Straight pay for 12 hour shifts?

  1. For those of you who work 12 hour shifts, do you get straight pay for the entire shift? Time and a half for the four hours? I'm curious about this as my facility does not pay anything over straight pay for the 12 hours. If you do get a differential/time and a half, are you union or nonion? Thanks. I've been posting alot today -- got to cut down on my coffee.....
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    I work 12 hr shifts. Get straight pay for the full 12. OT pay kicks in after I work more than 40 hrs/week. When I worked 8 hr shifts, I got OT for any time worked over the eight hours in one day.

  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    I work 12 hour shifts, get paid straight pay for them. Overtime kicks in when I work more than 12 hours/day, I also get OT for short call, less than 4 hours to come in and work an unscheduled shift. I am presently working a non-union hospital that the unions are trying to woo.

  5. by   P_RN
    Since our hospital was not all 12 hour shifts, we got paid at 8 hour rates. 7-15:30 at daytime rate, 15:30-19:30 at afternoon rate, 1930-0700 at nighttime rate. Over 40 hours a week time and a half dayshift pay for the extra 8 hours on the 48 hour week.
  6. by   WashYaHands
    Straight pay for 12 hour shifts, OT for anything over 12 hours/day. $1.00 per hour more for working nights and/or weekends. Non-union facility.
  7. by   LauraRN0501
    Like everyone else, I get straight pay for the 12 hours. $2.50 shift diff for evenings and $3.00 for nights. We also just started getting $1.00/hr extra for weekends, in addition to the shift diff. Non-union.
  8. by   meownsmile
    My non-union hospital only pays differential for 7P to 7A shift. 7A to 7P dont get the different rate. However, we dont work straight shifts in my hospital EVERYONE (RN and LPN) except CNA's rotate day/night or day/evening shifts, so you do get pay difference every other pay period anyway.
  9. by   massEDgirl
    I work in a union hospital.

    Work 12 hour shifts 7p-7a , get paid time and a half after 12.....or after 40.

    Get $2.75/hr shift diff and another $1.00 weekend diff.

    When picking up time...I like to tack an extra 4 hours on to my 12 and get the OT that way......coming in one extra day is not for me.
  10. by   shay
    Mine is the same set up as P_RN's.
  11. by   Zee_RN
    Straight time for 12-hr shifts. Shift differentials kick in if "more than 50% of your shift" is spent on the "off-shift." So 7A-7P does not include any shift differential (unless it is on the weekend then it is $0.50 extra). 7P-7A does ($0.75 for evening or night/$0.50 for any weekend; combination if it is both).
  12. by   SteveB
    I just took a job in Surg/Trauma icu. Non-union Hospital.
    The differentials are 2.25 from 3-11, 3.20 from 11-7 and 3.00 on top of those for weekend.
    I am going to work 12 hour nights, 7p-7a. I will get a 2.25 diff from 7-11 and 3.20 from 11-7.
    This is a 740 bed level I adult and peds trauma center.
  13. by   micro
    work both eights and pay for twelves(that are scheduled) but ot for anything over whatever my scheduled hours are either eight or twelve.....shif dif not too bad.....course anything could be better.....but have worked worse
  14. by   RNPD
    Straight pay for first 8 hours of my 12 hour shift, then $5/hour from 3 PM to 7PM (OT 1 1/2 after 7PM). Union hospital. (NYSNA)