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  1. by   maryann
    I graduated from the old hospital program ...3 full years... when I was 20 yrs. old...I did go on an obtain my BSN as well as a business degree. Nursing has been very good to me and my family. Yes the $$ could have been better and could still be better but then theres always something in life that could be better. I think most of all , respect should be better...nurses deserve better and more respect. Maybe it's because we don't respect ourselves enough ...I for one am proud to be a Nurse...
  2. by   realnursealso/LPN
    I was 26 when I started nursing school in February of 1979...that's right...I am 49(no birthday next year). After all these years I am finally going to upgrade to RN. Got the info from Excelsior College and am filling out the scholarship form. Want to go into administration in homecare. My poor feet have no arches and my back won't last much longer. Wish things were the way they were when I started.
  3. by   hoolahan
    started nursing school right after my 17th birthday. I graduated a year early from HS. No child prodigy, just anxious to get out in the real world, so I crammed all my HS required courses into 3 years. Became a ADN at 19. I was very naive.
  4. by   shyviolet78
    I'm 22 now and will be 24 when I graduate with my ADN. Nursing is what I wanted to do since I graduated high school, but I had to put off college due to lack of finances. I can finally pursue my degree thanks to an understanding and unselfish husband and student loans!
  5. by   NP Di
    I graduated from high school at age 17 years. I then entered a 2-year-degree program and graduated with my RN at age 19 years and 5 months. At that time, there was a nursing shortage (sound familiar?), so I had many job offers (this was in 1974). I chose the one that offered me pediatrics, still my true love. I worked evenings - the docs would come up to the floor and ask for the "teenager" nurse. At age 23 years, my mentor "guided me" (I had no idea where I was going) into the NP program that the hospital offered. I graduated from that program at the age of 24. Took my national certification exam in 1981 (3 weeks post-partum), and have been "grandfathered/grandmothered" in since, despite the mandate since 1992 to have a Master's degree. Little by little, taking time out for kids, a course at a time, I finally got my BSN in May of 2001 and now am enrolled in the graduate program at Case Western Reserve University (Ohio) - only five more courses until my Masters! School/education is NEVER over!
  6. by   Katnip
    I'll be graduating in '03 at the ripe old age of 46. Like essarge and her friend, it took me a while to figure out what I really want to be when I grow up.
  7. by   KC CHICK
    Just graduated this past May at age 27.......a birthday last month-now 28. I tried various other occupations. (HairStylist, Retail Mgr., Customer Service) I just didn't know what I wanted to do. So glad to have discovered nursing....I'm proud of what I do, and I actually like going to work. Think I've found my niche.
  8. by   MRed94
    Started as a CNA back when all the training was on the job...I was 18 in 1977.

    Went to LPN school in 1985, with a 5 month old baby boy in tow...

    Due to various personal things with family, I finished my LPN in 1987, and have been working more or less non-stop since then, taking time out to have the other 2 kids.

    Started my ADN course in Dec. of 2000, and will graduate in Dec. 2002, at the ripe old age of 43.

    Finally got the money together that I needed to continue on.

    I most likely will not stop here, my final goal is LNC, Legal Nurse
    Consultant, which will take at least another year.

  9. by   super nurse 2
    I was 17 and just graduated from high school. went to a 3 yr.
    hospital program in Boston. graduated from nursing school at 20 yrs. old. have worked in everything--from head nurse in ortho to staff nursing in icu, sicu, crisis etc. and finally retired as supervisor in public health. been there-done that! went into nursing at the best time. pay and hours were terrible. rec'd much respect, but little money. even after starting a family, i could name my own days and time to work--what a life!!! loved it all! absolutely no regrets!!
  10. by   david81
    I started my BscN at the age of 24, staretd work in 1995 with all the layoffs, my first night was on the day of my convocation, and I was the happiest person -- was able to start making money! was a casual nurse and made it a point to float to any possible area in the hospital, than got a FT position on my home unit as a charge nurse and now 6 years down the road I have completed my MN and am a nurse manager, life is good.
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    I graduated from college at age 24 and received my RN license at that same age. Started working as an RN at age 25 and have been an RN for 4 years now. There is still sooo much that I do not know!

    I had started out at a hospital based diploma school in 1990, after high school but "flunked " out with 2 trimesters left. Had I finished that program, I would have been 20 years old and a full fledged RN. Now that I think about it, I would have in no way, shape or form been responsible or mature enough to have been an RN at that young age
  12. by   JewelStream
    I was 21 when I graduated from LPN school in 1994. I lost my beloved Grandpa just 2 mo. later, he wanted to live long enough to see me graduate, even though he was bedridden and couldn't attend.

    I got my first nursing job just 2 weeks after my grandpa died from cancer, it was a horrible death....and my job was for Hospice. I wasn't sure I could do it, but it had always been my dream job so I swallowed hard and did it! It was the best job ever and am going to be going back to work for the same agency soon. I'm so excited! So much has changed since those first years in nursing, but I think I'll be even better at it now.
  13. by   CEN35
    at age 33...........and now 5 years later.....still going strong.....although considering options and plans.........when the kids are in school. ANYBODY.........can go back to school to head elsewhere!!!!!!