vent, their monitor, their nurse and their RT can fit????? I am so sick of getting so bungled up in the d**n elevators cause some genius who has never used one with patient refuses to design with equipment and ease of use in mind :hatparty:

    This is a beef about my personal facility:
    PICC's can ONLY be inserted by radiologist. Well guess what, the radiologists won't come up to our floor and use U/S to do it cause they are too lazy to walk to the (SMALL) elevator and do it. So my patient who is 500+ pounds, on a vent, nitric, pressors, and bariatric bed CAN NOT fit on the elevator to come to the million dollar radiologist. And so my patient goes without a PICC and the pulmonologist has to spend 3 hours trying to put in CICC. :angryfire

  2. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from ktwlpn
    nope-my mammogram didn't hurt either...What HURT was being jacked up OFF the floor by my twins....The MAMMOGRAM was not bad at all....
    oh my god . . .bwaaa haa haaa haaa . .. :chuckle

    Sorry about that ktwlpn.

    Can't stop laughing though.


  3. by   live4today
    Quote from kriso
    I would like an invention that is hooked up to the doc on call and if he/she doesn't call back within a certain amount of time the get a little "shock" to remind them!! Nothing deadly, just a little jolt...
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'd bet my next month's wages that more people would get screened for colon cancer if someone were to invent a less invasive (and unpleasant) way to examine the bowel!!

    This is the one test I have NOT been after my over-50 family members to have done, even though I've told them they need to do so and explained all the benefits of catching colon Ca in the earliest stages. I've put too many people through the bowel prep and SEEN that garden hose they run up into one's colon......
  5. by   PamRNC
    Quote from kriso
    I would like an invention that is hooked up to the doc on call and if he/she doesn't call back within a certain amount of time the get a little "shock" to remind them!! Nothing deadly, just a little jolt...

    How I would've loved something like this when I worked nights and the on-call was nowhere to be found.
  6. by   PamRNC
    get all the computers, their programs and other equipment (like dynamaps) working properly, free of bugs, and serviced in a timely manner?

    or provide a dynamap (automatic bp cuff) that doesn't measure 210/100 in one arm, 130/87 in the other, while the manual pressure you take is actually 120/64?
  7. by   Antikigirl
    LOL Oh, and this is for us lovely folks with a little of the old eyesight probelms...a manual BP cuff with larger numbers LOL!!!!!! I like taking my bps with manual cuffs, but those numbers are looking smaller and smaller by the day..LOL! We have digital ones, or even part digital part manual, but how about just making the numbers a bit bigger on the old manual cuffs? LOL!!!!!!! Just a silly thing I thought of!
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    And while we're on the subject.......

    Why can't they invent:

    1) CPM machines that are simple to use and can be put back together by someone who doesn't have a degree in engineering?

    2) Beds that actually STEER?

    3) Non-tangling tubes and wires?

    4) An easy-to-use lift?

    5) A bionic back for those of us who will never be able to afford to retire ?? :chuckle
  9. by   Antikigirl
    LOL, how about those automatic walkways set for a nurses day (like they have in airports) can have fast, faster, and OH CRUD!

    Or let us Nurse's have little powerscooter with lights and sirens and a nice little basket for items! LOL!!!! And make it lease to own so you can have it when you retire or for just home use when you are to tired to move!
  10. by   Rep
    How about a pill that can cure all diseases? Then we are all out of jobs. Except for OB/GYNE. LOL.
  11. by   VickyRN
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  12. by   caroladybelle

    The point that I was trying to make is that Nurses frequently are doing everything they LEGALLY can to relieve patient pain.

    Unfortunately, we have many MDs that are not responsive enough to patient pain, a DEA that punishs caregivers that prescribe so called "excessive" pain meds, patients that refuse pain treatment because of cultural/religious/personal issues, and families/support networks that deny the patient the option of adequate pain relief.

    I rarely see Nurses in and of themselves denying adequate pain control. As such, nurses cannot correct this problem in and of themselves. Nor can mechanical devices/inventions.
  13. by   P_RN
    Back to the why can' doc actually told me to[/U] chew [/U]
    my TWO horse pills of K+ if I can't swallow. I have an esophageal stricture that dams up frequently. Wanna know how K+ feels in a raw throat?

    Here skinny boy try these!!!! My dentist told me if I do chew and break one more tooth he's going to scream. I've solved it by buying OJ and making sure I drink at least one glass a day and my K+ level is just fine.