Security anyone?

  1. I was just wondering what security is like at everyone else's hospitals? AT ours...they can't do anything but sit there and watch the patient. If its a 5150 the patient can be walking out the door, and security will just point and say "there goes your patient", or even one time we had security watching a 5150 and the patient was managing to strangle himself with his calllight!!! A nurse found him in time. If we have to restrain someone they can't do anything! Oh, but they can walk us to our cars at night if we need it...heck I could beat somone up easier then they could!!! They's probably run for their life!
    I was just wondering if this seems to be a standard everywhere? Whats the point?
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  3. by   OrthoNutter
    5150 is a regulated patient is it?? We have different statutes and codes here so I'm not sure.

    If the patient is regulated here, security have full authority to use the minimal force necessary to prevent the patient from doing harm to themselves or others, or leaving the hospital. Minimal force might be a simple verbal warning or light physical restraint. If that fails, then they call the police for back up because they aren't allowed to "assault" the patient. But security will make a fairly good effort at restraining before it goes that far. They don't let them just walk....
  4. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of texas

    The security guards here worthless, except for driving their little golf carts and driving people out to there cars
  5. by   dawngloves
    You get a ride to your car? Cool!
  6. by   adrienurse
    Being a member of the 'Code White" team (I carry a pager to respond when there is a behavioral disturbance in the facility), it bothers me that the security staff have no training in what to do in a behavioral incident. All they are, are bodies hired to give people a sense of security. Don't even escort us to the parking lot. I used to work in psychiatry and the security staff there had NVCI training and they really knew how to restrain somebody for an IM, man.
  7. by   MLL
    Same at my hospital TaraER. "Security" holds classes to teach the nurses the proper way to "take down or restrain" an unruly patient or visitor. I stupidly asked, "Why don't we just call security if we are having a problem?" The answer from head of security (who was teaching the class) was, "Oh no! Security can't touch the patients or visitors. That will be your responsibility."

    DUH!! A three-hundred pound man can't restrain a patient (for that patient's and/or other's safety), but they expect little ole' me to do it. Oh yeah! And after I throw my back out, I'm sure I'll still be expected to show up at work for my next shift.

    They do the same thing at my hospital - ride around the parking lots, see who is parking illegally, or crossing against the traffic light from the lot to the building, etc., etc., etc. They are a pretty big joke here!

    I don't even know why we call them for a Mr. Red. I guess so they can stand around and protect the hospital's property and then document what was destroyed post-incident.:chuckle
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    maybe i am ignorant....ok i am. what is a "5150 patient"? never heard the term before. our security...they walk thru about every 2 hours, other than that, who knows WHERE THEY ARE? kinda scary in a NON locked-down maternity floor, frankly, esp on night shift.
  9. by   l-andre
    Here's a little story....

    One night, I get to my locker before work and the lights are all out in the section where my locker is. So I go to security because I need to get to my locker (and open the lock!) and I don't have a flashlight. So the guy at the desk talks into his walkie-talkie and says someone will be at the locker entrance shortly. I waited there for a few minutes and a security guy comes, walkie-talkie in hand, watching around, looking like James Bond (!!!) in case some dangerous fellow wants to steel my uniforms...

    It was a good thing that the lights where out because I was trying so hard not to burst in laughter!! "Wait ma'am, I'll go first" and down the corridor we go, like a bad scene from Scooby-doo!!! It was hilarious!

    Oh! Security Guy... you're my hero!!!
  10. by   diablo
    Security! What a laugh!
    In our hospital there are cameras monitoring the ER clerks.The door is unlocked,and people walk in anytime and wander all over the place. We have one guard at night and seldom know who it is.
    What is so incredible to me is that we get inmates from the federal prison. Of course they have their own guards and are chained to the bed.
    What about the employees??
  11. by   fedupnurse
    Until I read this I thought our security people couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag but they do help us restrain people. A couple are worthless and can't physically do anything, but if we have unruly patients or visitors we call them and they are there pretty fast. Their main job is to check cars in the lot, make sure we aren't illegally parked cause you DO KNOW that could really impact patient care in a significant way!! They also unlock the morgue door. We use to get a key but they had to change it to the swipe card for only security because an aid from the ER sat in the morgue for the better part of his shift making long distance calls. Some mighty fine detective work must have gone into that little caper, huh?? Valuables are also now their responsibility. If I felt truly threatened I'd call the Police first since they are literally right around the corner and then security. We've done that a few times over the years.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    Our secuirty have cool uniforms but that's about it!!! They will sometimes help with restraints??!! 5150 pt is is someone judged to a danger to himself or others, and who is judged mentally ill - its a 72 hour inpt psych hold in most states.

    True story: three weeks ago, had a drunk lady who had been beaten up by BF - she comes into ER per ambulance, assessed (and deemed stable) waiting to see MD. Her two teen sons come in - start screaming their mother must be seen first, physically and verbally threatening staff, security, etc.. I'm the charge RN and so I call the police - they arrive within two minutes, arrest one and send the other on his way. Within ten minutes of him leaving he is at gas station, shooting people!!!!

    We know they both had guns on them when they were in ER!!!! Security response - "well, you didn't get shot, did you!!"

    Totally unbelievable. And, no I don't work in inner-city Chicago, I work in central Illinois - in the cornfields!!!
  13. by   Gomer
    Very interesting comments. Have any of your hospitals had a recent JCAHO survey? We are preparing for our next one and according to what I've read, the hospital must orient and educate forensic (i.e., security) staff about their responsibilities related to patient care. This appears to be a major point for the next survey.
  14. by   TaraER-RN
    Well our security are educated that they may not touch a patient. JCAHO did just finish our survey....and yes 5150's are the 72 hour hold where a policeman, doctor or psychiatrist deems the patient to be a harm to self, a harm to others or gravely disabled (meaning can't take care of themselves)...we will get them in the ER till they are medically clear and then we ship them out to a psych facility....and let me tell you there must be a hole in the fence on a psych facility lately because we have been getting soooo many psych people! It also amazes who they will hire for our security, all of them are little people who couldn't harm a fly...they just wear the uniform...I think the patients even know they are no threat!