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Hi all - Just wondering - if nursing is your second career, what was your first career? why did you leave it?... Read More

  1. by   Groo1sem
    Exercise Physiology Degree.
    Massage Therapist Liscence
    For the past two years I was doing Pre-reqs for Physical Therapy school and volunteering at various settings. Applied to numerous schools and got accepted to the schools which cost an arm and a leg (private schools). Meanwhile I applied to some accelerated nursing programs and got in very easy. Now its going to be a long ride through hell for 16 months. My end reward is to get a job with opportunity, flexibility, and a whole lot of stress~lol. At least I will come home feeling exausted and having a job than searching for one.

    Most of my friends are nurses and love it. So I wonder why not join them =]. Plus I have a lot of personal experiances that made me want to choose nursing.
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  2. by   diva_nurse
    Stockbroker and Certified Financial Planner for over 20 years. I was laid off from a company I was with for 17 years. After that experience, I decided to follow my original childhood dream of becoming a nurse.
  3. by   shoegalRN
    my "divorce" from my job became "final" today. here's my exit letter to my fellow co-workers:

    my 14 year "marriage" to at&t is officially over today at 4:30pm. the papers are now final. as you all know, i've been having an "affair" with "school" for the last few years of my "marriage" to at&t. at&t knew about the "affair" and was gracious enough to allow it to continue for as long as it did. at&t and i separated briefly for six months while i pursued my "true love" of nursing with a great passion. although it was scary stepping out on at&t and on faith alone, i found that nursing was my first "true love" and with all new relationships, it required a lot of hard work. i put in the work and decided that me and nursing were made for each other. there is just a love there that i really can't describe. you know how it is when you start a new relationship; there are butterflies in the stomach and the anticipation of something knew. when at&t offered the "divorce" (vtp offer), i jumped on the chance.

    now, it's no longer a secret; me and nursing are an item. you will see me proudly in my scrubs and a stetscope around my neck from now on. now, the future looks bright, and i am anxiously awaiting to start my "marriage" with nursing with a wedding date of may 2009 (graduation) which you all will be cordially invited.

    i so anxiously await to be given "rn-bsn" as my new hyphenated surname with a nice "ring" (pinning) to boot.

    coming to an er/or at a hospital near you, and this is one time i can say i hope to never have to see any of you in my new career! stay healthily and be blessed!

    it's been a great ride for the last 14 years, but it ran its course.
  4. by   Captain Tripps
    My sig says it all. Former Paramedic, before that EMT-Basic, before that high schooler working at a grocery store.

  5. by   Marylu
    Quote from goldie66
    Hi all -

    Just wondering - if nursing is your second career, what was your first career? why did you leave it?
    I was a production planner for a major electronic company but it down sized and closed their company in the island; decided to study what I had always dreamed of since doing volunteer work for the Red Cross. While working for an engineering group I went for a BSN, passed my state license exam and was shocked to see nurses earning 13 & 14 an hour as well as responsible for about 30 patients 2 - 3 practical nurses to help. New grads are suppose to earn 2,300. per month, where as an experienced BSN 2,500. and we still have hospitals defying that law. No I am not working yet because I am trying to workout a budget (have a daughter attending university) so that I can survive with this wage. But no luck yet..I love nursing and people and am desperate to enter the health field.
  6. by   ONMELD
    I won a nursing scholarship coming out of HS but being a male, I did not think I would do well 23 years ago. In the meantime, I have been a cop, an army artillery officer, an air force jag, a prosecutor and now a disability attorney. I finally came aroundand started nursing school this summer at 41! I hope to love it.
  7. by   Marylu
    You won't love it if you don't go through with it. I started being a full time student at 47 while working fulltime as well. I am 52 and was informed on Valentines' Day that I had passed my license exam. I have no regrets at all and my family and coworkers at office are still in shock and very proud....
  8. by   Medic/Nurse
    In Order, (if I remember them all...)
    Beauty Queen
    Public Relations/Tourism Development
    Adult Continuing Education Instructor
    Volunteer EMT
    Volunteer Firefighter
    Career Firefighter
    ER Unit Clerk (for hospital experience!)
    College Instructor - Emergency Services
    Registered Nurse!
    and coming soon......
    NOT SURE, I just know that I am not done.
  9. by   L&D_2b
    I'm a former teacher. I was almost finished with my masters degree in early childhood special education when I just decided teaching didn't interest me anymore. My real love was to be a nurse in a NICU. (My oldest son was in a NICU when he was first born). So, here I am. I start the local cc's RN program in the fall.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Active duty Air Force, supply and systems analyst. Left to raise my babies and go back to school (on my GI Bill).
  11. by   bill4745
    First, an elctronics degree. Worked as a photographer for a year and then took a 1 year college photography program. Got a BA in psych, then went to nursing school. Worked for 10 years as an RN (ICU), quit and opened a nusiness, sold the business after 10 years, (3 years ago) now an ER nurse. This is it for as long as I am capable.
  12. by   TheCommuter
    I was a factory worker at Procter & Gamble, producing Charmin tissue paper and Bounty paper towels during grueling 12 hour rotating shifts.
  13. by   I_am_Julia
    just saying hello to all the current and former teachers.
    Quote from l&d_2b
    i'm a former teacher. i was almost finished with my masters degree in early childhood special education when i just decided teaching didn't interest me anymore. my real love was to be a nurse in a nicu. (my oldest son was in a nicu when he was first born). so, here i am. i start the local cc's rn program in the fall.