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This weekend was my first weekend at work. We didn't have much going on Sat, but had 3 hips Sun. The cases lasted from 0800-1500 with no breaks in between. On the weekends, the staff just consists... Read More

  1. by   Q.
    Hi Anne-

    I've read this thread, well, skimmed it, and I don't know where to start. Are you still looking for advice?
    Anne, I know your issue isn't the linen cart, it's this guy's attitude. From personal experience with these types of people, I've found that I try to change their perspective and it just doesn't work - and if it did, they surely won't let YOU know about it and thank you for showing them the light. I guess, I have decided to choose my battles. You have to decide if this is one worth persuing.

    JMP - I read your posts and, oddly enough, feel better. As soon as I think that I have it bad, you come along and get slammed.
    I skimmed the posts and it seems like you and Mario made up - I could be wrong. Anyway, as an outside observer, seems that Mario suggested a different take on this guy, and while a good thought, unfortuately doesn't apply to nursing. And it appears JMP was trying to point this out. As an aside, when I was in nursing school, I couldn't wait to get out into the "real, professional" world and work with "professionals." I found that I was deeply disappointed. In school, discussions are fostered, people work hard, opinions are heard and respected. In the workforce, just the opposite can be true. My solution? I went back to school!
    I think, Mario, that JMP was just trying to point that out.
  2. by   mario_ragucci
    So, there is a "nursing" way of relating with people, and a "non-nursing" way of relating with people; Is that it?
    I don't know about that. I kinda think people are people. If your personality is all bent out of shape I don't think it matters whether you work in a hospital, work in a factory, work on a farm, work on an airplane....people are still people. Maybe you know of some mystical quality you gain for dealing with co-workers who are fellow nurses. What is it? Would someone explain what special people skills you develop when you complete a 2 year RN program? What human interaction would be inapplicable in terms of nurse to nurse interaction. Boy oh boy! Yall can help us by making specific examples of how nurses are not humans, please. Are there lions roaming that actually eat their young? Do all nurses have a take on life that looks like a burned up match-head? By the way, as an older person, I will be 39 when I receive my RN, and if anyone tries to eat me, they are in for it. I don't want to talk about myself, and don't have to brag about my lifetime accomplishments/experiences.
  3. by   RNPD
    Helen, I so agree with what you say, but I agree with SusyK too on this one. We gots to choose our battles-and the jerk that KC describes in this post just wouldn't be worth it to me. When he mentioned the "trap" I might say something like "nice to see you have so much free time on your shift, but on my shift we have to WORK, so I'll leave the traps to you." I think I'd let this one go at that-not worth the effort of a stronger resonse.

    But I also would rather work with someone who tells it like it is to my face & then let's it go-rather the the passive-aggressive types I meet all too often in this profession!
  4. by   canoehead

    I would have to say "Oh" to his trap explanation and ignore the whole business. If he started criticizing beyond that just tell him you had to prioritize (duh) and maybe add the suggestion to back off a little as you work hard to make his shift as easy as possible.

    Of course if you leave a patient for him to take care of and move the cart for him AND he complains again...well he's really steppping in it then, and is fair game for a scathing put down.
  5. by   Q.
    Yes people are people. I have often said, a jerk is a jerk whether he is a nurse or a bank-teller. I've used this argument to support BSNs at times.

    But what I mean by NURSING issue, or whatever, is...well hard to explain I guess. I've worked in hospitals and corporate America, and have seen this attitude only in healthcare; this petty, shift to shift crap. Odd too, because in healthcare people know that was is really important is not what a shift does, but the patients and what happened that night with their acuity, etc. In corporate America, sure, people get bent about this or that, but it's within PERSPECTIVE. The perspective in Anne's case about this guy having an attitude about what a shift does all night is losing focus of what really matters (ie: the 3 hips she did, etc) Coming from another nurse, Anne would expect this dude to understand without giving him a play by play of the entire shift.

    It's hard to explain Mario. I think that's why people just say that you will know when you are out of school.
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    "How bizarre! How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizarre !

    Everytime I look around, it's in my face" :-)

    It'd be fun to work with you folks one day; I'd love it :-)
  7. by   hapeewendy
    KC , sorry your post didnt turn out the way you intended, though I do think it got quite involved considering it was about a linen cart to start
    I agree that a lot of ppl gave good professional opinions
    but i disagree with those nurses, students, etc....that have turned my thread into another beeeeaatch session for your egos" part of your comment
    I dont think anyone was ego boosting etc, I think it was your classic example of differing opinions that unfortunately , as it has a way of doing on a BB etc, got personal.

    co workers can definitely be aggravating (to put it mildly) and its good to vent/seek opinion and support on this BB, but I really dont see how deep
    this thread could have gotten and usually threads
    take on different topics as do real life conversations.

    I just happen to agree with most of you and think that it sucks when everyones opinions arent respected and when people decide to use this forum as a sounding board for their own superiority complex.

  8. by   micro

    teamwork 101.........session 2 :-)

    why is it the little things!!!!!

    keep on posting and discussion..........


    micro chooses battles......
  9. by   lisadavis
    way too much time spent on something stupid. how do we all get bogged down this way? why do we let ourselves?
  10. by   eldernurse
    Seems to me JMP really likes Mario but is going about the wrong way of showing it. Mario, I appreciate your attempt to lighten up the conversation, however, this is a serious problem in nursing. I am an old, tender-hearted nurse who has been bruised many times by my fellow nurses.

    When will nurses realize that we are all in this together? Night shift, day shift. Who cares? We all have a job to do and not many of us slack off. We get frustrated with the nasty comments that more could have been done. Unless you worked that shift today, shut up, start from here and carry on.

    I am fortunate enough to work in a big city ER now where teamwork is essential. Biting each other is out. Our manager will not permit it. I am happy as a BSN clam and I will give 110% every time I go to work. It is hard to find a place with no bitter nurses. We have our share, but they realize that getting rid of the new people just makes it harder on them.

    And I wouldn't EVER touch that damn linen cart. How dare that nurse leave a trap for the other shift. That should be a write-up offense.
  11. by   micro
    hey elder nurse,
    boy do i hear you?????????
    you are right, managers shouldn't even allow it on the floor.........
    but as a nurse and in reality.......sometimes you just have to choose your battlefield................
    i just jumped ships recently(after months of searching and thinking it over) and changed units within same org.........
    cause on previous unit...........the overall morale was so poor and it took way too much out of me to fight it everyday.........
    new unit.........teamwork, positive nurses and people..........yes, there is a little of this and that......but that is everywhere and not just in nursing.............but 99.9%nurses, unit sec's, aides, housekeepers, managers, educators, everyone is on the same page and the same team.........................

    YES, 24/ are so right.......just continue from where the last shift finished.........we are open 24/7........let them finish so you are not on shift 24/7

    just micro microin in
  12. by   eltrip
    Eldernurse, you are SO right about all of us being in this together! Tearing into one another is one of the largest problems I've seen in my years as an RN. Bottom line, we're all people, & it's vital that we treat one another with the respect that we would want to receive, whether it's on this board, on the job, or at the grocery store.

    IMHO, the negativity I've witnessed as a nurse is no different from what I witnessed/endured in any of my pre-nursing jobs. If someone thinks that he/she can get away with harassing a new employee, grad, fellow student, etc., that person will do it. It's a power thing, pure & simple.

    I don't have many opportunities to log in & contribute to the message board as I'm working full time, a mom, involved in the community, etc., but this topic and the ensuing discussion (including the diatribes by & about JMP & Mario) have stuck a chord with me...felt the need to speak my piece.

  13. by   eldernurse
    to Eltrip,

    I hope you get more time to contribute. I am a full timer but my youngest is now 27 (Hurrah). I should be cleaning my house. (understanding husband). I have worked in many situations and I have found that nursing tolerates bad behaviour more than any other job I have encountered. (The JMP and Mario thing have me hooked, too).

    I, too, have recently jumped ship from one unit to another. I worked on a VERY busy telemetry unit. The manager never held anyone accountable for their work. She held the nurses responsible for everything. If you had a problem with a co-worker, she wanted no parts of it. Everyone began jumpin ship about 4 years ago. I stayed, hoping to make it a better place to work. (fat chance with no manager support). Then, when she resigned, I knew it was time.

    I had been hearing good rumors about our ED. It is a frontier I had been interested in for a while. The manager was a human being, not an administrative hatchet man clone. One of my old co-workers from Med Surg days was down there and confirmed it for me. I went down to shadow one day and knew I could kick -$$ down there with my varied background. 6 weeks ago I made the switch. NO REGRETS HERE. It may be the really first time in nursing that the docs work with you instead of against you. I am lovin' the ER.