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  1. Hey all, I just wanted to hear some of your stories of your best patients ever. Just curious. I have heard that there are already threads started, but my computer is having problems right now and is not letting me do what I want to do.

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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Best patient ever - wonderfully darling little old lady - completely A&O - but losing blood by the bucketful from her bladder. Running CBI at 2-3 3000 cc bags per hour, uncounted people attempting to start IV's everywhere they imagined veins ought to exist in theory - totally alert the whole time, nothing but completely pleasant - when I told her I was going to get her a B&O for the cramping, she said, "Oh no honey - you must have patients in MUCH worse shape than me - you go tend to them!"

    She mysteriously stopped bleeding - cysto revealed nothing - I don't believe they ever did figure out what was wrong with her. She returned happily to her senior citizen apartment with a few extra pints of other people's blood on board.

    A couple of months later I was moving away and she saw my picture in the paper in connection with my other job and called me to ask if that was "the nice nurse that took such good care of me." (Truth be told, I did little more than suck clots out of her CBI for a couple of hours.) She was so sweet!
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    My favorite patient is a 67 yr old man with COPD. Each time he comes in, he's always in a great mood! Never demanding, doesn't ask for a thing and has yet to go 'postal'. He was one of my first IV sticks. I could stay in his room forever and talk to this man but we all know how rushed we are for time these days. He even has his own pulse ox-a Nonin Black Onyx--and walks himself up and down the hall with his portable O2 tank.

    I really feel sorry for the elderly especially one's with CHF, COPD, etc in this heat and humid weather that don't have central air. I'd die without it and I'm not yet 30!
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    I have many best patients, they are usually the elderly who take the time to say "thank you" to you on the way out the door!
    But every now and then some younger people that had the right type of upbringing will take the time to say thank you also.

    The ones who genuinely appreciate you for giving their care is often few and far between.

  6. by   live4today
    Oh man...woman...I've had so many nice patients in my career as a nurse, but one patient I will never forget is a copper red head little girl of five who lost her battle to liver cancer. She was a real sweetheart...a real heartbreaker...always cheerful...always coloring pictures to hang in the pediatric ward for all to see...always saying, "I'm okay! God is watching over me." She was always saying to her mother not to worry about her because she couldn't be better. What a blessing! She touched my life...and caused me to grow. :kiss to her up there in God's lap!
  7. by   nrw350
    This is one of the reasons I opted out of medicine. I could not stand the loss of a pt, esp one like one you had Cheerful.

  8. by   Nurse Ratched
    I can't imagine that there have been 190 views of this thread and we've got *5* responses?

    I know not all our patients are bad lol. Anyone else with some stories?
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    MY best patient was a very unfortunate whose csection wound dehisced (Sp?) and became horribly infected while she was in our care. She was with us over 3 weeks and we got quite "attached"

    ...anyhow my ds used to visit the floor at times to see me. He used to love to see the babies, but most of the time the babes were in Moms' rooms not out in the nursery. He was so disappointed. So, Cindy hits her call-lite. I go in she and she says "bring Brandon in here"....I did. Well her baby was dressed up as a pumpkin (It was Halloween Day) and she handed her baby to Brandon and said, "here, my son wants someone to love him and I am tired". (she was w/ an H and H in the basement).

    Well you should have seen my 5 year old Brandon LIGHT UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE. His expression was priceless. It totally made his day. This was almost 5 years ago and to this day, he talks about it. That this lady in her pain and having been with us this long was so kind, really touched me. I will never forget her.
  10. by   RNinICU
    I have had so many wonderful patients over the years that I cannot name just one. There was the young father of three who developed graft versus host disease after a bone marrow transplant for leukemia, and the fireman who developed sepsis after an injury sustained while fighting a fire became infected. Most of the patients I've cared for have been the kind of people I went into nursing for. I think there is more response to the threads about negative experiences with patients because we need to vent about these people, and release all the negative energy they give us. I want to keep that good energy I get from most of my patients close to my heart.
  11. by   nrw350
    And this is a very good way to do just that.

    Can someone please give me a rundown/list of all tthe acronyms you all use here. Like was is a ds? What is H and H in the basement.?


  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ds= darling/dear (or sometimes Da#n, lol) son

    H and H in the basement....Her hematocrit and hemoglobin values were VERY low from excess bleeding after dehiscence. She was horrendously anemic.

    Sorry for that ; did not mean to be rude. Hope that helps.
  13. by   nrw350
    So basically the patient asked your kid to hold the baby for her? Also, that was not rude at all.