Recovery Room Nurses Making $78.00 Hr?

  1. A fellow student of mine today informed several of us at the hospital where she works, the Recovery Room Nurses are making $78.00 per hour.

    Does this sound right? That sounds unreal to me.

    Blessings to all.
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  3. by   antidote
    Hmmm... was she exaggerating by any chance?

    That does seem a bit high to me! The hospital I work at, Recovery RN's make about $32-$46 per hour depending on their level of education (ASN makes less than a BSN). That does sound a bit high based on my knowledge!
  4. by   sunnyjohn
    What state?

    Travellers? Agency?

    Night diff+ (time and a half for overtime) + PACU certification pay+ California = could be $78
  5. by   norcalRNstudent
    I wouldn't doubt it too much. New Grad pay out here in the San Fran/ South bay area is in the $42/hr range, so with some extra certs and seniority, it wouldn't seem too out of place. My 3rd semester instructor called recovery room the "reward" for years of ICU training (esp. same day surgery- M-F, no weekends, nights, holidays)
  6. by   mammaoftwo
    This is in Louisville KY at our teaching University Hospital.
  7. by   nickola
    Maybe w/call pay plus overtime for being called in, holiday or shift diff. and seniority. If there are places paying this for base pay, please tell me where- I'll move!!!!
  8. by   MIKelly
    That sounds like Nurse Anesthesist (sp) pay to me.
  9. by   meandragonbrett
    Louisville pay isn't that much. Sounds like maybe travel pay, but even that's a lot for your area.
  10. by   BULLYDAWGRN
    Holy Crap! $78 bucks/hr for recovery.... Tell me more...
  11. by   lovingmyabcs
    I also live in Louisville, I would love to make that an hour However it is more than likely overtime. Or job incentives maybe.
  12. by   debthern
    I work in a recovery room and wish I made 78 an hours. The high pay here is 27 something but they do pay incentive of 10 an hour sometimes
  13. by   chuck1234
    Is it overtime?
    I know some nurses in some hospitals make $62/hr...if they are working overtime!
  14. by   Medic/Nurse
    Well, for that kind of money - I'd have to consider the BLUEGRASS state to be full of GREEN.

    On a search there are only 2 university medical centers in KY.


    WHICH one?
    DO they need ANY help?