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Gator FNP specializes in family, internal, pediatric.

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  1. Gator FNP

    Shortage of Nurse Practitioner Preceptors

    I am a family ARNP. I wanted to be a preceptor, however, my salary depended on the number of patients seen daily in the office. As I know from being a student, we slow down the provider. At my last clinic, I would see approximately 20-25 patients daily. I gave my patients my full attention and ended up working until 7:30-8 pm catching up on my charting (this was without a student). I now work in a teaching hospital and precept nurse anesthetist students (during their health assessment class). The atmosphere here is very different since we are an academic, teaching hospital. I hope this helps clarify the current lack of preceptors out in the community.
  2. Gator FNP

    I was all set to head towards NP now a dr told me PA. Hmmm

    I am a family nurse practitioner. I work in a large teaching, trauma hospital. There are NPs working throughout the hospital. There is a trauma service, NPs manage patients on the trauma floor, ER, units. The orthopedic group has NPs and PAs, they work in clinic and manage pt on ortho floor as well. Neuro depart, NPs, same duties. I have experience in family, internal, pediatrics, pain mgt. I now run a PAT clinic in the hospital. I work independently, have a supervising MD to call with questions. In some states a NP does not require a supervising MD. Many have their own practices. Hope this is helpful. Good Luck!
  3. Gator FNP

    New grad RNs: Do you hate nursing already?

    I became an RN as a 3rd career choice. I was in my late 30s. I knew I did not want to do bedside nursing. I already worked in a hospital as a Resp. Therapist. I did outpatient nursing. Worked for a large orthopedic group, after-hours clinic, Interventional radiology dept, assisting with breast procedures/biopsies, cardiac stress lab, CT/MRI procedures. Look for another position in nursing, there is so much available out there and you could use your nursing degree to further your education, go on for a Master's or Doctorate down the road.:)
  4. Gator FNP

    salary vs hourly...FT vs PT....what to expect in pay??

    I agree with Core0, they are taking advantage. You have a nice solid year of experience behind you, start interviewing on your day off, choose your next position carefully. Ask questions, obtain in writing what the conditions of employment are, some physicians will also ask for non-compete, be careful what you agree to. If you decide to stay, you need to figure out how many patients you see, how much is collected, take this total and deduct your "overhead" from this (MA, Receptionist salary, malpractice insurance, etc). You will be surprised to see how much money you are bringing into the practice. By the way how many patients do you see daily?
  5. Gator FNP

    BS (outside nursing) and LPN - Considering NP

    I would think the direct entry NP program would be the quickest for you. You already have the basic classes for the BSN portion of your education. This way you would be in one school, one program, and finish quicker than separating the degrees. Also remember the DNP will be the way into the NP profession by 2015. Schools in my area have already d/c the MSN/NP program. At this point they are allowing the students to leave after the MSN is completed and come back for the DNP portion.
  6. Gator FNP


    I do not feel you should be limited on what conditions you treat, such as in the case of ADD/ADHD. Once you are able to prescribe these meds with your license, you may not want to hand these off to the physician. In time, you will become proficient with these patients and not need MD's help. I am a FNP. I thought your certification as a Pediatric NP limits your license, certification to include up to age 18 only. Your classes were limited to pediatrics. Benefits sound great!You may want to ask about hours, max number of patients daily.
  7. Gator FNP

    RN-MSN, and then NP-post cert, or?

    Since your experience is in critical care, have you thought about CRNA? Within my NP program, I had a class in research, leadership/ethics, and nursing theorists (once again). The majority of the classes are in learning diseases, treatment, prescribing, ordering tests. I like to refer to my NP program as a "mini-Med school", alot of information condensed into a small timeframe. If you want the NP route, go for an MSN/NP program. If you graduate with an MSN only, you would still need the NP classes to sit for the certification exam. I have seen RNs with MSN degrees in administrative roles, managers of hospital dept. If you want to see patients, the NP route would be for you.:cheers:
  8. Gator FNP

    About FNP jobs : a few qs

    I am a FNP. I have worked in internal/family/pediatric/pain mgt/pt base in nursing homes/rehab settings through the internal medicine office. I now work in Anesthesia at a large teaching hospital. I run the Pre-Anesthesia testing clinic. I would not have been able to get this position without my prior experience. We are very marketable, I always suggest the FNP route to RNs. I have a friend that works for an emergency medicine group that handles several ERs. FNPs work almost everywhere. At my hospital there are FNPs in the trauma unit. Hope this was helpful. Good luck in school.
  9. Gator FNP

    Thank-you Son

    Wow, I'm still crying too! I wish you every success for the future. You did it!
  10. I live in Florida, we do not have this requirement. What states do you both live in?
  11. Gator FNP

    How do you stay organized?

    I carried all of that into each room, it gets easier. Put your pen in your pant's pocket or clip to chart on your way in. Don't stress!!
  12. Gator FNP

    ACNP vs AANP

    When I was a student, I joined the AANP. I enjoy the daily e-mail (smartbriefs) sent, it keeps you current with many issues. My friend was a member of the ACNP, did not receive any informational e-mails. I did not, however, obtain my certification through the AANP, went with ANCC, much easier to deal with.
  13. Gator FNP

    An Introduction

    welcome! Yes, there are still pathway programs out there. I have heard of RN-BSN-MSN tracks, check with all your universities. An RN-BSN track is mostly on-line, usually 18 months, not very difficult, probably shorter for you since you probably have some of the required classes. I am a FNP and love what I do. I have been overworked at 2 positions I have held, the other practices have not been a problem. You have to go out there, get experience, and find what works for your life (hours, benefits, etc.) I have a great position now that I would not have been able to obtain if I did not have the other experience behind me. While you are working as an RN, learn as much as you can, read reports, talks with physicians, PAs, NPs. It will benefit you at the end. Good luck!
  14. Gator FNP

    CRNP vs. ARNP???

    These are the same. A nurse practitioner will become certified after graduation. There are many programs: family, acute care, adult, pediatric, mental health. Our titles vary by state, some are NP, ARNP, many others I cannot remember, this can be very confusing to the public. After we become certified, we add that to our title, mine is ARNP, FNP-BC.
  15. Gator FNP

    FNP but work in Geriatrics?

    I am a FNP. One of my prior positions was in an Internal Medicine practice. Most of my patients were >65 yo. I also went to five nursing home/rehab facilities in the area to see patients. I, unlike you, did not like having only geriatric patients. I left and returned to family practice.
  16. Gator FNP

    Someone should warn people!!!

    I live in the Jacksonville area. Many LPNs here work in nursing homes. You may want to try home health agencies or agency work to get started. The market is bad for LPNs and RNs due to the economy. If you want to remain in nursing, start taking classes toward your RN degree. When the economy improves, there will be more jobs again and you will be more marketable as an RN.