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Given he Glut of threads I have encountered lately about people failing their nursing course once or multiple times, I decided to submit a poll. My main motivation stems from the obligatory post from... Read More

  1. by   dinah77
    okay, just to stress why I started this thread.....

    While I would never claim that this poll is conclusive, my main point is this:

    While it is possible to fail one, or even two classes and succeed as a nurse, it is very rare and not how things play out.

    It may have nothing to do with someone's true aptitude for nursing, after all life happens, but in reality too many failures and most schools will not allow you to continue. Period.

    It annoys the heck out of me when I see posters giving others false hopes. There was a recent thread where someone had failed out of a RN program twice, and yet there were still people saying "you can do it! Don't give up!" Despite the fact that in reality, I would be shocked if this person could find another program to take them

    This is not helpful. Nor is it "mean" to say that "um, maybe you should pick a different path" I wish someone in that person's life had pulled her aside sooner and saved her a lot of time and money

    I was attempting to illustrate that the vast majority of licensed RNs had few, if any failures.

    No school allows people endless attempts at nursing classes, nor should they. No nursing program will admit a student who has flunked out of multiple programs or failed pre-reqs repeatedly.
    It is complete disservice to aspiring nurses is we continue to pretend that there is an alternate reality where you can fail endless times and be allowed to continue.
  2. by   Cat365
    Nope no failed classes (passed one by the thinnest of skins though). I passed the NCLEX the first time too. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about multiple attempts to take it. I personally went to school with an awesome student. He rocked in clinicals, was wonderful with patients, and always asked the best questions. He failed the first time (Im not sure if he tried again) due to excessive test anxiety. He could keep his head in a code, but during a test not so much.

    In short I'm not really sure that the NCLEX is the best judge of nursing ability. However, since it's not up to me and I don't have a better idea I try to keep my doubts to myself.
  3. by   Cat365
    I just realized I posted to a 2 year old thread. Why do these keep popping up like they are current?
  4. by   Crush
    Passed all my classes. We had to have an average of 85% or better in our classes or we were let go from the program. Passed NCLEX-PN first go and passed NCLEX-RN first go. Now getting my MSN and so far, knock on wood I am passing and in good academic standing.