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What would you all do about a co-worker with an odor problem? This gal LOOKS clean but she smells BAD. The beginning of the shift is fine, the middle of the shift and things get bad. I see her... Read More

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    Quote from Bipley
    I seriously have to thank folks here. When I first posted my "issue" I was thinking that there was no way in he!! that I could post about vaginal odor.

    You folks made me realize how wrong I was. Now... after months and months I have the tools I need to help this young women.

    How does someone thanks others for this? It can't be done, not adequately. Best I can do is... thanks!
    No, Bipley.......... thank YOU.
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    DO NOT print this out for her. The last thing she needs is to know that this was posted and bandied about. I believe the intent from everyone here is to help with the problem, but it would be crushing for her to know about this. Handle it privately, quietly, gently, and if she cannot handle it back off. She knows about the problem and may or may not appreciate help. All you can do is try to help and if it is not desired or to hurtful for her back the heck off. I am glad you are trying to help, but please do not ever let her know about this thread. That would just be adding insult to injury. While I am the 1st to always appreciate handling adversity with humor, even if tacky at times, I believe it has no place in this particular situation. This is a hugely personal and sensitive matter.

    You are very correct. This is personal. Yet, is it too personal for her to be be told that she is not alone? In my previous post I related. You are right, this is a cunundrum! Okay, so printing out any of our posts could definately backfire.

    How about sharing some links to support groups for bv, (I was so relieved when I found them and discovered that others had the same shame and so on). Here is a link to some information

    Here also is link to many discussions in listserv format including several from fellow bv sufferers.

    If you like, feel free to pm me to get my email addy to share with the person, if she is receptive to your assistance.

    Good luck,
    p.s. links to support groups, yet, since my husband and I both got treated I pretty much stopped reading any of the bv support but, I know it is an emotional roller coaster, share these with your coworker, if in fact, these are appropriate, (along with the above links too)
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    Quote from Hairstylingnurse
    Hi Soldierswife,

    ... If you are at work and wearing pants, panties, and smelled very clean at begining of shift, then how are you going to go that rank smelling in an 8 hour shift unless your a prostitue that is working with a major prostitue shortage(sorry thats the only analagy I could come up with)...

    Hi there hairstyle,

    I sure missed your point but, hope you are joking your butt off here honey. Anyone of us who is suffering from untreated BV can go from fresh to rank in just hours...hmph! Shoot or even if it was trichomoniasis which is a std, who cares! You don't label people for catching the flu do you?

    Tell me you are kidding, yet, if you are that judgemental then rest assured, I will abstain from replying to any more analogies from hairstylingnurse.

    All in respect,
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    Quote from michelle126
    Hey....could we close this thread and open a new one with the "results" of your meeting/ confrontation? Inquiring minds want to know!!
    You know,
    I would feel pretty bad if this thread did get closed. Many here are sharing form care and concern. The numbscull remarks from narrow minded fools are not detracting the rest of us from the initial discussion, (which was laden with compassion and non judgement).

    I am sending you and your co worker loads of well wishes.

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    Quote from michelle126
    Hey....could we close this thread and open a new one with the "results" of your meeting/ confrontation? Inquiring minds want to know!!
    I second that motion!
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    This thread is closed for cooling off. I remind everyone here to stick to the subject at hand and refrain from flaming others per Terms of Service.
    Bipley: Please start a new thread when you can, to let us know how it went ok??? Thanks.
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