Social sorority and nursing school.

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    I just wanted to get some views and opinions about being in a sorority and being in nursing school. I don't want this to vary off topic like some of my other posts have =) but I just want to know how someone in a social sorority, not Phi Theta Kappa, or Simga Theta Tau, but social sororities. Nothing against those that I listed, but those are more geared to nursing school and academics. I know my priorities and they are in order, so please don't try to lecture me on, well you should focus on school etc. I know. I know if that I see my schedule and I cannot do both, I'm definitely not going to let my school suffer. I know that there are some ladies on here who are in a social sorority who do both. So my question is how to do you manage your time? How does your sorority deal with your time committment in nursing school? How did you handle the related stress that comes along with being in a sorority. I'm asking these questions because I want to be more involved on campus and in the community of my school. I will be relocating to a different area and I would like to have an impact. And fyi, yes I am a mother of young child, and he is my first priority, then school and a sorority if I have time. Being a mother and a student is very challenging and might be difficult, but I know I can do it, so like I said, please dont let this drift to something its not. The particular sorority I have a strong interest in doesn't mind the fact that I'm a mother with a young child. I just want to know how you manage your time, how you focus on school. Do you attend all of the events that your sorority hosts, etc?


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  3. by   Blee O'Myacin
    You have a young child and are going to nursing school and want to be a part of a social organization that obligates a large chunk of your "spare" time? I can completely understand that you want the full, college experience, but will your child suffer from the lack of attention? Especially during "hell week" when you are pledging? Just a thought. But you should ultimately do what's best for you and your family.
  4. by   Prettyladie
    thanks for your post, but that is not answering my question. i do understand your concern. but im asking for people who are currently in a sorority and nursing school. thanks for your reply. and not every sorority is involved in "hell week". thanks for your post once again. also i dont think my child will suffer from lack of attention. i know mothers who actually bring their children to their social functions, like community service, church functions etc.
  5. by   roosmom
    While I can completely understand the need to socialize and occasionally blow off steam with friends while in nursing school, I don't know that you are setting realistic goals for yourself. Everyone has different priorities, and mine definitely are mine alone. But when I was in school, after taking care of my children and home along with schoolwork, clinicals and an actual job to afford all of the above, the last thing I had time or energy for would have been a sorority. I'm not trying to judge you, but when do you plan to spend time with your child between school and social obligations? Nursing school is no walk in the park, it really requires hard work and dedication, as does being a parent.

    Just my 2 cents, FWIW.
  6. by   WalkieTalkie
    My cousin is heavily involved in sorority life at her university, and she graduates this semester with her BSN. She has average/above average grades. She does seem busy a lot and does not have a child.
  7. by   Prettyladie
    thank you for your post roosmom. i never said nursing school was a piece of cake or cake walk. im just asking for somebody who is in a sorority and nursing school and how they balance time. thats it. and so far i havent gotten it lol. i will not be working during school, so that can take out of the added stress. And for the social obligations, he will be there. And ill spend time with him while im at home studying. i dont plan to interrupt my parenting. i dont know if thats how i should say it. but i plan to be the best mother i can regardless of my social activities and school. and let me add that i mean in a social sorority in graduate or undergraduate.
  8. by   RN1982
    It doesn't take one to be in a sorority to know that being in a sorority takes up a lot of your free time. My friend was in one while in school and she did not do well academically because almost all of her free time was devoted to the activities of the sorority. However, that's not to say that you won't do well. But you are a mother and you have to keep your priorities straight. Number 1 should be your child. Number 2 should be your schooling. Number 3 should be your job, if you are currently working. If it was me, being in a sorority would be the last thing on my priority list but you go ahead and do what you want.
  9. by   blt3535
    Hi! I think it is great if you can manage all of that and still get that college experience. I was in a sorority (not during nursing school), but had many friends that were premed,nursing,vet, all very hard majors and they managed to do just fine. A sorority in my honest opinion is "you get out what you put into it". And that is the honest truth. I myself did a ton of stuff, always busy, volunteering, on multiple organizations and teams. I played intramurals and did the different fraternity weeks, and I will tell you that it was the best time of my life, and I miss it a lot. Most of the time, sororities have sign up's for different things, so its whomever is able to participate at that time.

    Being in a sorority means a lot of different things to different people. Some say that I paid for my friends- but I say that I didn't pay enough if thats the case. Don't let anyone tell you all the stereotypical stuff about sororities- most don't realize that many of our leaders in this country were greek. Like I said, its what you put into it that counts.

    Time management is key. Pick the activities that you are most interested in and do those. You don't always have to be at the "house" or going out to the fraternity parties. Just participate the most that you are able to and realize that you don't have to do everything b/c you do have a child at home and school to worry about. But I will say, some of those girls will become your lifetime friends, and you will have memories to last a lifetime, plus there are always alumni activities to participate in afterwards.
    I say go for it!! Good Luck!
  10. by   Prettyladie
    turnleftside, it is my last priority. i already stated that. thank you for your post.
  11. by   TrailBlazerRN
    Ok, I'm obviously not in a sorority because I'm a guy, but some of my female best friends are. The only time conflicts that my friends have had was during pledging week where they had to do whatever their sisters asked. Otherwise, most of the sorority type stuff happens during the weekend nights (aka parties/drinking :beercuphe). The sorority does do some volunteer type stuff on occasion and the sisters have formed very close bonds with eachother.

    Honestly, I have not seen any conflicts with the workload of being a nursing student. However, I do see some conflicts in your situation considering that you have a young child who needs your love and attention. I don't know if you want to join a sorority for the drinking and parties, the close bonds, or whatever it may be, just keep your priorities in order (your child and education before the sorority). The duty of being a mom surpasses any of this and you want to make sure your child wont be impacted by any negative decisions.
  12. by   Prettyladie
    im definitely NOT interested in this sorority for the drinking and partying lol as for those events i will not attend. i went through the partying scene when i was a freshman, got burnt out quickly. im only asking these questions because the sorority in question is open to me being a mother, and are understandable about me missing some events and obligations to be with my child, and some events are "child-friendly" is how i put it. im asking about school and sorority. let me say again my priorties are in order, motherhood, school, anything else. =) thanks for everyones responses.
  13. by   RNKPCE
    You may not be getting a lot of responses because not that many people join sororities and go through nursing school. Put the parenting factor on top and not sure you can find anyone who can tell you how busy you are going to be. I wanted to join a sorority early on in college but I had to pay for it all myself and didn't have the funds. As it turns out my nursing class was like its own sorority. Long term friendships and bond were made with other students in my graduating class. We did volunteer work like blood pressure screenings and clothing drives. We even got together for drinks after a long week of clinicals. I have been out of school over 20 years and recently met for lunch with two of my old classmates. We made the effort even though we all live in different towns far from the college we went to. Try nursing school and parenting first then see if time permits to add a sorority.
  14. by   firechalice

    I'm a guy so not in a sorority but I know plenty of people who pledged and did just fine in school. Of course they didn't have children. Never the less being a mother does not negate being young. If you have a great support system at home and able to balance all of the demands, I say go for it! You are young once and these people will contribute to a lifetime of memories and open a world of possibilities in the future.

    I am 32 and finally deciding to pledge grad chapter. When I was younger I didn't have the time to pledge. I won't go through hell week but I will have to put in quite a bit of volunteer time. For me, its an opportunity to create a nationwide network and contribute to my field of interest--public health.

    Good luck!