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Does anyone else like this show? Last year I saw one episode and did not care for it. I heard others say it was funny so I watched it this year and could not stop laughing. Kinda bent and twisted... Read More

  1. by   BadBird
    I think that show is great, I especially like the "ass box" episode, when one of the Dr's was going to what he thought was the lost and found box and gave a pen to a nurse he liked. I about wet myself laughing.
  2. by   Robin61970
    I too love watching has a whacked out humor that I love......
  3. by   duckie
    Greatest show ever to laugh and a stress reliever!!!!!!!
  4. by   renerian
    Thanks everyone for responing! MIMI your sister in law was on scrubs? HOW COOL? How long has she been an actress?

  5. by   cna on her way
    I love this show as well!! I watched on episode last season and didn't really like it but just happened to leave the channel on after the usual THursday line up and ended up loving it!!
  6. by   hapeewendy
    love it
    think its hilarious
    love the head dr guy (you know the sarcastic one, that gives the young dr's heck all the time)
    I find his sarcasm endearing!
  7. by   whipping girl in 07
    Yeah, I watched it once last year, and like someone else said, I didn't really like it.

    But then I watched it again a couple of months ago and about laughed my @$$ off. So now I watch it whenever I don't have to work on a Thursday night.

    I like that creepy janitor!
  8. by   RadRN2
    I love the show, its hysterical!!! I'm REALLY happy that they turned their chest xray the right way in their new intro this season!

    I don't know about a nurses reality show........maybe too depressing...the non-nurses wouldn't believe it WAS a reality show.
  9. by   Luv cats
    I think "Precidio (sp?) Med" is a pretty good new show. Anyone checked it out?
  10. by   tattooednursie
    lol I love the one where the gal is talking to the guy and she finds him attactive and then says "I need to go check on another penis, I mean a patient, I mean penis patient"
  11. by   nurseleigh
    I too LOVE this show. I haven't had too much of a chance to watch it this season because they changed the time to coincide with Survivor. I probably won't watch much of it anymore anyway since I absolutely, positively cannot stand to look at Heather Locklear. I would be just soooo happy if she would move to another country never to be seen or heard from again.

  12. by   moz
    I agree with Beckymcrn, I like the fact that the nurse is a strong character and leads the drs in the right direction. It always makes me laugh, don't miss it unless I am at work. It is the only show I try not to miss, except ER of course.