1. I think we all know smoking is bad for us. Even if we do it, but should any place be able to not hire a smoker? I understand no smoke breaks and no smoking on the grounds. But you can't work here because you smoke at home! What do you think?
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  3. by   wildhoney
    If you're referring the other thread in regards to pot smoking (and I'm not sure if you are), the two can't be compared. Smoking cigarettes is not against the law. If that ever happened then cig smokers, I guess, would be breaking the law and yeah they shouldn't be smokin' at work, but it's not against the law. Therefore, you can smoke at work and at home.

    Cigarette smoking is a different than pot smoking. I don't think the former would interfere with your intellectual faculties.

    When we're talking about something that is an illegal substance vs something that isn't....well, it's pointless.

    Smoke at home but don't come to work high ( I guess). Smoke your cigs on your breaks/lunch-- it's not illegal.
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  4. by   JeannieM
    At a facility where I recently worked, the hospital was nonsmoking, so the smokers would line up outside the entrances or in the atrium on their breaks. One had to run the "smoke gauntlet" to get to work! I actually passed a pair of visitors and heard one saying to the other, "See, they must be lying about smoking being bad for you. Look at all the nurses and doctors out there doing it!" Whether we like it or not, we lead by example.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Never have been a smoker, I can't say I know how they feel. However, I won't cover for someone who takes a smoke break "so they can relax", when I can't even find enough time to sneak to the bathroom.
  6. by   bhart
    I have a real problem with this - what are they going to tell you that you can't do on your own time next? Extramarital sex, abortion?? The last time I checked, smoking (tobacco) is not illegal. I don't have a problem with an employer telling me that I can't smoke on his/her property, but on my own time - I think not.
  7. by   AngieH2
    I'm talking about cigarettes,and this hospital will not even look at an applicant if they smoke! And all people must undergo nicotine screening (serum) and I just can't understand why.
  8. by   petiteflower
    I am a smoker, and yes, I do smoke on my breaks (when I get them) at work in the designated area. I have been told that people that smoke take more frequent breaks and are not as productive---not that I agree, because I am not going to let my patient care suffer so I can smoke. I think it sounds discriminatory and next thing you know they will be screening your weight, sex life, etc. With the shortage of nurses today, policies like that are not going to benefit anyone. It's okay to say that you cannot smoke at work--but at home, my time is my own, and if I choose to smoke I will smoke. I would not work for a facility that imposed that--even as a non smoker.
  9. by   Gomer
    Smokers are not protected by any state or federal anti-discrimination laws. So, yes, I would say that an employer has the right not to hire a smoker. (I'm guessing that the employer is using the "they will cost us more in health premiums because they smoke". Or possibly it is a religious issue, as there are certain religions that do not allow smoking (or drinking).

    Suggest you move on and find another place to probably wouldn't be happy there anyway.

    Oh, and I smoke...and have for a long, long time....Yes, I know it's killing me, but so would a bus if I walked in front of it...which I would do without a smoke!
  10. by   mattsmom81
    I don't smoke, but I definitely eat too much thus am is my addictive substance...LOL!.

    Is this what is coming next? Can't get hired because we're over ideal weight? I think all the smokers being denied jobs should consult an attorney...this sounds like an unfair labor practice to me, but then again I'm not up on all these laws..

    Must not be much of a nursing shortage in these parts if they can get this picky, eh? .
  11. by   Rustyhammer
    and to think...cigarettes, booze and snicker bars are legal and pot isn't.
    What a strange world we live in eh?
  12. by   joyrochelle
    the only thing i can think of as far as not wanting to hire smokers is when a staff member returns from a smoke break and is kinda smoky-stinky...

    i myself have smoked for ..too long, and am just a social smoker now ( drink in one hand, smoke in the other)

    but my girlfriends smoke at clinical. They always smell so bad when they come back to the unit, even if they spray that "bubble gum, apple freesia lilac pudding etc" good stinkum all over the place...blech.

    i know that if i were ill and hospitalized i would be pi*sed if my nurse came back to my room all smelly.

  13. by   NRSKarenRN

    My guess is that smokers later in life occur more medical expenses hence they want to minimize Medical insurance costs they would be paying out....
    I'd look elsewhere, who knows what else they will look at down the line...possibly obesity???
  14. by   tlc7116
    I agree with TraumaRUs. I have never been a smoker, and it is difficult for me to cover for someone who wants to take a break to smoke. I think nurses should set a good example for patients. If you are educating a pt about not smoking, it is probably not appropriate for you to smell like smoke while you are lecturing him/her about quiting. As a nurse, you know the risks to smoking, and that alone should be enough to quit. But, I don't think a facility has the right not to hire you if you are a smoker.