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  1. Hello fellow nurses:

    I have discovered the student doctor and PA boards and well my first impression isn't good because it seems that they like to bash nurses.

    Aren't we all suppossed to be a team here with one common goal which would be quality care for the patient?

    There is a lot of debate on those boards about "nursing model" vs. "medical model". It's kind of depressing because after reading some of the posts I am starting to feel like a peon in the medical profession.

    I am VERY PROUD to be a nurse and could not possibly think of doing anything else, but reading those other boards is a bit depressing.

    Thoughts?? Comments??
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  3. by   pokey sn
    Hello nicudaynurse! I noticed that as well. One thing that you have to understand about student docters that post there is that their egos are out of this world!! They believe that they are so intelligent and that most nurses are nurses because they did not have what it takes to be in med school (look through the posts on the nursing professional forum on I can not believe that the attitudes displayed are what I have to look forward to when I graduate. It seems to me that a lot of the posters on those websites have something to prove and want to feel like the most important people in the world. The think that cleaning feces and patients up is all nurses sickens me at some of their I no longer go to sites like those. All you can do is pray for people like that
  4. by   Cynthiann
    Do you think that the way doctors look down on nurses may greatly contribute to the way society see nurses as a whole? If the doctors can't give nurses the respect they deserve, it's easy for outsiders to do the same. I know that there are some great doctors out there but people always pay attention to the negative.

    It's so much BS to think a nurse is someone who couldn't make it to medical school. I'm currently a student with a 4.0 GPA and I know for a fact that if I wanted to go to medical school, I could. But I have two small children and couldn't make it through all those years of school without income - family comes first. Plus I don't think I would want to work all those hours a doctor does because, as I said, family comes first.

    I'm also worried about the attitudes I will see from doctors when I graduate.
  5. by   New CCU RN
    First of all, I would consider the This could be anyone from an undergrad student who is 18 years old and wants to be a doctor, to a person trying to get into med school, to a med school student. I think the ones you are reading these negative posts clearly have some insecurity issues if they feel the necessity to make fun of nurses. They also most likely lack any real experience in the health care field. With such negative attitudes towards team members, I doubt that they will make it very far...

    With that being said, of course there are some bad apples out there, but the majority of docs you will encounter realize that nurses play a valuable role and often times will ask for your opinions on patient care. Nurses are the eyes and ears for the docs and without the support of the nursing staff, it is difficult for a doc to get their work done as well. There of course are some losers out there who make foolish comments, but they are the same losers that will one day be coached by a nurse through their first code. In time they will learn... and if they don't 3am phone calls for tylenol will teach em... HEHEHE....
  6. by   twarlik
    I had the same thoughts after reading through the board at Keep in mind that the majority of the people on that board are still REALLY young. A lot of them aren't even in med school yet. I checked out another board for older/non-traditional med students and even they can't stand the kids on! You just gotta remember the source when reading negative comments on those boards.

  7. by   EricTAMUCC-BSN
    Maybe some of their views are correct and maybe some of them are wrong.
  8. by   2banurse
    I think that New CCU RN has it right in regards to the probable ages of these student docs. It won't be until they are actually starting their clinicals that they will see that nurses can be a great source of information or could be their biggest nightmares. It is a different learning approach, I believe, as medical students are learning to target in on what is wrong (that is why they refer to patients as an object of their disease instead of a person), while nurses need to not only understand the disease process BUT also take care of the whole patient. I really feel that although nurses may not have the prolonged medical education, they are pretty much put in pretty intensive education.

  9. by   fab4fan
    There are some jerks there...but I've also had some really nice, supportive comments too (actually more of the latter).

    Some of those "docs" are just kids; as far as PA's, I've always ignored anything they had to say.
  10. by   Cynthiann
    I didn't realize so many of them are kids and not even in medical school. That means that their opinions are very biased since most of them have never actually worked along side a nurse. Their opinions of nurses would then be based mostly on sterotypes.
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Healthcare has a pecking order and these pre and student docs are already gearing up for it. They know the attendings will chew on them, and they are practicing for when they can get away with chewing on the nurses. It's like kick the cat.

    Some baby docs will keep this in the back of their mind, even while nurses save their sorry butts. They know they will need us for a time to help them through their schooling, and treat us like mamas...its our 'job' to care for them in babyhood. A few of these ingrates will <gasp> in time come to the grudging conclusion nurses are our own profession, valuable, and worthy of respect.

    Others will conveniently forget when they are finished and turn into the same jerks their mentors are. Unfortunately they pass down the jerk personalities. <sigh>

    Don't let 'em get to you. When docs behave like jerks I always remind myself this is their choice, their problem. Why waste my breath on a jerk when I'm there for the patient, not them.
  12. by   twarlik
    To give you an idea how out of touch some of those kids are...I saw in one discussion where a pre-med student said that he would "never work in a facility that used nurses!" HA!!!:roll
  13. by   EmeraldNYL
    Originally posted by twarlik
    To give you an idea how out of touch some of those kids are...I saw in one discussion where a pre-med student said that he would "never work in a facility that used nurses!" HA!!!:roll
    OMG, this is soooo funny!!! I totally agree with the above posts that these wanna be docs have little experience with the medical profession and they will soon learn. Of course, some of them still remain arrogant jerks. The ones who are most knowledgable and respectful of our profession usually have moms or girlfriends, etc. who are nurses.
  14. by   sjoe
    It is no more extreme bashing than that of docs that goes on right here.