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Son, We made it! I know that there are going to be people that try to correct me on that statement, "We" didn't do it..., "I" did it. They are wrong. I'm just talking to you right now little... Read More

  1. by   ws582
    Your article is one of the most touching I have read on this site. It brought me to tears. I too am a single mom that struggled through college, and my son was what gave me strength to get through it. Thank you so much for posting it. It will be an inspiration to other parents struggling to get through. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU GUYS MADE IT!!!
  2. by   aelse
    OMG! I thank you! As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I can relate to the struggle you endured. I'm just now starting my pre-req's and I just made some major decisions so that I can go back to school. I'm not getting any financial assistance, I'm paying out of pocket. In order for me to attend this semester I had to pay a big fee, therefore, I didn't pay my car note, water bill, (water got cut off today as we speak), going to get jugs of water so that me and my kids can bath. I'm a single mother of 2 girls. We have had to move several time, kids stay home alone, so that I can work. But I know that the choice I made a few weeks ago to continue my nursing degree will pay off in the end

    Again I thank you for your post and it has proven to me that it can be done.

    Thank you!
  3. by   llg
    I consider myself one of the most stoic people here. I almsot NEVER get all emotional over a post. This one got to me. This OP is perhaps the best I have read of this type.

    Congratulations on your graduation ... and for raising what sounds like a fine son. Good luck to both of you in your new lives ahead.

    I hope you win the article contest -- and use the prize to do something really fun with your son.
  4. by   LaughingRN

    Thanks everyone for your kind responses, I wasn't really expecting this. I was a little nervous publishing this letter, I wasn't quite sure if it would be received well. (I'm very glad I did now)

    Thank you to all the people who shared their stories as well, it takes a certain amount of bravery to admit that life is a sometimes a struggle.

    Thank you Brian for the honorary award. I do intend on printing out this entire thread eventually, including the medal. I'll let my son read it at a later time when he's older and can understand.

    Thanks again everyone.
  5. by   Going4myRN
    This was so touching, and an encouragment that there will be an end! I am in the food line and bed bug phase with my three children as a single mom! Congradulations for not losing sight of the goal.
  6. by   Gator FNP
    Wow, I'm still crying too! I wish you every success for the future. You did it!
  7. by   cardiac mama
    Your letter brought back all the memories of the hard journey of school and what our loved ones endure to see us through. Congrats on your degree and upcoming marriage, what a wonderful job you have done with this letter to your son, and what a great outlook you have. Somebody pass the Kleenex please. I hope you win the award and have a great future ahead.
  8. by   Blueorchid
    Wow...not many articles here really make me well up. What a wonderful reminder for all of us to be thankful for what we have. So much respect for single moms getting their education.

    You've got one special boy there too, I hope both you and him go far. You're gonna fly

    (Congrats on the marriage and graduation too!)
  9. by   Navy/College Mom
    wow, this brought tears to my eyes. i just finished writing a thank you to my son; he's turning 21 on the 19th of this month. your story hit home for me on so many different levels. i too attempted to go to school for nursing when my son was three and my daughter 18months. all the late nights keeping them up, dragging them to class with me. living in 9 different places, my youngest spent her first christmas in shelter we were living in that featured us on channel 5 in chicago in 1991.
    we even lived in the storage room at my job, playing "camp out", at least that's what i told them, because i had to make a decision to either pay the rent or pay the sitter; at least paying the sitter ensured i would keep my job.

    my youngest just graduated high school the 30th may this year and received a full academic scholarship to wheaton college. i enrolled and was accepted into a lpn program in springfield illinois. i quit my job and here i am.
    i wished i had finished school when my children were young like yours, so they could have benefitted from it as well.

    kudos to both you and your little're his shero and inspiration!

    congratulations to you both!
  10. by   chicookie
    Aw it made me tear up! That was just so nice.
  11. by   mom25
    That is a fantastic letter. You are so blessed to have such an optimist outlook and a wonderful son to share that with. You are the true valitorian of life!!
  12. by   CharlieT
    Laughing students son,

    You should be very proud of your mother's ability to overcome so many hardships to make a better life for the both of you. You may not understand for quite some time how hard she has worked to create a stable future. I am currently a nursing student and understand how difficult this form of education can be. I no longer have my mother or grandmother, but they still remain a strong source of inspriation for me. Good luck to your family.

  13. by   Ky_nicuRN
    That was very touching
    Thank you for sharing with us.