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Something on the lighter side here, I have this recurring dream about my old unit. I have returned to work on the day shift. My assisgnment is a killer. I have patients in every end of the unit. ... Read More

  1. by   nursechris1
    I am SOOO glad I am not the only one who has nursemares.!!
    I've found that they are more vivid if I eat ice cream before I go to bed
    I have dreamt about call lights ringing. I am a hospice nurse now, so I have a lot of dreams about patients dying, dead patients talking to me. Two weeks ago, I had a dream that I heard a patients voice tell me goodbye. It was so real, I wasn't sure if I was awake or asleep. It freaked me out. She is still alive, though she doesn't have long.
    I had a dream one night that I was dying. Then I saw my husbands spirit? float by. (my husband is not dead. Maybe wishful thinking. LOL)
  2. by   nursechris1
    Oh, and I have peescapes ALL the time. I too have wondered how I have kept from wetting the bed.!!
  3. by   kids
    All of my nursemares are about paperwork these days.

    I used to have the suddenly realise that I am working nekedone on a regular basis...

    My husband still sees NO humor in the night I called a code on him in my sleep. Lucky for him he's a really big guy or I might have caused him some harm doing chest compressions!

  4. by   RyanRN
    kids r fun, isn't it wierd how husbands sometimes just don't get it! I see nothing wierd or odd at all in your CODE! (glad he made it!)

    You know, in addition to all our other VALID complaints about nursing and the 'usual' physical injuries we sustain wouldn't it be interesting for a study to be done about all these dreams, you know darn well it's gotta be stress related. There are just so many of us 'complaining' (<----managements word not mine) and suffering from the same darn thing. Nah, wont' be done, they'd be sure to find out what we are saying is TRUE. They couldn't handle it!!!! LOL
  5. by   PamRNC
    Has anyone had the dream where they are running after the end-stage COPD-er all through the unit halls?
  6. by   nursechris1
    nurstoon, sleepwalker
    cute cartoon about nursemares
  7. by   NurseDennie
    OMG you guys - Peescapes are "bad potty dreams" to me. I've had them for years - I never connected them with Nursemares.

    Soooo completely strange that they're so similar for all of us. Yeah, the toilets are in inappropriate places, usually exposed.... In my bad potty dreams, a lot of time they are distorted in some way - like invisible or something.

    And when I'm so completely desperate that I'm willing to go on the bad potty, I absoluely cannot. And you're right - that's a good thing, since I'm in bed!!!

    My worst nursemares were when I was working nights. Oh, I was so miserable and disoriented. Once I leapt out of bed and literally ran around in circles in my living room, trying to remember where I was and where I was SUPPOSED do be.

    I'd wake in a panic, and I'd manage to tell myself "It's okay - I'm in my bed, and I don't have a bed at the hospital." But then I would re-panic and wonder if I SHOULD be at home.

    I took to posting sticky notes on my bathroom mirror "Today is Tuesday, It's okay to be home" before I went to bed.

    Whoooooo - no wonder I look so bl**dy old!


  8. by   Momma_Penguin
    NURSEMARES...... what a kewl word!!!!!!! I like it , I like it!!! I have them to, thought it just me being stressed out w/ work. I have gone to sleep and been awakened by the sound of beeping iv pumps, feeding pumps..and now bed alarms that sound like you have just entered Radio Shack!!!! I once had a giant iv pump chase me down the hall saying....I NEED MORE VOLUME! That was scary. Can you take a few vacation days or a personal day and do nuttin but have some fun?????? I know that's not a brain storm but a day off and time spent at Bath & Body works.....does wonders for me!! Laura