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Hello, all! I need to purchase some new scrub tops for work, and I have a teensy dilemma. I can't decide which ones! I have been wearing the Landau printed v-neck tops with the two patch pockets... Read More

  1. by   Nurse89
    Kristi...I think you are going scrub crazy LOL
    It's Ok and perfectly's a way of "refrshing" us nurses. At least for me it is
    I want to thank you for posting the links for the scrubs. I spent close to $100 today on some new work duds because of it lol I feel "refreshed" now
    Thanks and Take care
  2. by   Keely-FutureRN
    I just bought some and I really like cherokee. Ahh. They are very comfortable. Also, fundamentals are good also because they have more colors.;-)

  3. by   Katnip
    I like those Dickies scrubs. I felt them in a store and they were great. Problem is, I haven't seen pants that come in petites, and I refuse to walk around with my crotch sagging to my knees or my waist-ties tied around my neck
  4. by   texoradon
    I have worn Tafford for years and they are wonderful. I have had the same problem with fading with landau and they seem stiff. There use to be a company called SCRUBS but they closed (owing me $300 worth of uniforms) anyway I still have some from them that I have been wearing for 13 years and no fading well worth the $26.00 I paid for them. And yes I am uniform crazy..probably have 50 or so sets...Have a closet just for my uniforms...............nuts in Alaska ..................
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    What I *really* wish is that Landau made their front-pleat pants in Tall. I have a long..uh..stride. If I could get them longer from crotch to waist, I could just hem the pants to the right length.

    I just want to thank all of you for your suggestions, and reiterate that if any of you have the same problems as I have, the Cottonality brand scrubs not only feel as soft as PJ's, but the tops don't shrink like the other Landau brands. Two thumbs up from me- now if they would only expand their freaking color selection. I do NOT look good in Orange Sherbet, and Lemondrop (or whatever they're called) makes me look like I have liver disease. Get a clue, people!
  6. by   Teshiee
    I just got plum sick of exuberant amount of money for scrub tops. S.C.R.U.B.S. are the best made scrub to for me because they are true sizes but they are expensive so I just took one of my scrub tops apart and use it as a pattern now I have more scrub tops now. Plus you can modify to suit your needs. I am a tall gal so I lengthen mine a tad. I always get compliments because of the various fabrics I use. To my suprise it doesn't take long to make one scrub top about 2-3 hours the most.
  7. by   Goofball
    Quote from NICU_Nurse
    Okay, am I just spending far too much time working, or is anyone else guilty of going scrub crazy? I'm having to literally restrain myself from buying anything else! I think I need to pursue a hobby!

    (guilty, shamefaced look as she slinks away)
    METOO! I'm a scrubaholic, because I'm a fabric-aholic too. I'm always on the search for really unique material that calls out and grabs me. OCD's run rampant in nurses, and this is mine. First I thought maybe it was a craving attention. But I think it is also because we want to wrap ourselves in things that remind us of favorite hobbies, places, themes...feel-good stuff that feels happy or calming. Maybe it's also sort of an artistic expression. What's wrong with that? Anyway, my patients like them, and besides, the scrubs are partly tax deductible!
  8. by   Goofball
    Quote from prmenrs
    Kristi--when I retired last summer, I had over 30!!! scrub tops in my closet, and a commensuarte # of matching pants. All occassions were covered! I still have ~ 10, but many are 4x, and I now take 3x, so am VERY tempted to buy more. I have resisted so far.

    Seems like some designs don't fit no matter what--usually too tight in the bottom, too loose on top--and i am by no means small in the chest. In fact, since I measure the same top and bottom, ?for whom were they made?

    If only I could wear them somewhere else.....

    There's a place called Sassy Scrubs online that will let you pick out the material, and then sew up a scrub top for you. Their sizes run quite large. I usually wear S, so I ordered Xs, and it was still the size of a medium.
  9. by   lazyrocking
    I have just the opposite problem and couldn't find small enough scrubs. I found for on-line ordering and love them. I've had four pair for over two years and haven't had any shrinking or fading. They're a little pricey but well worth it. You can order pockets where you need them on both the tops and pants. They have gotten me lots of compliments from staff and patients.

    Quote from NICU_Nurse
    Hello, all!

    I need to purchase some new scrub tops for work, and I have a teensy dilemma. I can't decide which ones! I have been wearing the Landau printed v-neck tops with the two patch pockets on the tummy area because they were required for where I worked, but I HATE them and am quite eager to get something else. Not only do they fade like they're dissolving right in the wash (after three washes they looked old!), but, more to the point of this post, THEY SHRINK big time. I ended up with tops that, when I raised my arms over my head, showed my belly!

    So. Any suggestions? I tried the Cottonality (the soft brushed-cotton kind) tops, and they were WONDERFUL- shrunk just a little, but stayed long enough to cover what needed to be covered. Unfortunately, there are limited colors, and the white ones are really difficult to keep from looking dingy, not to mention stain-magnets.

    I've been looking at other options in the Landau catalog and online, but I'm afraid that ALL of their printed tops are alike. Anyone know for sure?

    Do they make scrub tops for tall people, like they make pants for tall people, or am I just out of luck and stuck wearing solid colors?

    I'm not a slight girl by any means, so anyone who can relate to this, please let me know what you ended up with!

    Thank you!

  10. by   Dixiecup
    I buy all my scrubs off ebay. You can buy them often and dirt cheap, sell them back as often as you like and buy different ones so I'm never bored or get tired of my scrubs. I've never purchased a bad item yet, most of them are like brand new! :hatparty:
  11. by   lissyrn Available on the web only. No paper catalogue or stores. Really cool prints, and they fit great!! Nice and roomy, don't shrink..nice big pockets. A little more expensive than some others, but worth it...
  12. by   CarVsTree
    I have cherokee scrub tops. Like the material. Igot the one with a little tab above the chest pocket. I hang my ID on it.
  13. by   jeepgirl
    Sassy scrubs is the company that used to make the scrubs for the set of ER. just FYI