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  1. Hi I have been a CMA/RMA for 9 years now. I love my job but with my family starting to grow I want to get my RN. I live in Florida and work at a level one hospital.

    My questions are How do you folks like your career choice? I am ready to do this stat but I just get a little nervous..The"fear of the unknown", I dont work on the floor I see post op Ortho cases 30-60 a day and I like it alot. I know you folks have more responsibilities that I may but I just dont know a whole lot about the career. I have been called Nurse, oh Nurse.....and I come and do whatever, draw blood, sut/stap removal etc. I have worked in Cardiology and Family Practice so I am familiar with all the "stuff" we deal with everyday I just dont know what happens after that.

    I am interested in talkin with some of you here....I would like to get any info I can. Since I have been doing this I have started my own lines, sutured to just a simple cast removal or band aid. I get told all the time that I am wasting my time here making 12.00 and hr....They say GO GET YOUR RN AND MAKE MORE MONEY! Then I say what do they do that I dont? I dunno he says.....we both laugh so that I why I am here. I hope I get some replies. I have a few other questions but I wait for those.

    I hope this post makes a little sense it is very late and my daughter is on my shoulder.

    Please leave me a reply I would love to chat with you.


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  3. by   joannep
    Hi Rob,
    I have been an rn for 20 years now and I would have to say I love the flexiblity it allows me.
    I can get a job anywhere in the country and anywhere in the world, and I have travelled when I was single.

    I work with a guy who is 40, and who graduated 2 years ago. He returned to study with the support of his wife and three little boys. Before doing nursing he worked in different jobs, driving trucks, cutting lawns, etc.

    Returning to study with a family is difficult, both in regards to time management and finances. With good ongoing family support and solid motivation you will do fine.

    Good luck,

  4. by   live4today
    Rob, if you are passionate about becoming a nurse, then don't let someone else rain on your parade! Follow your own heart and dance to the beat of your own drum, and don't let someone else influence what you feel so strongly about. Is your wife supportive? If she is, then no one elses opinion matters.
  5. by   nursemicke
    If you want to be an RN go for it. I was 54 when I graduated from St. Pete Junior College as an RN. You could start by taking one subject. Try Anatomy and physiology. It is a tough one. Pass it and you can pass it all. You have to get all your prerequistes done first before you can apply to the nursing program.
    PS I graduated with honors.
  6. by   prmenrs
    Go to the nearest, most convenient Jr. college. Get a catalog and start taking your prereq's. I suggest taking non-science stuff first so that when you start nursing courses, the sciences are FRESH in your mind. Also talk to them about financial aid--so you go to school more and work less. As a male, you are a minority in nursing, which may help for financial aid. If you're nervous, try one class--psychology is good. If you have other credits, have them evaluated for transfer. YOU CAN DO THIS!!
  7. by   P_RN
    It took me 12 years to get my RN. I was 30 with 2 kids under 6 when I finished. I say go for it, if that's what you want...then do it.

    You know the "stuff", now's the time to go learn the "whys and hows" that stuff comes about.

    Make that call, fill out that application and good luck.

    Keep asking questions, and you will go far.

  8. by   CANRN
    I was 46 when I graduated from ADN school. After getting abit burned out, I took a break from acute care and did some LTC...bad choice! lOL I am back in acute care and could not be happier. Nursing is diverse, I feel like a kid in a candy store, there is so much you can do with this degree. What amazes me is the money I make with only a two year degree!
    Right now, working on my MSN (RN-MSN program) and Can't wait to see what doors that opens for me.
    Go for it, you'll be glad you did!

  9. by   Rob_FL
    I appreciate the time you took to help me here.

    I am sure I want to do this.....I think I can squeeze it into my work schedule. They are somewhat flexible and I have already started makin arrangements for when I get into the actual program

    I can go to a comm college or there is a place Florida Hospital of Health Sciences. They offer the 2 yr RN and Nuc Med tech, Ultrasound etc. I also live right down the street the University of Central Florida.

    I have options but at this time I dont know which is the easiest to get into. I wanted to thank you all for the advice/wisdom


    Rob RMA/CMA
  10. by   mario_ragucci
    If you want to be a nurse (further your vocation) then you need to hasten your steps. It's not like going for a further degree in computer sciences or law, for example, where all you hafta do is apply and you get a seat. There are many folks who are going into nursing at this time, and many have BA's and MA's from other sciences you may be competing against for a seat.
    It's not like, "Okay, I want to be a nurse. Okay, here is your seat."
    When I decided to act, first I had to get all the prereq's under my belt. Then I had to consider plan A; plan B; and plan C because it was THAT competitive to get a seat. Even enrolling and getting a seat into the prereq science classes was tight. I had to register for them as soon as the scheduale came out. In some cases, i had to show up on the first day of class because the classes filled up hours after the on-line registration was available.
    In other words, i had to apply at several colleges because there was no guarantee of getting a seat, even with prereq's met.
    I made it into a community college that used a lottery.sys to select potential candidates. I found out it was a little more than a three to one shot getting in there! When I found out I made it, I cried in joy so much my face was wet :-)