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I accepted a job on a PCU. The requirements were simply, willing to train Med Surg RN w/expereince. I have my ACLS and passed their telemetry exam, not just a simple version either, with 96.6%. I... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from babzuptown
    yeah ruby,
    the above quotes from your post just reek of your benevolent intent towards me. it's just more of the same. and why i'm looking for a way out of nursing. your comments were not intended to be helpful. they were intended to be hurtful. maybe you are the one who needs the reality check.
    i'm sorry you don't like/don't find my advice helpful. good luck with your future endeavors.
  2. by   greenfiremajick

    Quote from ruby vee
    major snipping here:

    there are several things that bother me about the original post. the poster claims to be a caring and thoughtful person/rn, which she/he might very well be. i don't know the person. interesting, though, to contemplate: what person is going to write in and claim to be an uncaring, thoughtless person? i always have to wonder when someone write that they're being railroaded, fired for no reason or excluded from the cliques because they're just so darned cute and everyone is jealous. the truth really cannot be that one-sided, can it?

    several things make me wonder if this person didn't start the new job determined to show everyone what a "whiz" she is. she has a bsn from a good school, good scores on the competency exams, and is a "city girl" slumming in the country. furthermore, she's used to using newer and better equipment than that used at her new place of employment, and she seems to be using that as an excuse for not catching on to the new routine as quickly as expected. i can't help but wonder if her new co-workers caught on to her superior attitude . . . that might make them less than excited about welcoming her to the group. if she's determined to "correct" her preceptors (the thing about the qrs interval), that wouldn't help.

    like the new grad we heard from a couple of years ago who was sure that she was meant to rock the er, and that her new colleagues resented her because she was just so much better looking than the rest of them, this poster seems overly preoccupied by everyone's age and looks. (we're told she's 47 and has the confidence that go with being in your late 40s, but that she looks like she's in her 30s.) then she says that her difficulties with her new job stem from starting over at her advanced age, but no one gets it because she looks so much younger. we hear about her transition to the night shift and an "older preceptor who looks, surprisingly younger" and who is so preoccupied with her recent divorce that she's become a miserable human being. once again, the op admits to bragging about her own wonderfulness and how she's going to cross train to the icu. i suspect the preceptor wanted her to concentrate on the job she was actually hired for before worrying about rocking the icu as well! it ain't your age or your looks, honey. and i doubt it's because anyone resents you coming from a newer system in the big city. i suspect it has more to do with your attitude! the "click" this woman is part of may have it in for you now. but it sounds as if they genuinely tried to include you, at least at first, and you spurned their overtures.

    people inviting you out for a drink or for coffee has less to do with the consumption of alcohol or caffienated beverages than it does with a desire to get to know you outside of work, or perhaps to include you in their clique. if you self-righteously asserted that you can't participate because you're better than they are or because your religion precludes you consuming the particular beverages they mentioned, you can't have come across as wanting to be a part of the team.

    because you're lds, you may not understand how you're coming across when you refuse someone's offer of a drink or coffee. no one is trying to corrupt you -- they're just offering to get together outside of work. and apparently you don't understand how annoying it is -- especially for a night shifter -- to have the doorbell ringing all day and to answer the door and find missionaries attempting to convert you to their religion. if you're trying to sleep and cannot because their ringing of the doorbell is making your dog bark, you don't care that they're teenagers far from home. the fact that they are far from home ringing doorbells to attempt to convert folks who have expressed no interest in their religion was their own choice. defending the missionaries who have interrupted your colleague's sleep is not a good way to get along. if you stay on night shift, you may understand that one day!

    you claim to understand why you can't get along with your peers, but you're subtly (or not so subtly) putting them down through your entire post. that's why you can't get along with them. it's not because you're an idealist, or that you look so much younger than you are, or because your nightshift preceptor has a miserable personal life. it's because you're rejecting these folks right and left. if you want to get along with a work group, please look to your own attitudes. resign this job if you think that's best for you. wait to be fired if you need the unemployment. but before you move on to a new job in a new place, please take a careful look at your own attitudes and the way you present yourself. in the end, you are the only person you can change. and whereever you go, you take yourself with you. good luck!

  3. by   coffee4metech
    RubyVEE you rock , you hit the nail on the head !!!!!
  4. by   Babzuptown
    So, is this now a gang beating I'm taking on line?
  5. by   coffee4metech
    I just simply agree with a certain view point on this thread thats all !
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    This thread has run its course, and I am now closing it.

    Nothing is being accomplished at this point, unless we consider one-liners, snipes, gripes, and going around in circles to be productive.

    In the future, please remember to avoid engaging each other one-on-one, and to report posts that are inflammatory and/or argumentative. Thank you.