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I have yet to find a real comfortable pair of nursing shoes. I have been wearing Nikes because I have high arches, but I was wondering what everyone else wears. I have heard birkenstocks are good,... Read More

  1. by   Alie
    I have been looking for shoes and having a hard time finding all WHITE. The lady at the shoe store suggested Reebok DMX b/c of my high arches. I have not had these on yet for long periods of time, but they feel so good (like they were made for my feet and walking on air). My shins hurt more like burn when I walk a lot. She said it was b/c I was wearing cross-trainers and should wear walking shoes. I guess we'll see. Hopefully I will go walking one day this week in them (to try them out). Rollerbladed with dh today.
  2. by   Rena RN 2003
    just bought a pair of dansko professionals and love them! will never buy anything but that now.
  3. by   trixie
    I love the second pair of Reebok DMX shoes I bought--the first pair a couple of years ago had a terrible squeek in them, but apparently the company worked out that bug. I still think Nike's last longer. I had one pair of SAS and couldn't stand them. I live in Amish/Mennonite country and a lot of those women wear them. I like wearing my shoes about 6 months at work, then bringing them home and getting about another year or two out of them. The SAS shoes went in the garbage...I wouldn't be caught with them on anywhere! I have always wanted clogs....
  4. by   RN2B2005
    RN always: You can buy Merrell, SAS, NurseMates and Modellista shoes at The great part about is that they have an enormous selection of sizes.
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    Lol, when I think of clog, i think of a wooden block tired to an animals feet to keep it in place. Lol, I want to try a clog, is it only for women? It's designed for a woman's foot? ope i'm not out of place asking.

    Yesterday, in class, three other students were passing around this hand cream. So I asked if I could try it. The student barked at and embarrassed me saying "No! It's only for women." I can't think where I would try to hoard hand cream, and then to embarrass me like that. Yet, women do it. Mario got chumped, for all my hand washing and dry hands. Thank you.

    Women, get overit.. Men get dry hands, and have similiar integumentary.sys like women. Heck, even sons donate kidneys to moms, etc. So if a fellow student nurse asks for hand cream, lend it w/o the bs. We all wash our hands a million phreaking times, okay!

    I'd share my hand cream with you Mario.
  6. by   adrienurse
    My duty shoes are Merrells, my gym shoes are Merrells, my winter boots are Merrells. Heck, if they made pumps, I'd buy those too. It's like they were made for my tiny, high arched feet.