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  1. goldie66

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

  2. goldie66

    re-enroll as undergrad?

    I have a question - Seems like it's a little harder to get into the second degree accelerated degree programs - couldn't you just re-enroll as an undergrad and then go for your BSN? seems like it would take more time (and money probably as well) but it's feasible, right? thought someone out there may have some insights on this idea... Thanks!
  3. goldie66

    Second-career? what was the first?

    Hi all - Just wondering - if nursing is your second career, what was your first career? why did you leave it?
  4. Hi all - Did any of you got to Grand Canyon University or ASU for your BSN? Which do you think is better? I'm moving back to AZ (grew up there & miss it!) and considering going back for my BSN (second degree). Any thoughts on phoenix BSN schools? I know that ASU doesn't technically have a second degree BSN program, but was thinking I could just re-enroll as an undergrad and go from there... any insights would be great! Thanks! :)
  5. goldie66

    any office nurses here?

    I'm interested in getting into nursing and working in a doctor's office while i get a master's to be a nurse practitioner. does anyone have office nursing experience? what is it like? pros & cons? do you enjoy it? any insights? thanks!
  6. goldie66

    corporate office to nursing?

    do you think all types of nursing are generally more stressful than an office job?
  7. goldie66

    corporate office to nursing?

    i've noticed a few people say they left a corporate office type job for nursing. are you happy with your decision? what is better about nursing? what's not?
  8. How much do you like nursing on a scale of 1 to 10? And why?
  9. goldie66

    How did you know "your calling"?

    i work in business right now. and am successful at it... but i just can't stop thinking about wanting to be a nurse. when i was in college i was a pre-nursing major for 2 semesters but i wasn't ready for the classes and the seriousness of it... but 9 years later, i just FEEL like it's something i should be doing. I guess it struck me the other day that if anything is a "calling"... that probably is, right? my dad is a doctor and he's generally not been too impressed with the idea of me wanting to be a nurse... like he knows something i don't and he thinks i won't like it... i'm thinking i'd like to be an office nurse and then go back to get a master's to be a nurse practitioner...
  10. goldie66

    How did you know "your calling"?

    I keep reading about people who feel that nursing in their calling... Please share how you realized it was your calling? or what that calling felt like...
  11. Does it seem kind of counter-intuitive to anyone that there is a huge shortage of nurses (with only an outlook of it getting worse) and it seems so hard to get into a program to become one? ...especially the difficulty in getting into an accelerated BSN program - it seems to me the profession will increasingly become more dependent on career changers since it's luring less people in their 20's... i understand the need for quality students to produce quality nurses, but i think a B student is probably still quite apt at performing well in the profession... what do you think?