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  1. Going4myRN

    Why am I doing this, anyway?

    As a nursing student I learned more from this story then from many of the lectures I have heard in the past year! Lesson learned, never to be forgotten. Thank you. I'll enter each room looking for the person behind the diagoses.
  2. Going4myRN

    NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    I am only block b however I would love to do this with all of you
  3. Has anyone suceeded in a LPN class while undergoin chemo theapy? I am six weeks post- op from a biateral mastectomy, have my "fake Breast" and the blessing of my doctors. I am in block B. Just wondering if anyone else has been there?:typing
  4. Going4myRN

    Thank-you Son

    This was so touching, and an encouragment that there will be an end! I am in the food line and bed bug phase with my three children as a single mom! Congradulations for not losing sight of the goal.