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hi I just wanted to get some views and opinions about being in a sorority and being in nursing school. I don't want this to vary off topic like some of my other posts have =) but I... Read More

  1. by   tfleuter
    It was kind of offending and discriminating in my opinion,seemed like you were trying to assume that people have kids can not enjoy their youth and have to give up everything for the family.
    We don't have to give up everything, but we DO give up a lot, or at least we should. I married at 20, had my first at 21 and my second at 25 - all by choice. I have probably missed out on a lot of things that most 20-25 yrs olds do, but I have gained so much (more in my opinion) by putting my family first. Children deserve our time and as someone who has taken on the challenge of parenting, I gladly give as much as I can. I'm not all-sacrificing in any way, but the only things that I have committed to that require at lot of my time are school and work. These things only get that valuable time b/c I believe they are not only a benefit to myself, but ultimately my family. I do have time to go out with friends or date night with hubby, and I have hobbies too, but they are a smaller slice on my piechart of life, lol!

    I guess what I am saying is that I have giving up a lot of things for my family, BUT I still enjoyed my youth thus far and have no regrets
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    How is school and your child and the sorority going? I was just bumming around this thread, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Especially everyone jumping to conclusions about you being a selfish mother. GEEZ! I wish people would read the post first THOROUGHLY
  3. by   carrotstix
    I didn't read through all of these posts (because there are way too many!) but I was so surprised to see many people saying that nursing students are not usually in social sororities. In my program I would say at least half of my class was greek, including myself. I will say though, I cant think of anyone in any of the sororities in my school who had a child. That is truly unique.
  4. by   BabyLady
    Quote from Prettyladie
    nobody on this thread has offended me..well accept maybe one when she or he said that "i made that decision to not exprience college life when i had a child" or something like didnt really offend me..i just remember rolling my eyes. haha. but yeah i dont take too much of what yall say to heart but i do listen. in the end i know i will make a decision that is best for me, and my son.
    My advice?

    Focus on school and your son and let the sorority go.

    It is not going to be the fun and games and glamour that you think it is. 95% of the pledges will be 18 to 19 years are at the age where most women are already finished with school that choose to join sororities. Sororities demand time that women without children have..but very few women in a demanding major plus a child have.

    What are you going to do when they start asking for
    volunteers for charity events? Greek Week? Mandatory mixers? Rush week alone...I cannot even begin to tell you how that will suck up your time...the week you pledge and every year after that. We used to stay in a room until 2:00 a.m. going through pledge prospects before getting back up for classes the next morning at 8:00 a.m.

    Trust me...I understand the appeal...I really do. However, while the sorority in question may claim they don't have a problem with you having a child, 99% of them do and even that remains to be seen until you receive a bid to pledge. Members of other sororities, of which you will be socializing with as well, may not be so accepting and when you go to mixers with the fraternities (which for many of them WILL be mandatory if they receive a formal invite) are you going to deal with the fact that you have a child among a group of young women who are 99% childless. is not going to be as you have it envisioned...I am not trying to be discouraging but just trying to get you to see that you will be sacrificing your school and time with your precious son...time you will never, ever get back.
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    Old thread. I wonder how the OP is doing?