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  1. jbjelus1

    Pressing Charges Against a Patient

    Agreed 100%. I personally believe that if someone assaults a nurse then charges should be pressed, because if these people did this on the streets then pressing charges would not be an issue more than likely. A lot of facilities make excuses for some patients, but the majority of these people still know right from wrong. I once worked in a facility where a nurse was caring for an ex soilder and one night he got upset and punched the nurse in the chin. They said that it was post tramatic stress disorder, and while this may have very well been true, it still doesn't give a person the right to act out against staff in a violent manner, so I am all for pressing charges against people that act violently against nursing staff
  2. There was a time when I was considering going into management, however I have since changed my mine. I have seen many people that were once floor nurses totally loose their sense of direction once they go into mangement. I am well aware of the fact that you have to look at management in a different perspective than floor nursing but it just seems that people really do change once they go into management. After observing peers that have gone into management I know now that it is not the role for me, because i would probably get fired for trying to be fair. Nursing is stressful enough in my opinion, so why make it harder
  3. jbjelus1

    Grr! "Customer Service" Nursing Gone Crazy!

    what can i say but i feel your disgust at times, however i try to do my job to the best of my personal ability no matter the situation, but there are times when i have asked myself is all of this really worth it
  4. jbjelus1

    Why are doctors so easily manipulated by drug addicts?

    I empathize with your concern. I work on a med-surg unit and believe me it does get frustrating at times when you constantly have a revolving door of pain seeking patients. I understand that you do not know truly know if someone is telling the truth about their pain, but when you have patients who are receiving Dilaudid 2-4mg every 2 hours prn and are setting their alarm clocks so that they do not miss a dose it's sometimes difficult for me to believe that these patients are truly in the pain that they say they are in because I believe that if you are truly in pain then you are not going to set the alarm on your cellphone to go off, then call the nurse for pain meds, and fall back asleep in the process of talking to the nurse over the call bell asking for the meds, maybe I am wrong for feeling this way but we really need to stop feeding drug habits. Whenever foreign nurses come in from other countries they are often surprised at the amount of narcotics that we give here in the states, and i can honestly say I really cant blame them for feeling that way
  5. jbjelus1

    Are there jobs in California?

    Depends on where you are in the state, housing has actually become quite reasonable here in the northern part of the state. The housing market has taken a big turn up here, however I am not a native and I plan on moving in the next year or two.
  6. jbjelus1

    Chamberlain college---BSN???

    jacksonville state university 7800-8000 for total program, three semesters, 100% online, university of south alabama around the same price, three semesters, 100% online, no out of state fees for either program, there are others also but i attended jsu and i would recommend it to anyone trying to return to school. i would also recommend university of south alabama. it was my first choice but i did not have all of my pre requisites done at the time and i would have had to wait to enroll and i did not want to wait so someone told me about jsu and it has been a very good experience for me. i am glad that i enrolled in the school because i will graduate next month. you can enroll in either the spring, summer, or fall semester. usa only has a fall and spring enrollment however as i said they are both good schools and fairly resonably priced.
  7. jbjelus1

    H1N1 patient dilemma

    The nurse was counseled on her actions, and due to this incidence there is going to be furthur education provided to staff.
  8. jbjelus1

    I work in a hell hole!!!

    Med surg is a very difficult place to work, however the experience that you gain will prove valuable in years to come. I currently work on a Med surg unit but I plan to move on. Although we do we have ratios we always get the worst of the worst patients, and it often seems as if we are the dumping ground for the rest of the facility. People that do not work on a medical unit often have a hard time relating to what we as med-surg nurses go through. But hang in there because although times are tough now they will get better. After you get your year in move on because you do not want to get burnt out this early in your career.
  9. jbjelus1

    I work in a hell hole!!!

    I work in northern cali on a med-surg unit and the ratio is 5:1, however there are hospitals that have 4:1 ratio for med-surg h but the law is 5:1 and the starting pay for new grads here is around 80k/yr.
  10. jbjelus1

    Do you ever plan on leaving the bedside?

    Most definitely. Right now I work as charge nurse on a med-surg unit. I like my job but I am ready to move on. I am seriously thinking about going into management just so that I can gain experience in the area, then I plan to move on as management is a very stressfull job, but working on the floor can take it's toll on anyone.
  11. jbjelus1

    My preceptor hates me (need advice)

    It is so easy for nurses to forget that they were once new grads too. I attempt to keep this in mind anytime we may have a new grad on the floor. Although I was fortunate to have very nice preceptors when I first finished school I have observed situations where new grads did not feel that their preceptors liked precepting them. This can be very frustrating and I think that when ever you are considered new you may experience some sort of resentment. I do not know why I think that it is a stupid way to act personally, but I guess that is just the way some people are, however things will get better for you just keep pushing forward.
  12. jbjelus1

    not sure where to post this ?..pregnant?

    You should inquire about your facility's policy regarding this issue. When I was pregnant I didn't lift any patients and I my patients assignments were chosen very carefully. Although some nurses would handle patients on contact precautions as soon as I found out that I was pregnant I was fortunate to have staff members that would work with me and take any isolation patients that i may have been assigned.
  13. jbjelus1

    Does anyone know any good online RN to BSN programs?

    You can enter the program in the spring, summer, or fall semester. I started in the spring semester. It was a simple process. I did not apply until around the end of november or early december and still got in in the spring semester. Because I started at the last minute I got a loan for the first semester, however i paid out of pocket for the summer and fall semester. They do have a payment plan system if you decide that you would like to pay over time. Tammy Johnson is the admission coordinator for the program and she is very helpful. Her number is on their website if you would like to contact her directly
  14. jbjelus1

    Does anyone know any good online RN to BSN programs?

    I do not know where you are located, but i finish up at Jacksonville State University in December of this year. The program is very resonably priced. I went for three semesters and paid a total of about 7800. The instructors are great. This program worked really well for me because I live in California and was never required to come to campus. All assignments are completed on line, and you can enter it even if you have some outstanding prerequisites(the most that they will allow is 2 outstanding pre req's). The only thing is that you will have to take the English Competency Exam, unless you already have an undergraduate degree. It is a simple essay that you have to write. You can either go to campus and complete it or have it proctored by someone where you reside, which is what I did. You have to pass it though, as it is a requirement for you to graduate from the school, however the admission counselors can discuss this with you in more detail
  15. jbjelus1

    Qustion about travel nursing

    Wouldn't be nice if that is the way that it worked. In order for you to be considered a travel nurse you have to live a certain distance from the facility. It however depends on the company that you are working for. The last company that I worked for, told me that I had to live a minimum of 50 miles from the facility if I wanted to stay in state, but that was in 2005, so things may have changed now.
  16. jbjelus1

    Struggling To Decide on MD or FNP

    Agreed, if you have dependents i would suggest going the NP route. You have to remember that medical school requires a lot of time and dedication, not to mention a lot of clinical hours. NP programs require an average of 630 hours worth of clinical time (during the entire program). Besides if you decide to pursue a medical education later going for your NP now should help you in the future, for one thing you will already have the experience of dealing with patients ,amongst other things.