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Who would you go to????? We work at a small close knit facility. Our payroll clerk has been employed here for years and has been groping female employees for YEARS. Most of the women push him away... Read More

  1. by   nickola
    I haven't read all the posts, but have you tried reporting it to the EEOC?? They are bulldogs!!
  2. by   crissrn27
    hey, what did happen with this?
  3. by   HauseMan
    Quote from clee1
    I have read this thread with growing disgust.

    Where has everyone's self-respect and individual responsibility gone? Have we all turned into Caspar Milquetoast? Have we forgotten to advocate for our clients (pts, coworkers, and ourselves)? Just look at this thread: a new nurse falling into a longterm mess, a whole staff afraid to take decisive action, people recommending a lawyer, the EEOC, a gradual escalation up the food chain, etc. etc. etc. Sexual predators, like most bullies, commit their crimes when the potential of personal cost to them is low; likewise, most criminals don't fear the justice system because punishment is neither swift nor sure. You can just bet that this has been going on between the pervert and the residents as well.

    The next time this slug, or any other pervert for that matter, puts his hands on you, you beat the crud out of him and call 911 to report an assault. Then, follow through with all the necessary processes, including pressing charges, an EEOC complaint, or lawsuit as warranted. I can gah-rone-tee you that a) this slug will think twice before laying a hand on you again, b) the facility will then be forced to investigate/take action rather than just sweeping it under the rug, c) you and your clients will be safer, and d) If the DON is part of the problem, s/he will be gone soon too.

    So the guy tries to press charges against you - so what? You were defending yourself against an immediate assault; not merely the relatively minor harassment. The police probably wouldn't even arrest you and a district attorney probably won't file charges if they did. If the cops did arrest you and the DA did indict you, chances are good that the Judge would throw it out or the jury would fail to convict. Think the facility may fire you? Maybe they will, but do you really want to work at a place that says you MUST submit to an assault? You MUST take care of yourself. Most other people don't see your well-being as their top priority.

    Let me tell you a story. Several years ago I was a victim of a road rage incident. Basically another driver got angry at me and blocked me from moving on a road. He came to my vehicle and attempted to pull me out of my car through the open window, ripping my shirt in the process. Thankfully, my .357 stuck two inches up his left nostril convinced him to cease his foolishness. (I would have been badly injured by this much larger fellow). OK, so the guy was spread-eagle on the pavement when the police arrived. He tried to get the cops to arrest me for pulling a gun on him; they just laughed. This man got 1 year in the county jail for assault, as he had done this to someone else once before without repercussion.

    It sometimes falls to us individually to protect ourselves and the rest of society. Doing the right thing, despite potential troubles, is a mark of character and should be a point of personal pride.
    Clee1, do you remember the incident at the hospital in Jasper, the old location (not the new facility on 515, but on 53 in town), when a female nurse had to shoot in order to protect herself from a male assailant, and only missed one shot ? It was my understanding that she had to shoot while running in near darkness, and with the exception of that one miss, still dropped the guy dead. I think that was in the early 90's, but I agree one must protect oneself no matter what.

    Sexual harassment, no matter what form it takes, is heinous and should never be taken lightly. Up until recently, I packed a Glock 22C, but never had to carry as a condition of the job, especially in healthcare. Have we become a nation of nothing but hostile workplaces ?

    Want gun control ? Use both hands !
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  4. by   Praise,RN
    You need to follow your facility policy and procedures in your employee handbook for sexual harrasement. All of the information should be there as to how you handle this situtation.

    Good luck.
  5. by   Nursebarebari
    Quote from RN-Cardiac
    I think I'd have to break his nose,..let him explain how/why that happened at work!!!

    I would do the same thing before calling the authority on the pervert.
  6. by   leslymill
    Does your state have whistle blowing protection? I would have him arrested after documenting all the groping vile behavior. If the company retaliates. Get the news and unions

    Or you can go to DON and threaten them with alot of bad publicity before you arrest him and see if they can do something about him. Your job sounds miserable because one idiot has been allowed to turn himself into a major idiot.
  7. by   User123456
    if you "accidentally" elbowed him and broke his nose or he "tripped" and broke a leg or arm when you swung around to see who was assalting you i think that would be excused as an accident or atleast self defense LOL

    In all seriousness he is committing sexual assalt and should be arrested and have charges pressed against him. i know if my hubby found out someone did that to me at work he'd find him in the parking lot. although im not soft spoken and id throw a fit right then. prob wouldnt make to many friends but maybe then again I would. :uhoh21:
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    Quote from RN-Cardiac
    I think I'd have to break his nose,..let him explain how/why that happened at work!!!
    I totally agree. Some bodily harm sounds great. Dude is crazy and he needs help. Report him asap!!! :angryfire0