should i go for my bsn

  1. Reason I am asking is because I am an and rn. Everytime I read these boards, they say you would be better off getting a bsn. Also a lot of threads are saying hospitals only want bsn b/c that's how the markets work right? The south seems to me to buck that trend bacause all I ever see are hospitals hiring lpns. Ads even say "lpn only" and no rns need apply. Wouldn't it be a total waste on my part to get a bsn. if you think about it,wouldn't the market want cheaper labor (lpns) rather than more expensive bsns? In my old state they only wanted bsns in hospitals. Soo isn't it overall confusing?
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  3. by   doodoobutter
    wouldnt BSN mean higher pay then?
  4. by   smartnurse1982
    Should also add in this state lpns can push iv meds. I have seen cnas do assessments, give insulin, and serve as administrators in assisted living. They had cnas giving out meds with no nurse present at all, not even an on call nurse. My sister works at this very place. I don't know if others are this way in this state but the state ombudsman has been called numerous times and nothing has been done
  5. by   nicole109
    I guess it depends on where you live and what the trend in that area is...I don't see RN with BSN getting paid more in Maryland where I live, we don't tend to use LPN in the hospital setting, and most of the job postings now are for RN with BSN, but my honest opinion on that is so that nurses won't come there seeking tuition reimbursement to get their BSN, because you didn't see that prior to the economy crash. I don't think that a BSN is going to "make" you a better nurse, your clinical skills will do that, so if you have the extra cash to get your BSN, go ahead--or I can give you my address and you can send it my way =)
  6. by   RN <><
    I think it is a personal choice. My personal choice is to stay with my ADN only because I am close to forty and am sick of school. The BSN nurses that I know who work at this particular hospital complain that they only get less than a dollar more for their extra effort. So now they are moving on to their masters degree. It's interesting that you say they only hire LPNs because when I was going into school I wanted to be an LPN but people talked me out of it because they said that the hospitals are weaning LPNs out and that was over 8 years ago (goes to show you really cant listen to what people think). So overall just do what you feel that you are being called to do.
  7. by   mcknis
    LPNs in some areas are being phased out of hospital settings, but it just depends on the area. We still use them at my work place and love having them around! RNs with ADN, BSN, or MSN are still RNs. It doesn't matter the degree, but it can be of benefit. Most facilities will hire ADN prepared RNs, but many are looking for BSN qualified becuase it looks better on paper. Even during a financial downfall, BSNs are placed sooner in higher up positions because they have the paper to prove themselves. Its all about who has the most initials/papers to prove they know what to do, even if they don't.
  8. by   SuesquatchRN
    Personally, I don't believe that education is ever wasted. Lots of places hire only LPNs because they can be paid less.
  9. by   April, RN
    I think it depends on your area's job market and your life situation (finances, career goals, family obligations). I have a BSN and in my area, it's definitely beneficial. Hospitals around here favor BSNs and many won't even consider new grads without one, and having a BSN allows grad school to be an option.

    I'm in a similar situation as you, though slightly different. I'm currently debating going back to school for a Masters degree (NP). I always thought I would go back to school, but at this point in my life, the difference in pay between RN and NP (in general) isn't significant enough for me to justify the time, effort, and money to get the degree.

    Off topic, but it sounds like the priority for you and your sister should be to find a job in a safe facility in your area! CNAs giving meds and doing assessments? Yikes.
  10. by   jbjelus1
    If you are looking to get into management, then I would suggest going back for your BSN