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Gator FNP specializes in family, internal, pediatric.

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  1. Shortage of Nurse Practitioner Preceptors

    I am a family ARNP. I wanted to be a preceptor, however, my salary depended on the number of patients seen daily in the office. As I know from being a student, we slow down the provider. At my last clinic, I would see approximately 20-25 patients dai...
  2. Job info for Miami and Houston

    We moved my son to Hollywood, FL for school (8/2010). A decent 1 bedroom apartment in a nice area was >$850, this included water only. He is in a nice complex for $985 includes cable, water, internet.
  3. Reputation of online APN programs

    I think it would be important to obtain good clinical rotations. You may be setting up your own clinicals. This is where you will apply the knowledge obtained on line.
  4. Best Pre-FNP RN experience

    I would say all prior experience is relevant. It is what you do with it. As a med/surg RN, read the H&P from the surgeon and see how the pt presented with their problem. ER experience, mentioned above, would allow you to see how a pt presents, wh...
  5. FNP to ANP???

    You would be more marketable as an FNP. With this specialty you could work in women's health without a problem. In your clinicals, you will be doing well woman exams and many gyn issues.
  6. APNs: Post your specialty

    I am a family nurse practitioner. I have worked in family, internal (with geriatric focus in nursing homes), Rehab facilities with the internal med practice, pediatric, rural health, some pain management in the family practice. All my experience gave...
  7. Does anyone enjoy nursing?

    I used nursing as a stepping stone to becoming a nurse practitioner. I stayed an RN for 7 years including time in school. I enjoy being a nurse practitioner, have been doing this for 6 years now.
  8. I was all set to head towards NP now a dr told me PA. Hmmm

    I am a family nurse practitioner. I work in a large teaching, trauma hospital. There are NPs working throughout the hospital. There is a trauma service, NPs manage patients on the trauma floor, ER, units. The orthopedic group has NPs and PAs, they wo...
  9. New grad RNs: Do you hate nursing already?

    I became an RN as a 3rd career choice. I was in my late 30s. I knew I did not want to do bedside nursing. I already worked in a hospital as a Resp. Therapist. I did outpatient nursing. Worked for a large orthopedic group, after-hours clinic, Interven...
  10. salary vs hourly...FT vs PT....what to expect in pay??

    I agree with Core0, they are taking advantage. You have a nice solid year of experience behind you, start interviewing on your day off, choose your next position carefully. Ask questions, obtain in writing what the conditions of employment are, some ...
  11. BS (outside nursing) and LPN - Considering NP

    I would think the direct entry NP program would be the quickest for you. You already have the basic classes for the BSN portion of your education. This way you would be in one school, one program, and finish quicker than separating the degrees. Also...

    I do not feel you should be limited on what conditions you treat, such as in the case of ADD/ADHD. Once you are able to prescribe these meds with your license, you may not want to hand these off to the physician. In time, you will become proficient w...
  13. RN-MSN, and then NP-post cert, or?

    Since your experience is in critical care, have you thought about CRNA? Within my NP program, I had a class in research, leadership/ethics, and nursing theorists (once again). The majority of the classes are in learning diseases, treatment, prescribi...
  14. About FNP jobs : a few qs

    I am a FNP. I have worked in internal/family/pediatric/pain mgt/pt base in nursing homes/rehab settings through the internal medicine office. I now work in Anesthesia at a large teaching hospital. I run the Pre-Anesthesia testing clinic. I would not ...
  15. Do you think this is reasonable?

    I worked in a privately owned practice-family/pediatrics/internal/pain mgt, I had a contract. It does not mean anything, patients arrived 30+ min. late, they were still registered, we ran late often, lunch was 30-45", was supposed to be 1-1 1/2 hours...