Starting my very first job

  1. Well I somehow managed to graduate nursing school and pass the boards. I have no idea how I slipped through the cracks. I still feel like I know nothing. Despite this, I still managed to get a job. I start tomorrow. I know I will have a lot of supervision for the first two months, but all of a sudden I realized what sort of responcibility I had taken on. What was I thinking??? I'm happy I will have money again, but on the other hand I feel like I'm going to hurl.

    Wish me luck?
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    You will be surprised at how much you do know. But, always ask questions, keep books handy and above all, enjoy your new career.


  4. by   lisamcrn
    Hi Tinker,

    Just wanted to tell you congratulations on your license and new job. You will survive and live to tell about tomorrow. Your memory will provide information at odd times.

    My best advice is remember they know you are a new grad. They expect your first week to be spent becoming adjusted to the unit, policies and such. They will not feed you to the lions. They will feel you out and you will do the same. Smile, be polite, ask lots of questions and don't be afraid to learn new knowledge and skills. Good luck and enjoy tomorrow!!
  5. by   Gator,SN
    Good Luck Tinker!!!!!!!!!
    I'm sure that you will do fine!!!!!! You know more than you think! Be confident in yourself and your abilities!

  6. by   Belgndogs
    Congratulations Tinker, and good luck! I'm sure everything will go just wonderfully for you!
  7. by   nialloh
    Congrats Tinker, welcome to the world of nursing. You will suprise yourself at what you know, you just have to learn how to use your knowledge. And relax, you won't be going in on your own, you will have a preceptor. While you will have more responsability then a student (ie: no-one will be checking your meds), you are not expected to know it all. Good luck in the new job.
  8. by   andi2634
    Good luck Tinker- I know how you feel- I take boards later this month and I am scared to death about starting my job- I'm sure we will get through this and someday look back and laugh- it can't be as bad as school can it? Think back to your first day of clinicals- I was so scared to touch a patient- and now things that were so difficult are becoming second nature. Have confidence in yourself- GOOD LUCK!!!! Andi
  9. by   Tweety
    Congratulations and good luck.

    Remember feelings of doubt are going to creep in and are normal. I thought the same thing for about a year "who was I fooling that I could actually be a nurse!".

    Best wishes!!!
  10. by   Tinker
    Thanks for the support! I am looking foward to the day when I have confidence and I can look back and laugh at myself
  11. by   purplemania
    EVERY nurse started out the same as you. You will amaze yourself. Keep asking questions. You already have the makings of a good nurse, because you are concerned enough to want to do the right thing. Hope you get a nice preceptor.
  12. by   igloorn93
    Hang in there Tinker. I don't think there is a nurse alive who didn't feel that way when they first graduated and started work. You can do it. You graduated and passed boards. That was the hard part. Enjoy. This is what you have dreamed of doing. CONGRATUALATIONS!!!!
  13. by   ainz
    Congratulations!!!! As several have already said, you know more than you think. You may not be able to pull out all of your knowledge to a conscious level by simply trying to remember it, but, as you encounter situations you will recall things you have seen, heard, read, and generally know what direction to go. Keep an open mind and stay teachable, continue to learn and read up on things. Nursing is a great career in spite of the things you may read or hear. Nursing has many challenges facing it as a profession. I would encourage you to join your association and the ANA, state your opinion, get involved, but most of all, please conduct yourself in your daily activities as a healthcare professional. You are a valuable member of the healthcare team and you offer certain skills that other members don't. Please do not underestimate your place in the healthcare system!! You are more than an hourly employee, you are a professional!!!! Welcome aboard!!