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I've seen the thread rules for the ER, rules for the OB, and the one about wackos in the class and I thought of starting one for students. Rules for student nurses. 1. If you didn't study,... Read More

  1. by   cherbRN
    16. Don't read the answer to the question out of the book and think you look smart. :trout:
  2. by   hematology_gal
    Don't treat any patient as though they no nothing about medicine or any medical procedure. You will eventually have a patient whose knowledge well exceeds yours. Arrogance can humble and humiliate one quickly
  3. by   nursesaideBen
    Quote from Jessica 392

    14. When you're at clinical, having only 1 or maybe 2 pts to take care of, give the CNAs (caring for probably 3x that many pts) a break; empty the laundry bags...change the bedding...feed your pts their supper...don't ask the CNA to feed your pt for your because it's "their job," & don't expect a big thank you for it afterwards. You have one patient!
    ^ If me or any of the other students in my class tried to delegate anything with our patients to one of the CNA's my instructor would dock our grade so bad it's not even funny lol and I don't blame her being a cna myself there's no excuse why a ns can't feed their only patient or change their only pt's bed linen.

    When we're in clinicals do not gripe and complain about how the instructor hates you, you don't know what do, the nurses are so unfair to you, your assignment is too hard, guess what? I don't care! :trout:
  4. by   NursingStudentMeg
    I love this thread! Sounds like y'all go to my school!

    Don't use over an hour of classtime for a "class meeting" to discuss the same topic over and over and over, while most of us don't care about it anyway! People who are truly interested in your extra projects will stay after, the rest of us are there to learn.
  5. by   ann945n
    17. Dont complain about early morning clinicals then hit the bars the next night and come into class smelling of an ash tray and hung over
  6. by   bopps
    If you are an on campus student don't be late because you were up with your boyfriend all night. Off campus students who live an hour away can be up late the night before Working and still make it to clinical on time. And please bring your own food. I don't make enough money to buy everyones breakfast even though I do work!
  7. by   firstaiddave907
    thos are some very good rules.
  8. by   daijon_20
    I agree that these are some good rules. I would also like to add:

    18) Don't ask other students to ask a question you want to know the answer to because 9/10 we don't care about the 'question you want to know the answer to.
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    19) The answer is YES...if it's covered in lecture it will probably be on the test in some form or another. If not, it will probably be on the NCLEX. You still need to know it.
  10. by   shaazzaamm34
    Here is some more...

    If you don't know something in clinical setting... Then someone helps you out... Don't ... Don't Act like you knew it... And Played it like you were going to do it the whole time...

    If someone is asking a question... Do not interrupt them... With the same exact question that they were asking...

    And Please Don't Keep asking questions to the instructor about questions that doesn't Even pertain about the topic going over in Class Just because you So happen of Thought about it... Like My grandma has a spot on Her Head... What is it... lol

    Also... Be prepared to be Red to in class... I hate that so Much... My instructors... Read the PowerPoint to us... As they go thru it... It burns me up every week... I work all night... And I have to sit for Hours... Listening to something That I could Go home and Read... That's basically what we do anyways... Its like a Self Study Course anyways...
  11. by   RN BSN 2009
    20.) Please dont call me and ask me questions about the assignments that are clearly stated on the syllabus.
  12. by   CityKat
    Quote from ann945n
    17. Dont complain about early morning clinicals then hit the bars the next night and come into class smelling of an ash tray and hung over
    Ewww..seriously? That shows lack of personal responsibility to your own health.
  13. by   shomelggs
    I have several to share

    Don't complain about the instructor because they already have RN behind their name.

    Don't complain about the clinical site because you have to do your hours to get credit for the course.

    Suck it up and get through--take the test and get the RN behind your name