They buried my friend today

  1. Tomorrow he was supposed to start working with me. Instead he was buried at 1p. Friday night he had gone to bed not feeling well, later his wife went to bed and found him not breathing no heartbeat. She is a nurse too. Started CPR, the whole scene.

    He had stopped by my house last Sunday so I could read his TB test. We lived only a couple miles apart and I had done his TB on Friday with the idea that I could just read it Sunday at home. I was sitting on top of my refrigerator getting ready to paint my kitchen cupboards, he got a real laugh at that.

    In 1998 I lost a job after reporting falsification of charting and patient abuse, he was the only person that I had worked with there that was willing to stand up with me for what was right.

    He had red hair and a red beard, a southern drawl and a wonderful sense of humor. He leaves two children he was very proud of, a wife who he loved deeply. And many, many friends. He was 39 years old. He had been a diagnosed diabetic since his teen years. They are saying he had an MI.

    I miss him already.
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  3. by   nightingale
    May God hold you in His arms tonight and you gain much comfort from this and from your family. Thank you for sharing your joy of this too young a man to die....

  4. by   BlueBear
    I don't come here often, but I am glad I came tonight. I am so sorry. What a terrible tragedy. God bless you, his wife, and kids. I am praying for you all.
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    I am sorry, wow. Life is mean sometimes, and it hurts. Ouch!!! Your not gonna stop missing him. He is a part of you now. He is in you, so take care of him. Life seems limitless, yet, we all have a certain number of days to live. How many more times can I expect to see the full moon? 25 more times, maybe 100, maybe 200 more times I will see the full moon, yet, to me, it seems limitless, even though I know there is a certain number of times more I'll see it.
    Carry your friend with you and share his smile with the people your in contact with. He showed you what a friend is - he'll always be with you, in your thoughts, and your works.
    I am sorry :-(
  6. by   nicu nite nurse
    Dear rncountry,
  7. by   nicu nite nurse
    Dear rncountry, Your friend was lucky to have you for a friend. God rest his soul. Sally
  8. by   VickyRN
    So sorry for your loss
  9. by   moonchild20002000
    I am so very sorry ! Please know that you and his family are in my prayers.
  10. by   hoolahan
    rncountry, I was so happy to see you visit here, but so sad to read why.

    My friend Mikie died at 36, just after he had found the woman of his dreams. Sometimes life is so unfair.

    {{{{{{rncountry}}}}}}} I will keep you and his family in my prayers tonight.
  11. by   kaycee
    My heart goes out to you and his family.
  12. by   Brownms46
    So Very Very sorry to hear of your loss, and the loss to your dear friend's family.

    I heard somewhere....not sure where...that you never know that the last time you see someone, it's the last time you will see them. What a terrible thing it is to lose someone you care for.

  13. by   amy
    RNCOUNTRY, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss of such a good friend. My thoughts and wishes are with you tonight. May you always remember him in fondness and laughter, and may you find comfort in that when in nothing else.
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  14. by   Mary Dover
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am right next to you here in NC, but still not close enough for anything but a cyberhug.
    (((((((((((((rncountry))))))))))))))) . Take care of yourself. God bless you and your friend's family.