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  1. All my instructors use powerpoints. I really enjoy some of them. The teachers that just have bullets, and then explain the bullets, are better. That is the proper way to use a powerpoint....you can't just write everything down. It's way too boring. I know that senior year, we won't have powerpoints though.
  2. cicatrixx15

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    I went to go get my CPR certification and the RN instructor with 20 years experience holding an MSN said "sternoclastoid"..........I was like wow, just skipped over the middle part of the word. LOL
  3. cicatrixx15

    Time of the month in light colored scrubs

    So I ordered one last month and this is the second month I've used it. I've gotta say.....I love it! I don't have smelly trash anymore, I don't have to spend money on tampons and pads every month (because of course tampons by themselves always tend to leak, and I can't use them either on light days.) I'm so glad I ordered one. Ladies, you should try it. It's only like 25 dollars. Tampons also made me cramp really bad and hurt when I pulled them out. The DivaCup doesn't hurt at all because it's made of silicone so it's soft and pliable. I will NEVER switch back to tampons and pads. Another perk is going green:)
  4. cicatrixx15

    Do you donate blood?

    Last time I donated was in high school years ago.
  5. cicatrixx15

    Study tips for Microbiology

    If you have to do self teaching, it's very useful to make an out line as you read with the key points. Then the second time you read you can go over your outline simultaneously. It helps to organize information in this fashion. That way when you read a question, you can remember where in was in your outline visually and know what's around it. That's how I do it anyway. Hope this helps!
  6. cicatrixx15

    CSU Columbus State University

    Yeah, that's what most people do. That was my plan, but I got my days mixed up and couldn't reschedule it till this calender year and I worried my butt off that I would fail and not be able to get in this year. After the test I was like.......um why was I worried? It was like a high school test. LOL I made like a 95 on it. Don't sweat it. It really is super easy. I don't even know why it is required if there's no vocab or aandp or chem on it.
  7. cicatrixx15

    CSU Columbus State University

    You have to have passed it before the selection process. You can only take it once per calendar year though, so if you fail it the same year you apply you won't be eligible.
  8. cicatrixx15

    CSU Columbus State University

    The HESI is super easy for columbus state. The only parts that were tested were math, english, and reading. No A&P, no vocab, or chem. I bought the study guide and it is a total waste of money. I had Bs in all my science courses except Chem 2 I had an A. I had an A in Stat. I'm not sure how competitive the programs are at col tech. The only C's I had were old credits from English 1 and 2 Chem 1 and Psych (which I had taken 8 years ago.) I retook Psych and Chem1 and I kept the Cs for English, because I hated English and I didn't want to retake them. LOL
  9. cicatrixx15

    Anyone really really desperate and needing a job?

    I start the program in the fall. YAY!
  10. cicatrixx15

    CSU Columbus State University

    I took World Lit with Dr. **** and loved her class. There's reading homework for every class period but it's never more than 30 to 50 pages. The quizzes over them were simple if you read and it made the class an easy A. I had Stat with ***. SHe's super hard to understand because she's Chinese. If you can get past that she's pretty good. There isn't a good teacher for Chem 1 really, but **** better than ****. Dr. **** is really GREAT for CHem 2 and his class is hard to get into because everybody knows it:) Any other questions? I'd be glad to answer:)
  11. cicatrixx15

    dear patients, please quit saying that to me

    Until you try to buy alcohol and are forced to give a second ID because "this can't be you". LOL You don't look 26!! You look like you're in high school! Blah, blah, blah. It doesn't irritate me that bad, but it just gets tiring hearing it all the time. I remember being on an international flight and ordering a bloody mary, and the flight attendant asked to see my id. She looked at me looked at it looked at me........gave me the drink. Then asked another flight attendant for my second bloody mary, and he looked at me and said I know you're of age but you just don't look it! How in the world would he know if the other woman hadn't have told him, or looked at the passenger info? I was like yea, I am......give me the drink:)
  12. cicatrixx15

    Anyone really really desperate and needing a job?

    Sounds great:) I really like it here. My family is military, too and I absolutely love Columbus State University. I used to go to a university with 30,000 people. It's nice to go to a school that is a lot smaller.
  13. cicatrixx15

    Anyone really really desperate and needing a job?

    What made you want to come to Columbus, GA if you don't mind me asking? Oh wait.....military right?
  14. cicatrixx15

    CSU Columbus State University

    I was told that last year everyone with a 3.11 and above got in and the year before that it was a 3.2 ish. This year I think is probably about the same. There are about 150 applicants and about 90 are accepted is what I have been told. What is your current GPA?
  15. cicatrixx15

    Celebrate Your Fall 2010 Acceptances Here!!!

    We pay for it. We have to pay for a background check and a drug test.
  16. cicatrixx15

    CSU Columbus State University

    Sounds great! Can't wait to start:)