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"No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse should be than this - 'devoted and obedient'. This definition would do just as well for a porter. It might even do for a... Read More

  1. by   steelydanfan
    As long as we have people in this profession who insist on terming it "A calling from God", "A Mission", or "Something I would still take a paycut for, because no one else would care for them"; and put up with insane ratios because it's a "challenge" (I took 7 pt.s, 5 on drips, 4 titrations and ALL on teles going off every 2 minutes, and I survived!)we will always be seen as workers, rather than a profession.Apparently, we do NOT have the good sense to say when enough is enough.
  2. by   cddbsn
    I've been a nurse for 5 long years and it is a second career for me after working 18 years in the IT field. Every day I am amazed and flabbergasted at the treatment we get from doctors and other healthcare professionals; and even other nurses! I like the work I do, consider myself a 'true blue' patient advocate, but it is the hardest work I've ever performed in my life. No one ever told me that in addition to being blamed for everything that is wrong or goes wrong, I am also a housekeeper, maid, conceirge, plumber, maintenance worker, computer programmer, etc. Of all the "slaps in the face" that I incur every day, there is no bigger "slap" than my paycheck. I am DEFINITELY not paid appropriately for all the work I do and it is truly a crime. How do we as nurses change this lack of respect for our work in the healthcare community? What do we have to do? I'm ready to start burning bed sheets and picketing in front of the Capitol!!! Uugh!
  3. by   pjlemley
    It is interesting that both you and I came into nursing via other fields and are older, perhaps, than most entering this field. I agree with you. After spending 20 years writing and editing for various corporate and nonprofit entities, I can truly say that a) I have never worked so hard, b) have never had more responsibility, c) have never liked a job better, and d) have never been so underpaid (after all, it's only people's lives we deal with!).

    I have a friend in California who makes basically double what I make and, even more amazing, there is someone who replaces her for lunch and breaks, so the overhead pages and telephone calls actually go to another person. She can even pee in private without interruption--what a concept!

    I think it is lack of organization within nursing and a complete "martyr" mentality that many nurses have that doom us. Nothing will change until nurses stop thinking this is a work of "sanctity" in which compensation is irrelevant and until nurses ORGANIZE together and demand better conditions. I don't think we are the only group of employees in the US getting screwed, but I think we are much more necessary than most, and if we stood together and demanded better conditions, especially as a united workforce, we could have both better pay and better working conditions. (We could pee!!!!!)

    Thanks for your comments.
  4. by   pleasantly mad
    I found, when I started my training, that there were many in my class who cared nothing for the profession but rather were more concerned with getting their first bursary cheque. Needless to say these were the individuals who upon learning they had to actually work and god forbid care about others, ran out the door and never came back. Lets face it, I doubt anyone would become a nurse if we were't getting paid however I agree it takes a certain person/personality to be able to survive in the job and give 100% (even when you don't feel it) After 8 years of working from a care assistant to a RMN my pay has got better, my enjoyment has never faded and I still believe (at times) I make a diffference.
  5. by   laughing weasel
    I give 100% to the job and it shows. I have seen what nurses who are not in it for love of the job are like and I actually pity them. I will fight for my raises and every penny that I feel is owed to me as a sign of my value to my employer and myself. I think that I am priceless and have every right to earn the money that I do. People who belittle me or my job are a waste of skin and should be ignored.
  6. by   cavmedic16
    OMG!I have never heard anyone cry more,other than union teachers about how badly they have it......You people are so full of it! Nurses make a good living for what they do. If you want to get rich get into real estate or some other type of sales....and the nurse that says a physical therapy assistant makes more than a BSN nurse your drunk or something....the national average for PT assistant is 34-54k. And the RN is 54k-78k.....stop crying and be proud of your profession for what it is not what you wish it could be
  7. by   maelstrom143
    I could not do this job, NO MATTER WHAT THE PAY, if I did not enjoy what I do. We need the income, but not badly enough to do something I hate. I do what I do because I truly love my job. I care about my patients. I like my coworkers. I love the adrenaline rush and the feeling of accomplishment when things go south and we mobilize and get things done.
    It may not be all peachy, but no one ever said a rose would not have some thorns.
  8. by   applewhitern
    Cavmedic, I don't know about your area, but where I live, physical therapy assistants make more than I do as an RN. I remember being shocked when a PT assistant where I worked was making $17,000 more per year base salary than I was. Also, I have found that many of the listings for salary quotes is incorrect.