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cincinnati alliance hospitals in the local paper, it was announced that cincinnati alliance hospitals are now offering 30k for cardiac nurses..has an amount like this being offered in anyone... Read More

  1. by   JMP

    The rate I quoted was in Canadian dollars........but then everthing else here is in Canadian dollars too, like rent food gas etc.

    I do work at a great hospital.........and I quite like the support, consideration and back up we as nurses get.

    However, I do have this need to satisfy ........ an adventure. But I am not ready yet to make up my mind and leave this great country or my current position......... I am still thinking it over.

    They would scoop you up in a NEW YORK MINUTE Hoolahan!
  2. by   hoolahan
    LOL JMP! I would really miss my old folks I see now. I have 2 senior buildings next to each other, and it is so funny, when it is hot outside, all the folks like to sit on benches in front or in a pretty little gazebo by the parking lot. I walk by, and I know almost everyone, they look at each other and say, she's your nurse too? It's great. I couldn't give it up , no matter how ridiculous my home health paperwork is, they are worth it!! I have one guy who has a jazzy chair, and he zoomed up to my car yesterday as I was pulling in to say "Hi." It's fun, very very hot in the buildings, but I love these folks! It's like having 20 more grandparents w/o any family arguments! LOL!
  3. by   Dplear
    50 K at McCallen Texas is being offered......2 year contract...but let me tell you McCallen is an armpit of a town to say the least.
    I worked a travel contractr there before...

  4. by   CC NRSE
    i just finished a travel contract in corpus. mccallen was offering a bonus just for travel even then( when i took my assignment). you could not pay me enough to work there. i have heard some horror stories about that place!!!!
  5. by   moonrose2u

    praytell, how did you get 50K? what's your specialty?
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  7. by   grnvillechick
    I am located in Montgomery,Alabama---we have 3 hospitals city wide--2 of them owned by the same system....they are paying 3-5K sign on bonuses...and 2K recruitment Bonuses...I did the sign on for a year---yep they hit you in taxes---and after that I went PRN...and if I chose to work 3 12 hr shifts a week---I would make 50K a lie. The hospital I am at is 95 RN positons down. I have a friend moving here who is a 23 yr exp RN---yep ..she will get a sign on, I will get the recruitment bonus. It is plain nuts...but in this time of is the well deserved milk and honey period for nurses.
    Why dont they sink the cash into thier full time RNs????fools...then no one would leave. They have to pay bonuses just to get the nurses to come in extra. Insanity...and after being full time for the last ten years, this prn gig is the way to go girls!!! You can plan your work around your life...not your life around your work schedule!!! If you can do it....DO IT!!!!...and if you move to Montgomery..remember me !!!!
  8. by   shay
    Originally posted by moonrose2u

    praytell, how did you get 50K? what's your specialty?
    I didn't take, was offered it. The location was too remote for my hubby to get a job there. It was for OB or Peds nurses. If you want the name of the hospital, I'll tell you...
  9. by   ERNurse752
    There was a hospital in my area offerring $14K sign-on bonuses for ER/OR/ was tied to a 3 year committment.
    They quit doing it soon after they started though, b/c the existing staff got pi**ed off and started leaving in droves.

    I took a sign-on bonus after I graduated...$2400 paid over 12 months, tied to a one year committment. But I'd already been at that hospital for 3 1/2 years, so I figured one more wouldn't kill me. If I broke the committment, I didn't have to pay anything back , I just wouldn't get the not too bad of a deal.

    I don't think I'd ever make a committment for over a year, and not even that if I didn't know what I was getting into...

    More money = more desperate!
  10. by   MHN
    We have just completed Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA)= contract rates with pay rises for next 2yrs.
    this was negotiated by Nurses Union with hospital staff on an EBA commitee.We got $1500 bonus when agreement signed for full time staff and proportional amount for part time staff.This was a good outcome for all as it was not just for new staff but current employees as well.
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  11. by   bmatous
    There are hospitals out there that do pay retention bonuses instead of recritment bonuses. The philosphy of that (and the literautre support) states that it works as both a rectruitment and retention tool. If you are interested and "re-locatable," look around - those places are out there!
  12. by   uncRN
    we're trying something new @ my facility.....a RETENTION bonus! every four months....this has been approved through 2003....and will be re-evaluated @ that time.....i've received two so far, they come in pretty handy...
  13. by   kybluefan
    I am a nurse at one of the Alliance hospitals mentioned in this thread. Yes, it is true that they are offering a 30K sign on bonus. This applies ONLY to Cath lab nurses. Nurses in other units are NOT welcome to transfer to cath lab. You have to be a new grad, existing cath lab nurse, or come from another hospital. They have to commit to a 3 year contract. It is not pro rated, so if they choose to leave within that time, they pay all of the bonus back. There are many strings attached such as not being able to decrease their hours, and not getting any type of dicsiplinary action (calling in sick too much) etc during the contract. I personally don't know what life is going to throw in my direction in the next 3 years, and would not think about signing a contract such as this. I would not want to be anyone's trained animal for 3 years....

    Secondly, they made the mistake of not offering any bonus to tele nurses or ICU nurses....we are already short in all of these units. Where are these Cath patients going to go when they are done with their procedures? I know many nurses who are now looking for other jobs with hospitals and agencies just to get out of this enviornment. I for one am now interviewing with is good and you are treated as staff in many of the local hospitals.

    Thirdly, one of the hospitals involved in this bonus is a union hospital....they are renegotiating contracts for their nurses this summer. Good for them!!!! Now they have the proof that the hospital has 30K to throw around many times over...I bet those nurses get their share of the wealth in that institution. Sorry about the vent. I just wanted to get in my two cents and share some thoughts on what these huge bonuses do to the nurses who are excluded and to the patients who depend on these nurses to care for them.