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I am informally polling my peers to find out the general recruitment practices and attitudes in your area. I will also discuss briefly my own experience here in Las Vegas. Nevada has the fewest... Read More

  1. by   terrina
    when moving from one part of the country to another last year for family reasons, I applied at 7 different hospitals. I got appointments/call backs from 2 of the 7 hospitals. I have over 20 years varied experience and a good work record. One hospital lost my resume and the recruiter was 45 minutes late for the interview. This was one of the two places that responded to letters/phone calls for interviews. The other place that responded to my inquiry about openings ended up hiring me and I left after 2 months because so much I had asked about was misrepresented in the interview. Talk about disappointment!!! I think some places actually promote the "shortage" story so the regular staff will not complain about the overwhelming workload. Maybe I am way off-base here....but I do wonder at times if there isn't secondary gain to being a short staffed hospital!!!
  2. by   Brownms46
    I know for a fact, that the shortage is real, as their are many hospitals begging for travel nurses, and offering unheard of bonuses. But I was totally unaware of how difficult it was to get a fulltime perm position. I guess I have been out of the loop on this I have been agency for so long. Also I would never go to work a hospital before working there via see exactly what does go on behind the scenes.

    But being a new grad...doesn't give you that option. But you can visit the travel nursing boards, and ask them about hospitals you're concerning going on staff at, and they will give your their opinions...and how...:chuckle.
    I'm very sorry to hear of all the problems there are in finding decent work. But if anyone is in AZ...Scottsdale a very good place to work at. Just a tip for anyone looking in the area...
  3. by   Starkid2616
    All of what you guys are saying is very real. It basically comes down to MONEY. The hospital where previously worked, would use agency left and right.why? so they did not have to pay benefits and could easily drop and add on the nurses as the census required.
    Plus they are going all over the world to recruit foreign nurses, so they can oay them spit. It is a real problem out there.
    The best thing is to have a few different
    things under your belt to fall back on. PRN jobs or PT at a NH or whatever, cause obviously the employers do not care as long as their is a body there!
    just my opinion.
  4. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    I have a full time job, and Im always recieving offers of jobs with immediate hiring available and not just in texas but other state as well. I have no idea about the north though as I will never move north. Too damn cold in the winter. My old bones like the warmth and the sun and heat.

    doo wah ditty
  5. by   oramar
    Just a thought, don't know if it is true. Is it possible these places that don't seem to be eager to hire are expecting an influx of foreign workers? They think they are going to get all these subservient, inexpensive workers. Not to say that is what is going to happen, but it is what they expect. When the goverment eased restrictions on IT workers I heard complaints that IT workers could not get even an interview in NY, Texas and Calif. Just wondering, don't know anything.
  6. by   Brownms46
    You know what might just be right! And maybe the hospitals are using Travel Nurses in the interim...while their waiting for the restrictions to lift. This way...they wouldn't waste money(in their eyes) training a new grad...who "usually" leaves in less than a year. The foriegn nurses...I have seen usually are contracted for 2yrs or more, and must have at least 3yrs experience. In fact I found a site that is very agresssively recruiting foreign nurses to the US! And look at what they're offering.
  7. by   Starkid2616
    Brownie: I think you are right on target.
    This seems to be the trend these days.
    The heck with the patients and continuity
    of care, just the almighty BUCK! How sad. The shortage as they say IS self inflicted.
  8. by   nimbex
    Not that problem here in NC. Our hospital nurse recruiters are GREAT. I get continual nursing letters for NC/SC with job openings, bonuses and what not. I get multiple calls from "Head hunters" every few weeks....

    You may be in an area where recruiting is not a science and the practices are as out dated as the recruiters.

    sorry to hear.

    good luck
  9. by   austin heart
    i haven't had any problems here in central texas. i will be starting a new job on monday. full time days in ccu-very hard to come by, but i am experianced. they barely let my resume get totally faxed through before they were calling me! also the other hospital that i work with seems to be hiring for all departments on a daily basis. you would think with the amount of people they hire that the turn over is high. but, it is the fact that we are so short and acuity is getting higher. good luck to all on their job searches!!!
  10. by   MichelleRN1102
    I have had so many WORTHLESS calls from "headhunters" that I finally had to take my resume off the internet. They call, you spend (sometimes) up to 30-45 mins. on the phone w/them and then you never hear from them again!

    As far as the recruiters go, obviously the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. They have excellent ADVERTISING skills but sorely lack any adequate HUMAN RESOURCE skills.

    I would definitely agree w/oramar, Starkid2616 and terrina -- something is definitely up - whether it be the foreign recruits or reliance on the "nursing shortage" as a scapegoat - I suspect the hospitals have some kind of financially motivated reason for purposely refusing regular, full-time employment to qualified nurses willing to put up with the conditions that they have imposed. It just doesn't make sense to us!
    This is one of the main reasons why I travel,
    I pick the area I want and my resume is posted to thier hospitals and which ever fish bites is the one I begin negotiations with, They are aware of my credentials and what Im willing to put up with and my demands , if they dont bite thats fine , the old tale is true there are more fish in the sea...
    I have yet to go without any of my demands being met at anyone one time that I have worked , You may want to consider traveling even in your own area. Some hospitals tend to hire travelers becasue we are short timers and are very flexiable to a point, I know of many that travel in thier own area and make better money.
  12. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by Starkid2616
    Brownie: I think you are right on target.
    This seems to be the trend these days.
    The heck with the patients and continuity
    of care, just the almighty BUCK! How sad. The shortage as they say IS self inflicted.
    I agree is sad... And I may just be the area people are in, or that some hospitals prefer to look at the short range, and not long term stability. Such as hiring overseas nurses, rather than new grads, or just using agency to hold the tide. Either's difficult to read about nurses being mistreated while looking for a job. Especially the new grads just starting out.
  13. by   rn2binmay
    Hi all - went for an interview as a graduate nurse in Telemetry and was offered job on the spot. Definite shortage here in Pennsylvania.