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I was wondering if any of you have ever actually witnessed sleep paralysis in a patiant while on duty? We have a young lady staying with us at the moment, and she went to bed last night and... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    A few years ago my husband and I went to visit his family down in Oklahoma. We stayed at his parents house and slept in the same bedroom that he shared with his brother growing up.

    One night, in the wee hours, I was awakened out of a sound sleep. As soon as I woke up I felt like there was something really evil in the room with us and it was watching us. I could open my eyes and look around but I was so terrified to move that I just laid there. I eventually fell back to sleep again although it was quite a while later.

    That is the first and last time anything like that has happened to me and I generally don't have sleep problems like nightmares, or trouble falling asleep, etc. The only way I can describe it is a feeling of Absolute Terror. It was awfu.

    The weird thing is that when we made it back home to Pittsburgh and I finally told my husband what had happened to me he said that the same exact thing happened to him too, but on another night.

    So, I don't know if it really was some form of night terror / paralysis or if there really was something evil lurking around.

    I have seen T.V. documentaries on "Alien Abductions" and the "Supernatural" where sleep experts and psychiatrists say that a lot of "night time abductions" and such are really just sleep paralysis and hallucinations because the stories of abduction have a lot in common with symptoms of sleep paralysis like feeling paralysis, feeling that someone else is in the room with you, hallucinations, and great feelings of terror.

    What ever it was I've never been so scared in my life! Feel bad for those that have this happen to them often.
  2. by   donmurray
    Many years ago, I had a similar experience while working on night duty. It was on a long-stay psychiatric ward, (those patients are all in the community nowadays) all the patients slept all night, and nothing much happened. My colleague went off for their break, leaving me sitting reading at a low light in the middle of the ward. It was around 3am, and the only sound was the clock ticking on the dayroom wall. Sometime after, the night charge came onto the ward, on her rounds. Normal practice was to rise and meet her, and discuss any problems away from the patient area. I was frozen in place in the chair. I listened as she walked down the ward, but could not even turn my head. Thinking I was asleep, she walked all around the chair before speaking. I still couldn't move, but she realised that I was aware of her being there. She sat down by me, and spoke to me, rubbing my hand until I gradually came out of it. Her explanation matched Dennie's, reassuring a confused student nurse.
  3. by   live4today
    Originally posted by Tzu

    Hi NurseExplorer,
    I've also read that this paralysis thing happens more when people are on their backs. Don't know how true that is, as Satine says she has had it happen when she is on her side. Oh well, it was interesting reading all this.
    There must be something to the sleeping on the back thing because each time it happened to me, I was sleeping on my back. I was afraid to sleep on my back for a long time after it first occurred. However, I recall a couple of times when it happened to me lying on my stomach when I felt a 'presence' bearing down on me as if trying to suffocate me. My husband was overseas at the time, and I wasn't sleeping good at all during the night. I thought I was simply overstressed and fearful of being alone nights without him. Perhaps, but what about all the other times?

    When I was ten years old and it happened, an angel appeared by my bedside. That was the only time it turned out to be pleasant for me.

    I also dream of relatives dying, or getting injured, or coming up pregnant or something, and lo and behold...they die, get injured, or turn up pregnant or something. eerie is right. On my mother's side of the family, the females tend to have this tendency to dream these dreams that come true. I've even dreamed of the sex of a child, and it turned out to be true. Hmmmmmm....
  4. by   NurseDennie
    Ah, but Renee, that's a whole different thing! I have prescient dreams a lot. If I lose a tooth in a dream, I lose a friend or relative. If I have a dream more than once, it happens not long after that. I'm almost never wrong about what the sex of an unborn baby is (unrelated to dreams). I don't know what the answer to that is.


  5. by   live4today
    Originally posted by NurseDennie
    Ah, but Renee, that's a whole different thing! I have prescient dreams a lot. If I lose a tooth in a dream, I lose a friend or relative. If I have a dream more than once, it happens not long after that. I'm almost never wrong about what the sex of an unborn baby is (unrelated to dreams). I don't know what the answer to that is.


    Hmmmmm...prescient dreams, eh? I've also been visited by dead relatives who have actually spoke to me. Only one spoke to me while I was very alert, crying over having lost her, and just before we left for the church for her funeral service. She was my favorite Aunt Mary. I was sitting on my living room couch crying. I looked up to see her standing across the room in a corner facing me with the most gentle smile and peaceful look on her face. She told me everything would be alright, to let go. I was stunned and speechless the entire time, but once her spirit disappeared from the room, I was so calm. Even at the funeral I was calm and didn't cry because I felt her presence around me. I was only in my early twenties when she passed and she was much like a real mom to me..more so than my real mother. Also, when my former M-I-L passed, about six months after her passing, I was asleep on the sofa. It was about five in the morning when I was awakened by a presence over me. I couldn't speak or move. It was my M-I-L leaning over me telling me everything was going to be alright, for me not to worry so much. I had been divorced from her son about 18 months at that point. I dreamed my paternal grandfather had been taken to the hospital because there was blood everywhere on him. I called my oldest sister and told her the dream. The next day, I received a call that he was in the hospital with internal bleeding and wasn't going to make it. He died that week at the age of 89. Hmmmmmm....eerie still. I have so many of these true stories to tell, but when I tell them to people, they look at me as if they are afraid I'll tell them something about themselves. Of course, I never do, but I have such strong feelings within me that tell me things I sometimes wish I wouldn't be forewarned about. I've heard if you dream about yourself in color, that means you are going to die. I haven't had a dream like that yet. Every dream I have with me in it is black and white. Has anyone heard of this? Also, I keep having these dreams where I am flying around earth and the sky on a horse. There are horses all around me, even when I'm not on one. I can be seen one minute, and fly incognito the next. I wonder why I'm having these dreams. I dreamt horses attacked our town that I was living in, and one came to get me, and my youngest daughter told the horse boldly that I couldn't go with it, and it got angry and charged the house, only members of a swat team came to my rescue and saved me. Okay, classify me a real nut case for sure. Go ahead...I'm out of here...
  6. by   nursejws
    I've had some odd dreams lately. I have high anxiety about my Biology mid-term on Friday, so I'm not in bed early, and feel so unprepared. Lastnight I dreamed that I was with a friend and her mother (no idea who these people were) and we were doing something and getting all stressed about it, so I suggested we go for a drive and see the city lights. We were going around I-20 and this lady decided to take a leap off the bridge, with all of us in the car, we ended up crashing. While none of us were killed, she and her daughter decided they were going to sue MY insurance company because I suggested we go for a drive!

    I've mentioned that last year my Dad and Grandma passed away six months apart. Well, my Grandma had a lot of pyrex (corning ware type dishes) dishes she used and my Mom split the dishes between my sister and me. A few weeks ago I dreamed about my Grandma and I talking about these dishes. She had the most beautiful white evening gown on, and she was telling me which cabinet to put the dishes in. I was asleep, and I'm a deep sleeper - once she told me which cabinets to put the dishes in, I actually got up out of bed and started heading for the kitchen when I realized what was going on.
  7. by   ruffhouser
    I know that this is off the original topic, but someone mentioned something similar on one of the above posts. Have any of you ever taken care of a patient right before they pass away and they tell you that there is someone there to escort them "to the other side"? This has happened to several nursing friends of mine.
  8. by   DixieKGirl
    I have had many problems in my sleep, and I always thought I was alone and must be crazy! I'm just a pre-nursing student, so I'm probably a good bit younger than most others here. I was just reading the forums because they're so interesting, but after reading this one I HAD to reply. I have the twitch before I fall asleep almost regularly. It's been a while since I've had the sleep paralysis though. The most vivid one I can remember happened my first year here at college (about a year ago). I was in my room trying to go to sleep, and all the lights were out (I didn't have a nightlight at the time). I heard the door creak open and then close, and when I opened my eyes it was still dark in the room. I could only see shadows, but I heard someone breathing, and I could also hear clothes swishing like someone was walking towards me. I tried to scream for my roommate (we had separate bedrooms) but nothing would come out. I started hyperventilating and my eyes filled with tears, and I pinched them shut out of fear - I just knew that an evil man was in my room and had a knife and was going to kill me. I felt cold metal against my neck, and suddenly I could move again. I screamed, grabbed my neck, and shoved myself into the corner of the bed/wall. My roommate of course came running, and my bedroom door was still locked. It was so real to me at the time, but afterward it was obvious nothing had happened. I just told her I had a nightmare, but similar things have happened since - I'll feel bugs crawling all over me and when I can move again I start slapping myself all over trying to get them off; usually I just sense an evil man in my room. The only time in years I've actually gotten a good night's sleep has been when I stayed at my boyfriend's house - even though he's way down the hall on the couch (b/c his parents are there ). It's like I rest easy because I know I'm protected and that no strange evil men can get to me? Maybe I should marry him to ward off evil spirits!
    Just a couple of months ago I went on a retreat with about 20-25 other girls. We stayed at a classic camp with bunk beds, and I was VERY tired, but I couldn't go to sleep. I just knew that something terrible was going to happen and I would need to be awake. I wasn't paralyzed, but I layed there worrying about whether the doors had been locked and if the windows were safe. But of course I couldn't get up and check - I'd be wondering around in the dark and the boogieman would get me anyway!
    I've also had dreams that came true. When I was very young (like 6 or 7) I would dream about regular every-day things. I remember one night I dreamed that I helped my dad put up a new white bird house with a red roof. The next week he comes home with a bird house - white with a red roof, asking me to help him put it up. When I was 9 I dreamed that I was thrown off a horse, I even remember telling my brother the next day that I had flown across the dirt "like superman". When I was 14, I was riding a horse (running for the first time) and he threw me off - when I landed, my reflexes threw my arms out in front of me to protect me from whatever I may slide into (other than horse poop), and it was like deja vous (sp?) - I was sliding through the dirt like superman. Even as it was happening, before I stopped sliding, the dream I'd had was running through my mind. One Thanksgiving I was at my grandmother's house, and before I fell asleep I felt the urge to write a poem about death from the point of view of the dead person - the next day we got a phone call that my grandmother's sister had passed away. Stuff like this kinda freaks me out when it happens. I've never actually told anyone because I'm so shy. I suppose in a way I still haven't told anyone since none of you know me, but I wonder sometimes if I'm crazy and should be receiving medical treatment! Do you think stress is what causes the "strange man in the room" paralysis stuff? How DO you bring up something like this to your doctor? I really like your quote Jeri, because in fear I really am only half-living my life.
  9. by   live4today are not losing your mind, nor do you need help for such. However, if you feel talking to a therapist regarding the constant thoughts of an evil man being near you, etc., you may want to pursue that to find out what is behind that. That is enough to be concerned about. Otherwise, I think most human beings have dreams and thoughts during sleep, sometimes half asleep, or even premonitions of things occurring. Do what you must to protect your sanity and yourself. Whatever it takes for you to feel secure, by all means, give it a shot! (((hugs)))
  10. by   Tzu
    Originally posted by DixieKGirl
    I have had many problems in my sleep, and I always thought I was alone and must be crazy!
    Hi Dixie,

    There are different ways of dealing with this. I think a doctor would treat from an anxiety angle and give you something to relax you or whatever.

    There is also the option of deliverence through the church which some people choose to have. I personally prefer this route as I am a christian and prefer to have as little medication in my body as possible for health reasons.

    With deliverence, it is not as bad as it sounds. They merely help you to close doors that you may have opened into your life, allowing in demons. Even this is not as horrific as it sounds once you understand what it is all about and come to accept Jesus as your saviour. The power in the name of Jesus can bring healing and deliverence without a doubt, I have experienced this. I've had it for nightmares and curses. I have had the sleep paralysis three times but with no visions of anything. I have had plenty of nightmares where demons are involved. I actually recognise them in my dream as just that. Also it is taught by a lot of churches anyway, that the ability to predict future events is of a demonic source. The power to do that doesn't come from God, so one must ask where then? Once again, can be very easily dealt with by having deliverence through the name of Jesus.

    The only thing is, if deliverence is done on someone who is not saved, the Bible says the demons can come back seven fold! So you would want to give it all a lot of thought, as effective and permanent deliverence entails converting to Christianity and making Jesus your corner stone in life, whereby, you believe and trust Him so much, that should you have a problem in the night, just calling out loud on His name, will immediately stop the problem and re-assure you.

    Deliverence can also deal with 'voices and visions', both believed to be of demonic origin. So from a Christian point of view, you are perfectly normal (not crazy), just being harrassed by demons who need to be told to push off!

    From a medical point of view, you are a disturbed person who possibly needs to be put on medication for anxiety or whatever. We are taught as Christians, that ALL infirmaty comes from the devil and once again, there are healings taking place in various parts of the world simply through the name of Jesus. I know of enough cases, once again, myself being one.

    And even if you don't go the route of the church or even to your doctor, you may find that as time goes on, these problems go away on their own, that can also happen. Try not to focus on them and think about them. 'REFUSE' the fear, no harm will come to you really. It's just a bit exhausting and not to mention scarey, to keep having your sleep disturbed by these unpleasant happenings. But I have never heard of anyone being harmed by them, only frightened.
  11. by   colleen10
    Hi everyone,

    This has turned into quite the thread.

    Dixie - I don't think you are crazy. The stress in your life just comes out in your sleep through your dreams. If it really is bothersome for you and it happens frequently, I would go see a counselor or something. Sleep should be your time to calm down and rest. Not upsetting.

    I know that when I am stressed out about certain things it comes through in my sleep although not in quite the same way that yours does. I will have these really off the wall dreams that don't make sense but I in my dream I will feel the way I do in the day. Like if I feel work is out of control, that's how I'll feel in my dream.

    As far as preminisions in dreams I will relay this story because it actually just happened last week.

    Last Wednesday morning my husband and I got up and ready to go to work. When I was getting ready to head out the door he told me that he had a really bad nightmare the night before and that in the dream his father had died. He was really shaken up by it because his father is in his 70's and his mother is out of the country visiting relatives and so he is at home by himself. So, before he left for work he tried calling his father but couldn't get anyone.

    That afternoon we got a call that his nephew (his father's grandson) was killed in a car accident on Tuesday evening.

    Very creepy...................
  12. by   GPatty
    Night Terrors?????
    Now that reminds me of something my oldest daughter used to do when she was still little, about 5-6. About 11pm, every night, she would come down the stairs screaming like crazy! Then, try to get on the trash can in the kitchen to go to the bathroom! Every night, I would have to guide her to the bathroom, and get her set on the toilet. She would go, but still not be awake.
    One night, I carried her back to bed, tucked her in, and she started screaming, "No Mommy! Don't make me go back in there! The monster is in there! Not in the store!" I shook her, slapped her face (not as hard as in the movies though) and she still wouldn't wake up. I ended up just holding her till she calmed down and was resting peacefully. I don't know if I did the right thing or not, but that was almost 20 years ago.
    Does this sound like anyone else's problem?

  13. by   Tzu
    Originally posted by colleen10
    That afternoon we got a call that his nephew (his father's grandson) was killed in a car accident on Tuesday evening.

    Very creepy...................
    Very sad colleen. Must have been quite a shock, especially after a dream like that.

    I was once dreaming in the morning just before I got up, that my dad had been fired. I woke up and he walked in from nightshift about 10 minutes later and told my mom he had been suspended for giving his boss a mouthful. Weird!