Second Career Nurses (30+ years old)


    Answer me this: IF you are a second career registered nurse who started in nursing at AGE 30 OR GREATER--
    1) WHY did you pick nursing (WHAT are you looking for in a nursing career)?
    2) What will KEEP you in nursing (what will contribute to your job satisfaction that will make you stay in the field)?

    Many thanks!

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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    I picked nursing because I wanted to help people, namely, sick babies.

    What will keep me in nursing won't necessarily be the pay, but the job stability and the benefits that are offered at hospitals and their retirement plans...they are far better than most major corporations.

    Nursing kills two birds with one stone.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Okay here ya go:

    1. I chose nursing as a career because I too wanted to help people. Also - I had an associates degree in general studies and there was no way to get further advancement without further education.

    2. What keeps me in nursing is the growth potential. I started as an LPN, then did an ADN program and then I worked for 10 years as an RN. At the age of 44, I realized that I couldn't continue the pace for another 20 years. So...I went back to school and did a BSN, an MSN and finally, a post-MSN CNS. I have the opportunity to continue nursing.
  5. by   np_wannabe
    1) Because when I became a mother, I realized that there was no way I could go back to a 9 to 5 job

    2) I've always LOVED biology

    Nursing is a perfect fit for me.

    what will keep me in nursing? i hope to find challenges everyday. something that really makes me think.
  6. by   StNeotser
    I wanted to pick nursing when I was eighteen but I was bullied out of it and I didn't feel confident enough to have peoples lives in my hands.

    Why did I want to do it? To help people and there appears to be far more job satisfaction than being a pen pusher (previous life) It also offers good job stability in a world where our jobs are being outsourced and we cannot compete with third world wages. I like that my day is not predictable.

    However, I am upset with corporate America and sometimes feel as if I signed up for the military and it's doubtful I would stay until retirement due to;

    1. Physical capabilities. Not sure I could do a transfer at age 60 well, nor stay on my feet so much.

    2. I did not sign up to be a concierge, unpaid childminder, chalet maid. The more time I spend on this, the less likely I am to notice change of conditions, critical labs that need immediate attention etc. If hospitals want to become hotels for sick people they need to hire the appropriate staff.
  7. by   Dixiecup
    Why I picked nursing: Job security and I needed it rather quickly.

    Why I stay in nursing: I'm too old now to do anything else.
  8. by   JaneyW
    1) I always wanted to be a nurse but was too immature at 18--and my Dad wanted me to be a doctor. It worked out to get my nursing degree while home with three kids. My husband is looking to me to fund his retirement!

    2) I love what I do (when I don't hate it!). It provides me with such wonderful validation as a person. I am staying also because I have gone back to school and am pursuing an MSN with education emphasis to teach the next generation.
  9. by   selaz
    Quote from duxallinarow

    Answer me this: IF you are a second career registered nurse who started in nursing at AGE 30 OR GREATER--
    1) WHY did you pick nursing (WHAT are you looking for in a nursing career)?
    2) What will KEEP you in nursing (what will contribute to your job satisfaction that will make you stay in the field)?

    Many thanks!

    I'm not a nurse yet, but hope to be. I chose nursing as a second career because I want my talents and passion be directed toward something constructive that I can feel good about as a human being.
  10. by   MIA-RN1
    1. nursing chose me. I feel it in my bones and my blood that my calling is to be a nurse. I guess its my passion.

    2. I can't imagine doing anything else, but the flexibility and the many opportunities in nursing are definite benefits. The money isn't so bad either, but that's not my main motivator at all (see number 1)
  11. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and struggling. I was tired of knowing if I DID have a good job I was stuck, if I wanted to move bye bye good job. I wanted something I could do ANYWHERE. I decided I needed to get more education. Nursing seemed to make sense because of all the flexiblity with schedules and specialties. I didn't want to spend a few years getting an education only to hate my newfound profession. At least with nurisng you can try a new facility or new specialty. And I can do Baylor, nights, days, if I need more $ I can get all the extra shifts I could work. Just overall flexibility.

    What will keep me in nursing? Well I do not want to get into a position of having way too many patients. A well staffed facility is very important to me. I would eventually like to work weekends so that I may spend the week with my family and work the least hours for the most $. My family is #1 - I want to provide for them AND spend time with them!
  12. by   cfrimer
    I am switching to nursing because I wanted a better reason to get out of bed in the morning than meeting business objectives and contributing to the shareholders' net worth. I want to spend the time and energy I have in this life in contributing in a meaningful way.

    What will keep me in nursing is the continuing knowledge that I am contributing. Also, the profession's flexibility, stability, and endless opportunites to explore new things.
  13. by   KIAN
    I picked nursing because I was burned out in my first profession yet still wanted to stay in the health care field. Job security and good pay.
    I will stay in nursing because of job security, good pay, and I don't have the drive to try a 3rd career. Right now I have a Monday through Friday job, no weekends, no holidays and work with a Doctor who is polite and respectful and appreciative of my services. I enjoy working with patients and helping them out.
  14. by   BJZMom
    I have always desired to be a nurse. After careers in pharmaceutical sales and public health education I decided at age 35 to complete a second degree BSN program.

    I would remain in nursing...
    ... if my employer did not insist that my family come second to my job
    ...and if I am permitted to care for my patients using critical thinking skills and not spend valuable time serving as the chamber maid, waitress, and gopher.