Survey - : Do you report overtime for missed breaks or late charting?

  1. Here are the results of last months survey question
    Do you report overtime for missed breaks or late charting? :

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    Without a doubt. Sometimes, when I was leaving just 15 or 20 minutes late, I would think it would be more of a bother to track down the time sheet. But when it started happening regularly, to most of the nurses on our unit, we started marking it down. That time adds up.

    I always mark down for a missed break!

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    I always reported missed lunches, and we clock out so if we leave late, it is automatically recorded.
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    We have to put in an adjustment if we miss a break. OT is calculated automatically.

    But at other facilities, they'd give you quite a hassle for missed breaks. I stay away from them now because a few days of that could buy a week's worth of groceries. :chuckle
  8. by   adrienurse
    YES I do. Even if I only stay over by 30 minutes. This time seems like nothing until it adds up. I'm the only one who does it, but I have to have my principles.
  9. by   capgirl
    I always marked down when I wasn't able to take my lunch break. I usually worked alone on my floor, nurses from other floors were to cover for me, however, that didn't usually happen. Of course not, who can afford to take that extra time from their assignment??????
    But, my NM called me at home to ask me why I was charging time for not having my lunch? And then made a comment about how I was BREAKING THE BUDGET !!!!!
    I did download the regulations from the Labor board and left it under her office door. Never heard another word about it.

    Since then, I have transferred to another dept., where EVERYONE gets to take their breaks!!!
  10. by   Allison P
    At my facility we have to clock in and out. They automatically deduct thirty minutes per shift whether you actually get to take a lunch break or not(usually not).
  11. by   recnurse1
    I had to vote no, because I work in a school and I 'm salaried.... even though I almost never get time for lunch..... brought that up to the union and they said so??? I do however insist on taking a smoke break... yeah... I know... but the only way I get away is to go out for a cigarette!!! So, I guess I gotta keep smoking to get a break, huh? LMAO
  12. by   shygirl
    Because we are union, It has to be okayed by a supervisor. I don't like it though, it makes me leave with a feeling that I forgot something.

    If we cannot get to a treatment, the next shift has to do it. They don't like that either. We have to doocument as to why we didn't get to it, like resident was out of facility, etc. Administrations says..."We are a 24 hour facility" What one shift doesn't do, the next one picls it up. Most people are pretty good about getting their work done on time.
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  13. by   Totone656
    Report missed lunches...sure but you better have a good reason because you have to put it in the exception log. Patient load won't cut it so we have become very creative...Patient demand on the staff. We have to give them a reason....geesh just because I have 15 patients and of those 15, 3 are on chemo, 5 are in the process of dying, 2 are getting blood....and so on.
    Here is the other problem more then 2 times a pay period they get bent out of shape.
  14. by   Youda
    Where I work, we have to fill out a form saying WHY we didn't take a lunch or stay over, and have a supervisor sign it. Well, since I'm the supervisor, I sign my own. But, I still give the reason I didn't take the break or went overtime, because they started to tell us we'd better not have OT, but we'd better get all the work done, too. Another insanity of the suits. Anyway, I started writing as the reason "too much work, too little time, too high acuity for the staff we have, and not enough staff." LOL! Of course, they dragged me into the "office" (oh boy!) and gave me a little discussion about my attitude. Me? Bad attitude? (wink) So, I started to charge them for the time it takes me to fill-out their OT form! :chuckle
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