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What is the scariest thing you have seen other nurses do? We have all seen some pretty ignorant, or uncaring things. Just curious. Someone should probably write a book.... Read More

  1. by   wannabee
    Quote from teeituptom
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  2. by   CHATSDALE
    to: its me .... i want you to know that you have completely ruined my life. I will never, never get the picture of that nurse blowing out the earwax...AUGH
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hmmmm scariest thing? Well I don't work in ER, nor ICU or other places where some seriously dramatic things happen. Just OB--- but let me say this: It has astounded me, for 7 years continually, how much blood the human body holds (or appears to)....and can lose, in VERY quick time. That is the large and small of partum hemorrhages. Need not say more right????
  4. by   jRN4now
    I was precepting a nurse (new to acute care nursing but not nursing) and I aske d her what lab she needed to check before she gave the pt the KCL... She looked at me and said... "ummm I'm really not sure".. Hello, how about a potassium level..

    I once had a patient with a potassium level of 5.0 who was admitted with CHF exacerbation and the resident doctor wanted to put him on 40mg IV Lasix and also wanted to order 40meq IV K now because "the lasix will probally bring his K level lower". I nicely suggested that before we give IV K we might just want to recheck that lab a couple hours after the Lasix since he is already starting out at 5.0.

    One of the travel jobs that I worked at every day that I worked I found people had stamped the wrong names in peoples charts and were then therfore charting info on the wrong pt.

    I once recieved a lab value report that had been printed up for + BC that the lab tech had stated that she had reported the levels to me, which I had never talked to her at all about any labs. When I asked her about this is stated "well I talked with the unit clerk and she said that she would tell you".. Hello, don't chart on a legal document that you specifically notified the RN when you infact did not....

    I once saw a surgeon standing outside a patients room picking his nose then he proceeded to go in and see the patient WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS!

    so on and so forth! YIKES!
  5. by   mscsrjhm
    Listening to a taped report, the nurse said " Mr. Smiths' catheter fell out, and I couldn't find the right size anywhere in the hospital, so I cleaned it up real good with soap and water and put it back in". taped.
  6. by   warrior woman
    At a nursing home where I used to be a CNA, I heard where a 11-7 nurse wanted to give potassium to a resident I.V. PUSH!!!
  7. by   rnmi2004
    "I once saw a surgeon standing outside a patients room picking his nose then he proceeded to go in and see the patient WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS!"

    Eww, jRN4now, but kinda :roll too.
  8. by   Rnita09
    when i was working as an aid. i heard a dialysis pt. call out for a urinal and the nurse said "why do you need a urinal ?you dont even make pee" over the call system.
  9. by   NurseKratchet
    I was on clinicals one day at the hosptial and watched an aide put a women's dentures in her mouth without gloves and couldn't get the dentures in and was working them around in her mouth and if that wasn't gross enough as i stood there in total astonishment she walked out of the room to the next room and started feeding a patient and never washed her hands. I thought I was going to blow chunks right there and yes you guessed even though I was a student at the time I reported her to the nurse manager and she became quit pale.....................I was just shocked
  10. by   EarthChild1130
    I have 2 of them, both from last semester at a LTC facility...

    1. Last semester, I was 4 weeks into my VERY first semester of nursing school, and I was giving my assigned patient a bedbath, and I had the curtains drawn around her bed. There were 3 other patients in the room, and the CNA assigned to those patients was bathing one of them. I heard her say through the curtain to me, "I'll be right back, okay?" I just said "Okay" and kept bathing my patient. After a few minutes, I had my patient cleaned up and put her siderails up so I could get her chair ready for her. I opened the curtain, and saw that the CNA had left the bedside with the rails DOWN, and the bed as high as it would go, and that poor woman lying there with NO curtains closed and naked as a jaybird!! I was so shocked, and even though she couldn't talk to me, I could see how humiliated she was...That CNA got in a LOT of trouble that day because her supervisor happened to come into the room at that moment and started asking me "what in the H*** was going on"! The CNA had never asked me 'Hey could you help me?" or anything...just said "I'll be right back."

    2. I saw another CNA at the same place going into a patient's room, and I had to ask her a question, so I knocked on the door, and she told me to come in. When I went in she was changing a patient's disposable underwear, and not a glove in sight!! The curtains were WIDE open! She finished the underwear, then went to turn a patient without washing her hands!! I said ''re gonna wash your hands, right?" She gave me a dirty look and said 'Oh yeah, I forgot.' I then said, "I have some spare gloves in my pocket...would you like some?" She said, 'You don't NEED gloves! These people aren't sick!" OMG!! :stone
  11. by   donmomofnine
    :uhoh21: Ii love seeing nursing assitants standing at the desk, writing, WITH GLOVES ON!:uhoh21:
  12. by   Ruby Vee
    I walked into my Balloon pumped patient's room to find a resident standing next to the bed with one hand in the patient's groin and in the other holding the intra-aortic balloon. The balloon was inflating and deflating, there was blood everywhere, the patient's wife was trying to figure out how to silence the art line alarm, and the resident was apologizing profusely, "I'm sorry about the mess, I'm sorry about the mess."

    He then put his face down near the patient's groin and took his finger out of the dike, so to speak. Of course he got a face full of blood.

    "I'm so sorry! I'll help you clean it up. I'm so sorry!"

    Meanwhile, I'm turning off the balloon pump, turning off the art line alarm, throwing clean towels on top of the blood puddles and ushering the family out of the room.

    The resident took his finger off the site again, got another faceful of blood and said, "Ohhhhh! That must have been in an ARTERY!"

    Duh. It's a intra AORTIC balloon pump!
  13. by   TiffyRN
    It takes a little to explain this one. . .

    The patient; Marie (not her real name of course) needed treatment for C-diff which was vancomycin PO. Problem was she couldn't swallow and the vancomycin pills couldn't be crushed or melted so the pharmacy would send the IV powder for mixture, we would mix it with sterile water and administer that to her PEG. Any minimally experienced nurse would know that's a recipe for trouble.

    So, I'm sitting at the desk one early morning when a new RN comes up to the desk and asks "Why would Marie complain of a flushing feeling when I'm giving her her Vancomycin?". I look up and see her holding a 10cc syringe with a little trail of blood floating in it. My heart skipped a beat and I asked "You didn't just give that IV push did you?". The panicked look on her face answered my question as we rushed back to the room to assess Marie. The new nurse knew enough to stop PUSHING THE VANCOMYCIN when the patient complained to her and she appeared to be unharmed other than that flushing feeling she had temporarily (labs were fine, kidneys unharmed). Lots of good lessons learned that day, fortunately without any harm done.