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I was just wondering what security is like at everyone else's hospitals? AT ours...they can't do anything but sit there and watch the patient. If its a 5150 the patient can be walking out the door,... Read More

  1. by   KaraLea
    Our security guards can work a "take down" just like us nurses. They have the same class that we do on "prevention and management of agressive behavior" These guys are a great help. Sometimes it just takes the sight of these big guys in uniform come running to calm the patients down REAL QUICK.
  2. by   whipping girl in 07
    I just took the NVCI class at my hospital this week, taught by our director of security. I really got a lot out of it. Our security officers are really helpful and are there quickly when you call them. They are taught not to touch anyone unless they have to and learn in which situations they are to go from verbal to physical intervention. They are a big help when we have to call them. Sorry to hear that yours aren't that great.
  3. by   911fltrn
    Havent been there but have had other er nurses tell me that at one hospital in Las vegas. If they push panic button armed hospital security comes like swat team and clears the E.R. :-)
    One er i used to work in on weekends would have 7-8 of the R.Ns out of 10 were men. Add 2 huge security gaurds and you better mind your manners. :-)
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    Once Security brought me a couple of soft tacos and an bean burrito from taco bell.
  5. by   hapeewendy
    security round these parts consist of a few cute boys trying to play good cop/bad cop and the remaining are genuinely nice people who oddly enough for security guards really avoid all things security related........
    the few times we have called them STAT for violent pts or violent family members they have come to the floor, probably five minutes or so after the RN has calmed the situation down themselves, but still it warms my heart to see that they show up .... really it does..... as a wise woman (my mother) once said "its like watching a herd of turtles" yes mom it is something like that innit?
    they are really good at big bad badge patrol though
    going thru the units at ungodly hours to carefully inspect everyone horrific ID badges to make sure we really do belong here and dont have a fetish for hanging out with sick people at 3am......
    there are a few who are EXCELLENT at conflict resolution , its just a shame that they arent always around when said conflict arises
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    Our security guys rock!

    They are great for a takedown if it comes to that, but their best role is standing there looking vaguely but non-specifically intimidating so no one gets any funny ideas. I must say that our head of security, Don, is fantastic.
  7. by   TaraER-RN
    I'm glad to hear that security can particpate in takedowns other places...but they can't in my facility, all they can do is watch!
  8. by   l.rae
    Occaisionally one of us will accidently hit the panic button in the ER.....Then, security officer calls to see if the alarm is for real before they come!!!!! They have done this on more than one occaision. A couple of them are great...the rest are Barny Fifes.......LR
  9. by   canoehead
    The maintenance staff = security at our hospital, although I could beat up our night guy myself. There is no maintenance on duty on the weekends, or housekeeping, or pharmacy, or supplies, or anybody but nurses.

    Let me introduce our entire security staff...ME!!

    Although me and my canoe paddle can be pretty intimidating if you meet us in a deserted hallway. The EMS guys are also always willing to show a little muscle but in the middle of the night they need a crowbar to get out of bed for anything but the 911 pager.
  10. by   Figaro's Mom
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    Once Security brought me a couple of soft tacos and a bean burrito from taco bell.

    Omigosh :chuckle

  11. by   traumaRUs
    To the poster about the JCAHCO comment - yep - just did a full inspection in March!! I worked in Las Vagas in the early 90's at a for-profit hospital and we had police sub-station in ER!!! Our security are pretty useless - and it seems like I work where the majority the work!!
  12. by   amblessing
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    Once Security brought me a couple of soft tacos and an bean burrito from taco bell.

    Way Cool
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by l-andre
    Here's a little story....

    One night, I get to my locker before work and the lights are all out in the section where my locker is. So I go to security because I need to get to my locker (and open the lock!) and I don't have a flashlight. So the guy at the desk talks into his walkie-talkie and says someone will be at the locker entrance shortly. I waited there for a few minutes and a security guy comes, walkie-talkie in hand, watching around, looking like James Bond (!!!) in case some dangerous fellow wants to steel my uniforms...

    It was a good thing that the lights where out because I was trying so hard not to burst in laughter!! "Wait ma'am, I'll go first" and down the corridor we go, like a bad scene from Scooby-doo!!! It was hilarious!

    Oh! Security Guy... you're my hero!!!

    That just tickled me!

    When I was in nursing school in Memphis, TN, seemed like they had the best security in Baptist Memorial Hospital downtown. And WOW where those guys candy for the eyes!! MEOW!!!