Should I go to work tomorrow???

  1. I need help. Tomorrow is my first day back prn w VNA. I am per diem. If I don't work, I don't get paid. B/c of the union, I cannot work extra when I feel better, as there is a limit on the hours for per diems w union.

    Here is the dilemma. I was feeling really lightheaded today. And just some vague body aches. No headache,no sore throat, no sinus congestion, no cough. But, somechills, and temp when I checked it was 100.0F.
  2. Poll: Should I go to work tomorrow???

    • Yes, quit being such a wimp

      13.64% 9
    • Yes, a temp of 100 isn't so bad

      6.06% 4
    • No, what are you nuts spreading what you have?

      71.21% 47
    • Who cares??

      9.09% 6
    66 Votes
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    Hool.... you should hang out tomorrow and fight off whatever might be sneaking up on you.

    Get your rest and fluids and all that.....

  5. by   sunnygirl272
    stay home and party here with us tomorrow....
  6. by   MissdonditaBsn
    you should definitely stay home and take care of yourself.
  7. by   hoolahan
    LOL, I truly feel weak and like ****, but just b/c of fever, no other real "symptoms". I loaded up on echinecea, so maybe I will feel better. I am so layered and bundled up from chils right now.Ugh! They are going to be so pizzed at me!!
  8. by   kids
    OK, I'll confess...I voted for who cares...but then, I don't have a job so I am not the most reliable person to take advice from.

    My 2nd vote (if I had one) is to stay home and not spread the germs.
  9. by   New CCU RN
    Stay home. You are doing no one a favor by going in and not being able to give it a good effort bc you are feeling sick. Nor are you helping your patients by being possibly contagious and bringing them the flu when they are already sick enough to need home health.

    So you miss a day's pay.... it's better than pushing it too much and getting worse and ending up out of work for a week.

    Feel better.... drink your fluids, rest up, and don't feel bad about it....
    So Hool.... what'd ya do??????

    You got the CRUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stay home be sweet and treat it yaself.... Nothing worse than someone working (shame isnt it when we have to work sick) so sick they can barely stand up, and not often do they send you home. You almost have to pass out in the arms of the Head Nurse only for her to give you some water and she whispers sweetly GET BACK TO WORK and you hear the whip crack over your head. Treat the crud stay home and hang out here.... Your surrounded by Nurses, lol and couldnt be in better company.
  12. by   fergus51
    Stay home! Not only do I want you to rest and get well, but I say it ain't right to spread that crud around!
  13. by   hoolahan
    I stayed home. T only 98.6 in the am, but I felt bad. Now temp is back up to 101.6. Broke down and called the doc. I think I may have nephritis, have flank pain and my urine has a blood smell to it (I know...yuk!)

    I am trying to drink fluids, but I know it will make me have to pee, and now that temp is back, all I want to do is flop. Already called out for tomorrow too!

    Loggin off, even my eyes hurt. Niters!
    Bummer hool.... hope you're feeling better soon!

    It sucks when you have to call off work cause you're actually sick!

  15. by   Stargazer
    Aw, hool! See, NOW aren't you glad you called in sick? Feel better soon.

    You almost have to pass out in the arms of the Head Nurse only for her to give you some water and she whispers sweetly GET BACK TO WORK and you hear the whip crack over your head.
    And Zoe--hee!