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For those of you who work 12 hour shifts, do you get straight pay for the entire shift? Time and a half for the four hours? I'm curious about this as my facility does not pay anything over straight... Read More

  1. by   CindyJRN
    I work in a nonunion hospital, 12hr shifts with shift diff from 3p-7p then all of 7p-7a. Also a weekend diff. Our overtime is an automatic 8 hrs (32hr 1 week then 48hr the next week)
  2. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the ehart of texas

    just a funny, We have a nurse in our ER who only works one 12 hour shift a week, a part timer. The other night she was absolutely incensed, as she found out she did not get time and half for that last 4 hours.. Where do some of these people come from.

    keep it in the short grass yall
  3. by   moonrose2u
    what's overtime?

    we work 12's and do not ot after 8...AND my facility offers *ESP* (extra special pay) to lure you into picking up extra, or when they have call in's, etc.

    EXCEPT, the nurse has to ASK FOR IT.....if you are called and say that you will come in and work, you must ask for it then, or they are not under any obligation to pay you ESP.

    If you are in a hurry, or are new, and do not know enough about it to ask for will not get it...

    Kinda tacky huh?
  4. by   wendilynn

    Ok, where I work we do get a diff. We work 12 hours and we get $2.50 from 3-7 pm. We are non union.

  5. by   Dazedgiggle
    Where I work, people who work 12 hour shifts get straight pay and time and a half for anything over 12 hours in a 24 hour period OR over 40 hours a week. People who work 8 hour shifts as part of their regular schedule get time and a half for anything over 8 hours in a 24 hour period and over 40 a week. We get paid differential during any time we work a shift that has a differential. Hope this helps!
  6. by   amyBSN
    I work 7A-7P and get paid my hourly wage for the 12 hr shift, anything over 40hrs/wk I get overtime pay. Our night shift differential just increased to an extra $4.00/hr and we get a $2.00 extra differential on weekends.
  7. by   nurseing321
    I get time and a half for working 12 hours on Sat and Sun and am considered full time. It's called a baylor shift. I don't work and during the week. So it works out to working for 24 hours and getting paid for 36 with full benefits. Not too bad.
    ...ab60 is still a bill & hasn't been signed into law as of yet.
    originally posted by gomer
    since january 1, 2001 all hourly employees in california are to be paid ot after 8-hours on a 12-hour shift, without reducing the rates. this law (called ab60) has made the governor the "darling" of the unions.
    according to california state board of registered nursing 1999/2000 legislative update
    * ab 60 (knox) employment: overtime[/i]
    "ab 60 establishes overtime after eight hours as the general rule in california. it authorizes an employer to propose an alternative workweek schedule, which must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the affected employees. an alternative workweek schedule would allow up to 10 hours of daily work before overtime compensation would be required. it authorizes employers in the health care industry, to retain an alternative workweek schedule with workdays up to 12 hours without overtime compensation, until july 1, 2000.
    this is the actual bill can be found on the following url:
    "eight-hour-day restoration and workplace flexibility act of 1999".

    this url explains ab60 in detail:
    understanding ab 60: an in depth look at the provisions of the ?eight hour day restoration and workplace flexibility act of 1999"

    the following url links are california labor codes:
    california labor code
    particularly, part 2. working hours sections 500, 510, & 511 sections a & b.
    part 4. employees chapter 1. wages, hours and working conditions ................ 1171-1205

    i don't have the informationas far as other states' labor laws...but you can attempt researching your own state's laws via the following urls:
    (302) 739-4522
    new hampshire
    new jersey
    new mexico
    new york
    north carolina
    north dakota
    (405) 962-1800
    rhode island
    south carolina
    south dakota
    west virginia

    i hope this helps you all in answering the question regarding over-time pass 12 hours.
    ...anytime worked past 8 hours per day (regardless of full or part time employment will receive over-time rate), or all work performed in excess of 80 hrs in 2 weeks (except those hrs for which time & one half or double time is paid which isn't included in the 80 hr base work period.

    if an employee is scheduled to work on holidays, they're paid time and one half. if they're called in on a non-holiday, they're paid at a hr & one half time. if they're called-in on a holiday, they're paid double-time and a half; or compensation time earned in the amount of 12 hrs are given in addition to the hrs worked that day.

    any overtime earned is paid at straight time if an absence or sick calls occurs within that 80 hr base work period.

    those individuals who work 12 hour shifts do get shift differential but aren't paid overtime past 8 hrs because that's their regular schedule as of yet...but the union reps are getting ready to open-up the contracts & address this issue. these individuals usually work weekends & have the work week off. this was design to reduce the nursing shortages on the week-ends due to call-outs...especially pay weekend.

    7am-7pm (the first 8 hrs are paid at straight time with no differential & 4hrs are paid at the 3-11pm 10% shift differential)

    7pm-7am (4hrs are paid at the 3-11pm 10% shift differential & 8 hrs at the 11pm-7am 8% shift differential)

    those individuals whom work weekends will also receive an additional $2.00/hr weekend differential.
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  10. by   traumaRUs
    I work 12 hour night shift in ER, 7pm to 7am. I get $2/hr shift diff and $1/hr for charge. I get OT for anything over 36 hours.